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    posted a message on Super Craft Bros Server (no white list )
    As of March 8th, 2013, the server is down. Please help
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    posted a message on [OLD OUTDATED THREAD] [1.5] mullak99's Faithful 32x [v 1.42]
    Quote from Deepblue686

    Don't use adfly when you're uploading modified versions of someone elses textures.
    You shouldn't be making money off someone else's work no matter how little it is.
    This is the main reason why I see this is a problem. He's making money off of it...Otherwise I see nothing wrong about it, but he/she shouldn't be making money off of somebody else's texturepack.
    Quote from BlitzZer0

    Oh my god, do not be one of those people...
    Really? It's stealing. Stealing leads to worse things. Even a small crime can go far.
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