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    Admin Application Form
    What do you think an admin's role is? : To help the server out, instance, banning hackers. Muting if needed, only if spamming or disrespecting other members, or staff. I can help out with some things, like building, I like to add little details to big building, like an castle or whatever is big.
    Age (it dont really matters actually) : 14
    Contact [example : skype, e-mail, etc] (optional) : I use TS. (TeamSpeak 3)
    What do you think an admin should do when there is a hacker: If I see hacking, first thing to do is /ban that hacker with /ban (person) Banned. Please buy an unbun @ store. (site) . com ; If there is to many hackers, and I can deal with all of them at once, I'll do /kick (person), and deal with 1 person at a time. If they log back in and still is hacking. I'll ban them instantly. Usally, /kick is a sign for stop using hacks, or first warning.
    Experience : I'm a helper on a different server. I /ban, /kick, /mute people on that server. I'm sure that I have the ability to do what's right for the server.
    What Should an admin do to help the server. Help the server? ; Like I said, I would ban hackers, help people if needed, help staff, help out the community, do a little bit of building even though I'm not that good of a builder.
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    IGN: WishGaming

    First name: Eric
    Age: 14
    Position applying for: Moderator

    Why?: I have tons of 'experience' about being a mod. For instance, /mute, /ban, /kick, /warn, I also want to have Moderator because I can help people if they have any questions, and any other things that are related to the server. IF someone is spamming to much, I'll either give them a /warn, or a /mute depending how bad they spam. /ban if they hack in any sort of way. /kick to give them a warning about to stop spamming.

    Experience?: I learned from other Moderators and what they would do if someone was abusing someone, or trying to advertise the server. I have also Helper on a different server.
    Hours per week you can play: Per week. I'll say about 30 hours. 4 hours per day. Saturdays', and Sundays' I can play for a max of probably 5 hours.
    Anything else?: I can give you some good ranks that people can buy. For example: Legend, God, Hero, DemiGod, Elite, Veteran, Immortal, Sergeant, Corporal, and other mores if you decide.
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