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    posted a message on A Factions Server Need Admins Moderators And Builders.

    Role: builder

    Age: 13



    No experience, but I love building and hope that you will accept me.

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    posted a message on ~BUILDERS NEEDED~ APPLY THEN TESTED!

    What is the server?

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    posted a message on Recruiting Staff for XethaPvP!

    IGN: Snowleopard321
    In Game Name:Snowleopard321
    Time Zone: Eastern
    How often are you able to play?: 4-5 every day minus sunday
    Have you ever been staff on any other server?: No
    Have you ever been banned?: Never
    What is your field of knowledge?: Not much, I haven't been a staff and i'm hoping this will change that. However, I have played minecraft from 2012, and I consider myself to be quite knowledgable about minecraft.
    Why do you want to be staff on this server?: I want to be staff on this server because I want to help make a great server. I don't grief or hack, and I honestly just have nothing better to do now that it is summer.
    Do you plan on donating to help the server blossom: No, I can't I don't have any means of getting money to the server. Sorry.

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