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    posted a message on The Cluster | COME VISIT US -- CHECK THE POST FOR DETAILS
    1.) Real name? Jacob
    1.) Age? 14
    2.) Skype? xxtoxsickxx0
    3.) IGN? xxToxSicKxx
    4.) *Do you know different styles of building? One style? I know many different types of building skills I am a wonderful builder with world edit.
    6.) *Are you a relatively fast builder? I have my moments depending on what is needed to be done.
    7.) *How long have you been building? I have been using my skills for building about 1-2 years.
    8.) *What are some builds you've created in the past? (Post pictures and/or links!)
    9.) *Have you ever made money off of your builds? (Answer honestly) I have many money off it one time because I was asked to build a 500x500 Spawn and Hub so of course I made him pay only $5 I don't like taking money from people it's wierd lol. (Accept when I ran a Minecraft server myself.
    10.) *Describe your personality to us? My name is Jacob. I am 14 years old I have a funny personality I get along with almost anyone depending on how they talk/act towards me or someone else. I do not stand for cyber bully let alone regular bullying.
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    posted a message on COMBAT NETWORK [1.7.4] GUNS, DRUGS, COPS, FACTIONS! [Drug & Factions Server]
    Great server! All time one of the best servers and I'll admit better than mine since he has players lol.
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    posted a message on User Guide To Making A Prison Server
    How do I use minereset also add me on skype my name is xxtoxsickxx0 so that i could get your help :)
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] Nano Punch [New Map] [Factions] [McMMO] [Pets] [Creative] [MobArena] [PVP] [Events] [NPTW] No Pay To Win!
    Hey, I've been on your server for about 2 weeks and I've enjoyed all of it I never had the chance to become a member because I was always busy, but now I will! IGN: xxToxSicKxx I'm friends with one of the owners I dont know Duh_Cupcake that well but I know Co-Owner :) I'm waiting for him to get one this site and accept this so I could apply on his server! Nano Punch Server For Ever~!
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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    hey update to 1.6.2 : /
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    posted a message on ClackCraft [RP/PVP/SURVIVIAL] New server I'm working on! Need beta players!
    I love your server its very fun ty its the server type ive been looking forbut lately it says Unknown Host ~_~
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    posted a message on ===ZSCraft===[1.6.2] Minecraft Vanilla Survival [NO PLUGINS AT ALL] Whitelisted Server
    In Game Username: Whitebouy

    Have you ever been banned from a server before and for what reason: I have only been banned once but that was because my friend was messing around with me he was an admin but he unbanned me but, he and I were messing around so never have I been banned.

    If you are accepted to join the server, what will you offer to ZSCraft?: I will try to get most of my friends on your Minecraft Server because all of us have been dieing to find a server like this. : )

    What is your ambition: PvP, Redstone, Building, Other(please specify) I really love the all of it, it is all very top notch fun things. (lol) :)

    Contact Method (Not required): You can email me at [email protected] (its my boyfriends account) used for gaming only. lol :)

    Why should we pick you, out of everyone else who wants to join ZSCraft?: Well, I don't want to make other people feel sad because they didn't get in but me and all my friends have waited a long time to find a server like this so, I think I should be picked because I promise I will bring in players to your server and I'll see if I can get anyone who will donate also I would lobe to be a staff member I've been Moderator and Admin on a few servers (yes I know (that's what they all say) is what you thinking) but, I really mean it. :)

    Will you respect our rules?: Yes, I promise I memorized almost all basic rules so that I will always be prepared. ( I put a lot of :) because its just the thing girls like to do....most lol)

    Samtheman43, please read my comment :) (again girls like smiley's....most)
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    posted a message on Small 16 slot Bukkit server looking to add a few mature players.
    Quote from Jeffro1001

    Server is now whitelist

    If you would like to play, then post in this thread.

    I'll check it daily.
    hey love your server : ) its so much fun i made a great friend named Naked something lol he or she is awsome and i love how you made boss's to fight : ) my name on your server is Whitebouy but with different caps but i gtg so good night
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