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    Quote from JellyOpera

    I like this. Someone should do this.
    I agree. For obvious reasons. ;)
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    *Bump again...*
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    Im getting sick of having to constantly climb over mountains or finding a good place to build that doesnt have a stupid cave system a block beneath the surface. That's why I propose this new idea for a generator. It will end all of that stupidity.


    I ask anyone who has the knowledge of coding to at least consider doing this!!!

    What I want is a world generator that will make an entirly flat map. But, wait! Theres more! It should have lakes in it! And forests! And areas that just have absolutly Nothing!

    The Plans:

    I think it should start at 68 blocks high. Grass blocks for 4 blocks down. Then from there on out, there is only the original generator. But without caves. The reason for no caves being in it is: This is a Survival/(Mainly)Building generator. I'm getting tired of building something, only to run into a cave system that runs on forever. And yes, I know. It could make mining a lot harder. But I feel the benifits out weigh the losses. NOTE: THERE NEEDS TO BE EVERY ORE IN GAME! IRON, COAL, DIAMOND, GOLD, LAPIS, REDSTONE, AND ANY OTHERS I FORGOT!!! Then on the surface there would be your normal bioms. Exept desert. Unless, or course, you want to put the extra time and effort in to make it so. But it would be completly normal on top, except with no hills. That means trees, shrubs, tall grass, anything else. And then for lakes: They would be like normal lakes, but only 7-8 blocks deep. Maybe a 30% chance that one is all lava, so you can get obsidian to go to the nether. Thats all I could think of. Feel free to pitch in ideas.
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    Quote from James_Paige

    I have an idea for a Mod, but I don't know anything about mod authoring yet, so I don't know how feasible it is.

    I am planning to build a computer-interface for a stationary exercise bike. Plenty of other people have done this before. here is one good example: http://idkfa.com/ec/the-bike/

    What I want to do is combine my addict's love for Minecraft with my need to get a regular cardio workout.

    The plan is to read the bike's speed using some reed switches and a magnet attached to the bike's wheel. Everything I have read so far suggest that an Arduino controller is the easiest and cheapest way to get that speed sensor input and make it readable by my computer. Then I have to tie it to some kind of virtual input that can be read by games. I am thinking that the easiest thing to do will probably be making the bike speed visible to the computer as if it was an analog joystick axis. Tearing apart an actual joystick/gamepad will probably be the easiest way to do that. I haven't done anything like that before, but I have read enough about other people disassembling and hacking their joysticks and gamepads that I think it is feasible.

    The final step would be to make a Minecraft Mod that would read an analog input, and scale the speed of various in-game actions to it. Walking speed, mining speed, health regeneration speed (maybe food consumption speed too)

    Need to walk anywhere? Don't stop pedaling!
    Need to dig? Don't stop pedaling!
    Creeper approaching? Pedal faster!!!

    Does anybody have any thoughts about this? Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Think it could work? Think I am crazy?
    Utterly insane. Did I mention that I think you're a genius? Better idea than Wii fit ever was.
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    Quote from Phantom699

    I like the airlock idea better. I was actually thinking of the space elevator being the portal itself, but the airlock does sound easier. I think that 'Jumping to planet X' 'Arriving at planet X' should be followed by 'Jump succesful. Running diagnostics....' *loading bar* 'Main generator damaged. Attempting damage assessment...' *loading bar* 'Red alert! Engines: Offline. Shielding: Offline.' and then the letters before ':Offline' start bugging out randomly, and the loading finishes and the explosion sound plays, spawning the player in the wreck of their spaceship. Which, in my opinion, should be one of several templates so the crash site isn't always the same.
    Yes. Keep the templates different. Variety is always better in a game.

    Also, What about tamable animals? Vehicles? Suites that work like Armor? There is HUGE amount of promise in this mod, and I would like to see it made. I was thinking of adding in a Hovercraft that would be flyable. Made from Carbon and iron. You would need to put in a fuel as well. I was thinking of Metrolium. Metrolium should work like coal, only make it last 15 blocks to make up for the rarity. Maybe just less than carbon.
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    Quote from spykill

    Well, I have tried to mod Minecraft before(then got lazy), but I think this mod wouldn't be hard to code. I just think right shift is a little hard to reach because then you have to take your hand off either the mouse or WASD. But the idea is great!
    How big is your hand? You should be able to easily reach shift with the pinky that's not on WASD keys...?
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    Yes. There are already mods for this. Here is something that is kind of like it. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/856538-11-crafting-table-ii-v162-310112/
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    I have an idea for a mod. (Big surprise, right?) In the mod you would be able to mine more ores (Such as silver, tin, and copper.), meet clans of elves (Pretty much adds in villages, like the Millénaire mod, only more fantasy based), Make friends with Dwarfs (Same thing), and then a leveling mod!

    Leveling Mod:

    Every block you mine gives you a certain amount of XP. Diamonds would be worth 10, and stone would be worth one. It would use the same XP system as is already in the game, but when you enchant something, you wouldn't lose your current progress in the mod. After you gain enough XP to advance a level, you get 10 skill points. You can spend skill points on different skills, such as: Woodcutting, Mining, Archery, Melee, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Farming, Crafting. Each skill would dramatically effect the game. With a high Woodcutting, you'd get three logs from each block. It can only be used with natural spawning blocks, of course! With the Mining skill, you have a chance of a double drop. 2 or even 3 diamonds from one ore! Each block is less likely to drop more than the last. Ex. Cobble would have a 100% chance to drop double at level 50, and Diamond would have a 10% chance. At level 100 in mining, though, Diamond would have a 40% chance to drop 3!

    Fantasy Villages:

    Have you ever played Millénaire? Ever got bored of it because it doesn't meet your fast-paced, creative mind? Then you'll love this! It will add different villages in, such as Elven, Dwarfish, Human Kingdom, and other fantasy species! Each village will grow, given enough time and resources. And each village will also have their special sets. Elven villages will take wood for a higher price, and sell it for a lower price. Dwarfish villages will take stone based items (i.e. Cobble, Iron Ore, Iron Ingot, Gold) for a higher price and will sell it for a lower price. And Human Villages will (not really) be a happy middle. If you want protection from what lies outside at night, humans are the way to go. They will buy and sell wood for a high price, as they need it for picks and swords. But they will buy Cobble and Iron based products for a low price. They will have Dwarfish worker in a huge quarry that pumps out Cobble and Iron like nothing. But they won't have anyone getting wood. Also, please, note that I am not trying to discourage the Millénaire mod. OR copy it even. I'm just trying to get what I want to see out there.

    More Ore:

    Have you ever wanted a way to make Bronze armor in Minecraft? Steel? What about Obsidian? Well this mod would add some new ores! Each one will be as rare as predetermined by the strength of the armor and products it creates. Tin and Copper, when smelted in Tin and Copper Ingots, could be mixed together into Bronze Ingots. They would be able to create Bronze tools, and armor. Same with Iron and Corundum. They could be mixed to make Steel armor. And for Obsidian tools and armor, you would take Obsidian Ingots and Steel Ingot, mix them together, and you would get Steelian Armor! It provides extra protection against all forms of damage (except falling), and it would last longer than Diamond!

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. These are just a couple of ideas that I have. I would do them myself, but I have no clue how to code in Java. Feel free to just make them, or try and contact me. You might not be able to get me, as I'm reeeeeaaaallllyyyy busy this summer. All I ask is that you give me credit for the ideas.
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