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    no pics no clicks
    There is a video
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    Sonic Battles
    This is a fun short minigame to play with friends. This is an updated version if you have played my last version. It is very fun and will be fully released soon. Please report bugs for me to fix and suggestion are also welcome. Thanks for any and all support.

    Jungles: A Medium sized map better to play if you are recording. Estimated time to play is 3 to 5min.

    Redstone Crazy: This is another Medium sized map also for recording estimate time is 2 to 4min.

    Ice Box: This is a small map with no obstacles so it should be quicker. Remember you are on ice so you slide. Estimate time is 1 to 3min.

    Flatland: This map should be the quickest. No obstacles no sliding just fast pvp. Estimate time 1 to 2min.

    Sonic: Plane Sonic gets a scroll of wisdom which attacks all other players when used.

    Shadow: He is the strength of the Sonic s. He gets a stronger sword but nothing else.

    Knuckes: Knuckles is good if you know how to use him. His class comes with slowness potions that you can throw at enemies.

    Miles "Tails": Tails Has A Fishing Rod called the tails catcher. When used it teleports all enemies to one spot. This is good sense he is the only one that knows its happening.

    Silver: Silver is effective in battle. He has a jump boost 3 but thats it he can be deadly don't take this class the wrong way.


    Latest Version: Full Released Sonic Battles v1.0
    2nd Latest Version: Sonic Battles [Alpha][v1,0]
    First Version: Sonic Battles[Beta][v1.3]

    Twitter: @ELOCMinecraft
    Youtube: www.youtube.com/ELOCLovesMinecraft
    Instagram: @ELOCLovesMinecraft
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    Quote from Harris_K

    Well, you messed up with the fonts all right.
    I fixed it already
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    Sonic Battles Beta v1.2

    Who doesn't love PvP Games. Well, this is a PvP Game with a little bit of a twist. Sonic Battles is a game I decided to make while I am build my big minigame that has taking over 1000+ hours on. That is beside the point though. I have made this minigame for people who want to play a few quick rounds 5 games should take around 10 to 12 Minutes. There are currently 4 Maps and 6 Classes. You need 3-6 People to play this game. If you are recording I suggest 6 People. It makes it more exciting.


    Shadow The HedgeHog:
    I'm going to be honest this class is one that I knew a little bit about ,but wasn't a crazy Sonic fan ,so I decided that Shadow would be the strength class he has a sharpness 4 & unbreaking 10 golden sword. He also has speed 10

    Miles "Tails" Prower:
    This class may seem a little under powered ,but if you know how to use it He can be deadly. Anyways he gets a sharpness 2 & unbreaking 10 golden sword. Wait that doesn't sound like enough? Well duh, It also comes with 12 slowness potions. And of course it comes with speed 10.

    Sonic The HedgeHog:
    Did you think this game would not have the original sonic? Well it does! And because he is the main character I am going to keep his class a secret(warning: He is not OP so don't worry).

    Kunckles The Echidna:
    Knuckles is another character from Sega hit Sonic. This Caracter gets a fishing pole that teleportes everyone to the same spot. This is an advantage sence nobody knows that is is happening except Knuckles.

    Silver The HedgeHog:
    This HedgeHog gets a jump boost 3 potion effect with his speed and sword this is very helpful in close battles. This is also help full to run away on maps like jungle.


    This map is great if you want a longer match. It is a medium size map with lots of trees and vines around to get caught up on.

    Ice Map:
    This is a simple map with ice as the floor and snow as the walls. There is nothing in the way to stop you just run and swing. This is for a quicker match. 20x20 Box!

    Grass Map:
    This is another simple 20x20 box but with grass as the bottom and wood as the walls. This should be a quick game with nothing to get in you way

    Redstone Crazy:
    This map is a bigger map ,but with lots of redstone lag. If you record on a crap computer or just play on a crap computer I do not suggest playing this map. This is fun if you can record and still get 90+ Fps then go ahead play have fun. This should be a longer match like the Jungle Map with lots of stuff to get caught up on.

    Other Info

    Want To Help Me:
    If you are interested in helping me and getting credit for it I am looking for an updating team. This will update the maps I make. I am not going to do this my self because I am busy making other maps. If you are interested in doing so then edit this map by fixing bugs adding maps adding classes or fixing maps/classes. MAKE SURE YOU LINK THE DOWNLOAD TO THE EDITED VERSION OF THIS MAP. Also add you skype I will add you and make sure that was you that actually edited the map by giving you tasks and things to build. From then on I will give you credit in videos and on the forums of each map. I will also send you messages on skype for maps I would like you to update. Thanks.

    Contact Info



    Sorry The Trailer Is Not Uploaded Yet. Subscribe To Me To See It First. www.youtube.com/ELOCLovesMinecraft

    Latest Version
    Sonic Battles[Beta][v.1.3]
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