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    Hi, is it possible to take the multiplayer player.dat file for a player and change it so that it looks at a completely new account instead, giving the new account everything the previous account had?

    This is so that a player can purchase a new account instead of using the current one.

    If so, can you suggest how please?

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Changing the uuid of a players data so they can use a new account?

    Hello, I have a 1.13.2 spigot survival server and one of my regular players is in need of changing his account, (Something to do with using a sisters account or something) so he is planning on getting a new MC account.

    What we want to do is change the data that points to the old account name so it points to the new account name instead, keeping all balance, invenotry, land claims and such.

    I realize that it may be quite a bit of work but I don't mind doing it as I think it may help me to learn and understand more about how all this stuff is organized, what can and cannot be done.

    Can you please suggest what I can change and how?

    I can see that I can edit the player data using nbtexplorer (Im not sure if it is 13.2 compatible??)



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    posted a message on Spawner Activation Radius: sphere or cube?

    Watch as he gives some very good explanations of the distances.

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    posted a message on How can I convince someone to give me their username?

    Go on the server and suggest some great usernames.

    maybe he will change his to that?

    Then go for it :)

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    posted a message on Mending on non xp tools

    If you want to mend a tool rather than your armour, take the armour off and put the tool in your off hand then use an ender or grinder.

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    posted a message on Can I have both the new and old launcher on my PC at the same time and use either one?

    Why not.

    The new one is unstable so they might as well both be :)

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    posted a message on How to dispense a stack of items?

    Hello, I would like to build a cow breeder (survival server) that can then supply a chest to then enable a single stack of steak to be dispensed.

    Then for nothing else to be dispensed for about 2 minutes.

    (So that someone cannot take all the food.)

    I can already make dispensers that dispense a single block or steak quite easy - its how to make it do 64?

    What sort of circuit do I make to count to 64?

    And how to implement this into a dispenser?

    Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    thank you.


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    posted a message on Egg Hopper Filters

    Put 1 egg per hopper slot.

    This is what works on mine.

    As for what to do with more eggs, I'm not so sure - which is why I now have about 20 double chests full - I just cant bear to throw anything away.

    Well apart from eggs, in someones base in the hope of filling it with chickens :)

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    posted a message on Autojump? Good or bad?

    An analogy:

    A mechanic uses spanners, he (or she) would use the right sized spanner for the nut being undone, using the wrong size spanner does not work as well.

    Auto Jump is like a tool in MC, you use it when you need it and do not use it when you do not.

    Having it on a hotkey to toggle is the best option so that you can quickly enable\disable it at will.

    It's not something to love or hate, just something to use when needed.

    i.e. I use it when out walking in the wilderness, I do not use it when mining or in the nether.

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    posted a message on Multi-item filters

    I tried and failed with multiple items in 1 hopper, however by making multiple sorters feed into 1 hopper feeding the chest it is possible.

    Multi sorting would be excellent.

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