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    posted a message on MCPE Mods: X-Structures - Over 250 Structures!

    Updated the forum, fixed previous bugs in the App. See the app 'Update log' in the 'News' tab for more details.

    In v.1.2.7(7), I've updated the app.

    I only fixed one bug which was adding a new link to fix the mod itself from most errors.

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    posted a message on 1.1.0 Insta House Mod Instantly Spawn Houses with one click !! UPDATE NOW WITH MORE HOUSES AND SLOW GENERATION!

    I made a instant-structure mod that contains 100+ Pixel art and some houses, buildings, planes, etc. which I should release in 1 - 2 weeks in a pack known as X-Modz 2.0.

    Anyways when you make it, you should really separate the houses into separate .js files to prevent lag. I can't stress that enough. Also, to prevent lag/crash issues, I recommend separating the .js files of the houses into separate folders. For example, the more blocks there are, the more bytes there will be causing lag.

    Now, let's organize them. Let's say I have 15 Houses. One is 0.5 kb, another is 5 kb, and then 40 kb, then 70 kb, 90 kb, 180 kb, 400 kb, 2 MB, 8 kb, 60 kb, 320 kb, 600 kb, 7 MB, 1 MB, and finally, 800 kb. Now, let's separate them into folders. I'm going to separate them by looking at the RAM and processing.

    Legend: { = Folder Start, } = Folder end., '' = Folder name, kb/mb = .js file



    '0.1GHz+'{ 0.5kb }

    '0.5GHz+'{ 5 kb, 8 kb }

    '1.0GHz+'{ 40 kb, 60 kb}

    '1.5GHz+'{ 70 kb, 90 kb }

    '2.0GHz+'{ 180 kb }

    '2.5GHz+'{ 320 kb }

    '3.0GHz+'{ 400 kb, 600 kb }

    '3.5GHz+'{ 800 kb }

    '4.0GHz+'(No mobile device is this quick yet){ 1 MB, 2 MB, 7 MB(5 MB+ will crash on ALL DEVICES on importing the .js script) }


    Inside of the GHz file, organize it by adding a folder such as City, or Mansions, or Pixel Art, etc.

    I'm the only one who came up with this idea so far. Would like to see others make something a little bit better and more organized. But, it'll do for now.

    The only thing the user of the mod would have to know is their processing speed/RAM. You can give a 'Google Look-up' tutorial for that.

    I hope this was a good idea. It should help many users too! Good Luck and let me know if you use it!

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    posted a message on The ModPE Help Thread! - Post all ModPE errors HERE and get instant help! Need help with modding? You've come to the right place

    I want to use an item to spawn a structure. I would like to use the dye though. Unsure how to get the 3512 Though. Let's say I wanted to use a Dye item. Let's say the lime dye. Would it be if itemId == 351:10? Or if itemId == 35110. Please let me know, Thank You.

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    posted a message on X-Commands v.1.2.0 Alpha

    Today, I’m proud to Present X-Commands v.1.2.0 – ALPHA There are a Few commands that don’t Work. Also, I tried to make it ‘Auto-Update’ the .js File. It’s untested! It may work, it may not. So, just come back to my profile to update X-Commands. Well, I’m very advanced at, Debugging, Modding Apps, Making an OS soon, Modding OSs(iOS’s Kernel32 and Crypto), Messing around with OSs – Made an iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak and successfully installed Cydia. There are a few bugs that broke my iPhone a couple of times(7) But, I’m trying to fix them currently. If you want proof of my iOS 9.2.1 JB, go here:




    Anyways, enjoy X-Commands v.1.2.0 and please give feedback on Bugs, Suggestions, etc. Here’s a List of commands(64 Total – Some are in Beta. Only a few though)

    64 Total Commands! New Record…?

    /Alpha Commands
    /Beta Commands
    /Upcoming Commands [Disco Fog/Structures/Tutorials]
    /Personal Info
    /Explode [1/2/3/4/5]
    /Nuke [1/2/3]
    /Pack of [Wood/Chain/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Blocks/Items/All64]
    /Screenshot(Unsure if adding it)
    /Time [Sunrise/Day/Midday/Noon/Sunset/Night]
    /Sounds(Plays sounds like Pig Squeal or Stepping on Dirt Block[I’ll have to insert a Texture Pack for this to work)
    /Build Tutorials(Basic)
    /Spwan [Creeper/Bat/Zombie Pigman/Mooshroom/Magmacube/Zombie/Wolf/Squid/Spider/Slime/Skeleton/Silverfish/Sheep/Ghast/Cow/Chicken/Cavespider/Butcher/Farmer/Librarian/Priest/Smith/Villiger]
    /Light Level


    /Instant Health
    /Instant Damage
    /Fire Resistance
    /Water Breathing
    /Health Boost
    /Clear Effects

    /* Effects End */

    /* Other Commands */

    /Set Home
    /Go Home
    /Set Spawn
    /Music(Coming Soon…!)
    /Zoom In
    /Zoom Out
    /Weather Rain
    /Weather Lightning
    /Weather Clear
    /Stick Remover(Beta)
    /Clear Chat
    /Structure(Coming Soon…!)
    /Kill All
    /Builder [Insert/Take Over](This is basically world edit…)
    /xRay Block(Coming Soon…!)
    /Zombies (Solo (Under Wi-Fi, – Like in CoD with Mystery Box – I’ll use Densos’ Guns for it. I’m planning to add Rounds, Points, and Doors, and also a Teleporter Block. Paying for guns and the Mystery Box, will be added a lot later.)

    - Thank You.

    xReVoLT – iTheme

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    posted a message on BasicCommands Mod! [Use basic commands to help!]

    I'm pretty sure you can use IDA to get the code :P I'm unsure if anyone would go that far just to get a simple source code. But, you never know.

    I might do this with my code as well. Thanks for posting.

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