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    Hello. My name is xRenaissance. I'm a pretty friendly player who has been playing Parallel from around mid April of 2020 (I'd say) and I'm on rather frequently, so you may see me on. I'd say my favorite thing about Parallel is the staff team. They are very friendly, helpful, and they put a lot of hard work and dedication into the SMP, which makes it an enjoyable experience for all! They have hosted a few events, which help break from the monotony of things, and provide a fun experience to all who partake! Plus, unlike many other SMP servers, there's lore to it! (I won't spoil it all for you, but how many servers do you know have an actual lore to them?). As for favorite dessert, that's a hard question. I love various different types of cake, candy, cookies, and ice-cream, though I'll make it easier by saying that it's Buttercrunch ice-cream (a favorite of mine). Finally, in terms of favorite fictional location is torn between the planet of Naboo (from Star Wars), the Earth Kingdom (From ATLA), The Jasmine Dragon (Also from ATLA), and finally, the Ichiraku ramen shop (from Naruto).

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