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    Haunted Mansion Version 1.0

    [u]Table of Contents[/u]  
    1- What is haunted mansion?  
    2- Images
    3- Story line  
    4- Download
    5- Rules

    What is Haunted Mansion?
    Haunted Mansion is a map designed to be a obstacle course adventure type. This map will let you explore Outside of the mansion and the inside. This map is best played with the haunted texture pack by The_Fool76. Here is the topic link viewtopic.php?f=25&t=44286


    More Images will come soon!

    Story Line

    Diary Logs

    Day 001:
    I just arrived at my uncles manor. He was not lieing about being rich, but when I stepped foot on the property, It felt wrong. When I rang the door bell he said hello and showed me to my room. When I was walking I was hearing whispers, I also saw shadows in the hall ways, and heard footsteps following behind me. When we got to the room My uncle helped me unpack and then we went to bed.

    Day 002:
    I dint sleep a lot last night cause I was hearing chanting going down in the kitchen. When I went down stairs I thought I heard my uncle talking to someone, but their was only him and me in the whole house. This House is weird. *the Rest is deleted to be found in game -Bandit*

    Day 003:
    I just outran them... They came out of nowhere! what were those creatures... I just managed to get some torches and a sword... Good thing I managed to run into the basement... I locked the door and blocked it so they could not get through.

    The Rest of the story is in game.

    Is not ready. Still being made. check back in a few hours!

    1- No hacking items
    2- No breaking blocks other then wool
    3- No spoiling the ending in this thread
    4- Please Read all signs
    5- Take your time to beat all the challenges
    6- Play on easy or higher!

    Please post what you think of the map!
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    BREED Texture Pack

    What is Breed?

    Breed is a Planet. The texture pack will change the current blocks to make it look like your on a different planet. I am not planning on rushing this project so I do not mess around with it and break it by accident

    When will Breed be released?
    Breed will be released in a few days but I will release some of the textures in a few days such as a plasma rifle , Plasma sword, and space ship. They will be released in a matter of days.

    More Coming Soon!

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    I love the atv!

    DIAMOND FOR U :Diamond:
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    Wow This looks AWESOME!

    I just finished downloading! :biggrin.gif:
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