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    posted a message on Looking for 6 people to join a community server called SyphonShaft
    Skype: hiapipia
    country" Canada
    Timezone: CST
    I am alright with other but if they dont give me anykind of respect or do not listen to what i have to say and or contribute to a conversation i will not respect them as a person but i also will not cause drama among a minecraft server.
    YouTube: do not really have a channel but that can change
    Maturity: on a scale from 1 - 10 about an 7.5
    PC: it's alright play at 50 frames with most shaders on shaders mod without shaders, 250-300 frames while recording about 100-150
    Mic: good enough
    I render with sony vages and record with (OBS/Overwolf/).
    I will go by any new rules if needed
    I do realize hacks will get me banned...
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