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    posted a message on RubiksCraft! Whitelisted SMP Server! APPLY NOW!!!

    Name: Sy

    Age: 21

    IGN: xSylosis

    How long I've been playing: 3 years but I have had a break on a year and a half now, sitting hoping that the old server i used to skype and play on would have admins returned to it and update it. Never happened and it has died. I wasnt to get into the game again now.

    Building Skills: go to 3:50 into the video. I have a city with twice the complexity in a solo server that is pre build but I wasnt able to build on my old community server due to the laggy and broken shape the servers in now.

    Redstone Skills: 7/10

    How much time I'd spend on the server a week: I'm not sure yet as I'm getting into it again but I recon perhaps 4-8 hours at least.

    Skype name: daniel_sogge

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    posted a message on Looking for a small community server.
    If you want small.. Like in small, we have a server with around 3-4 people that skype and play survival. It's a 24/7 server. We joke around tons and have been mates and 'shemates' for a while. If you're intrested add me on skype daniel.sogge! :)
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    posted a message on Need people to play with! READ.

    I and those i already play with use skype to chat with while playing. We'd love to have more ppl to play with so hook me up on "daniel.sogge" on skype if you like!
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    Hey minecrafters!

    This isn't exactly a "clan" but more of a group. We seek fun people that like's to just play minecraft, do adventuremaps or survival stuff together. Or whatever really, even other games. We skype a lot and we try not to take things too seriously, but be constructive thruwords eachother and have a blast. There are no "ranks" of any sort here.

    Please be atleast 16 y/o or more. Most of us are 18 y/o or turning 18 this year. And we are both male & female.

    It's easiest if you contact me via my skype. I check that most often and that's where we do most of our communication. We speak English, but are from USA, UK & Europe. So it doesnt matter if you're not 100% fluent. Just be a sport about it! ;)

    Skype: daniel.sogge
    MC: xSylosis
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    Nickname or Name: I usually go by the nick: SY. Short for my user name xSylosis.

    Skype: daniel_sogge

    Country you live in: Norway. I'm often up late tho so my time zone shouldnt be taken too much into consideration. My english is pretty much fluid as well so dont worry about me being a douche that no one understand :P

    Games you play: MINECRAAFFTT! Amnesia. And some playstation games like Borderlands, Dead Island and CoD.

    How skilled are you: At buidling? I'm alright. Know all the basics. But i wouldn't consider myself profesional. I just play to have fun!

    How active?: Very active! I live on my own so I have a lot of spare time to do whatever when I'm home. I tend to use it on gaming.

    Computer skills?: Eh not much to be honest. I use it for playing and gettign information for whatever i wanna read or research.

    Age: 18. 19 in June
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