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    Just a title suggestion to attract more people?

    [1.3.2]Entity Render Distance:

    See Arrows Miles Ahead
    Nothing disappears from your sight
    Bow Sniping
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    Quote from Mumfrey

    Sorry for the week with no responses, I've been away working at The Gadget Show Live that was at the NEC last week. Since there's 8 pages of backlog now I'll see if I can dig through everything and answer any queries that went unanswered.

    A big "thank you" to the users who posted helpful comments while I've been away, and apologies to those who have questions that haven't yet had a response, I'll try to work through them over the next day or so. If anyone has any specific stuff they want to repost then feel free.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Yeah, some suggestions for the mod:
    Quote from xShadowboyx

    Hey, I got some suggestions.

    Why not add Algebra so that people can make more complex programs
    And default all Algebric values to 0
    since $$a isn't used, why not use $$a(LETTER).
    Its hard to explain so


    What this will do is that if there is a torch in the hotbar, and you push the Macro Key,
    it will switch to the torch, place one torch on where we point the crosshair, then switch back
    to the previous item we were holding before pushing the Macro Key.

    This might be added but I dont really know if it is:
    Adding "catergories". I dont really know C++ but I program CLEO mods for GTA San Andreas(I used to)
    This function allows you to make more complex programs for macros.
    IF(LEVEL<100); ENDIF;
    jump @example
    else_jump @example2
    jump @example

    Basically when you hit Level 100, you perform command /kill and die(If Mutiplayer)

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