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    My friend and I have built a big world, and so we dug tunnels to put a train in to move around quicker. I recently thought it would be cool if I made the track a complete circle and make the train automatic, so that a minecart would circulate every minute or so and you could just hop in when it shows up and take it to the next station. So I completed it and it works, but the problem is when I am not around watching the minecart the system fails for some reason, but when I watch it the system works. Any ideas on why? All it is is a detector rail attached to a bunch of redstone repeaters set to delay so that the cart sits in the station for about 15 seconds. When the cart is waiting to go it's on a downslope so that when the power reaches the powered rail the cart slides down and rolls along to the next station, if I follow the cart and watch it it works fine, but if I send it off and wait for it to return it doesn't, it gets stuck for some reason. Hopefully someone can give me some ideas, I probably explained it horribly so if you are confused by anything just let me know and I can clarify. Thanks!

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