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    a hamachi server witha good spawn including ananimal pen shop,rules juke boxes,
    we also have 26 plugins running, no lag whatsoever/ at all, running 100% of the time unless somthing happens to my computer pvp area firs few people to join also become staff already 2 ops 1 admin, anti-griefing server
    survival/pvp/build we are also looking for good builders we are both really good but we cant do it on our own.
    admin willsafeguard your home to protect from griefing using WorldGuard!

    go on and see for yourself this amazing sever :D
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    no pics no clicks man sorry
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    Quote from minecreeper12

    when i click the solar survival map on my single player minecraft it just crashes and turns off my game

    Same! I'm pretty sure its just a conflict between the outdated worlds and something with the new update.
    Hope it's fixed soon! :steve_sillyface:
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    i have 1.2.3 and when i convert it, it gives me blackscreen!
    Any ideas?
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