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    posted a message on Midnight Roleplays ( Warrior Cats RP Server ) *NEED STAFF*
    IGN: xBurningEmberx
    Nickname: I dont really have one, but i guess it could be Ember?
    Rank applying for: Admin
    Maturity: It depends on what we're doing xD when im rping, im very serious/mature. But when there's nothing to do, i dont know what to expect with my seriousness. Just a heads up :P
    Experience: I dont have much experience in being staff, but i pretty much know the basics: dont ban/kick/tempban people for no reason (only for too much swearing, being rude/disrespectful/greifing etc.)
    Why you want to be staff: I really want to be staff, because i love the idea of being in charge of people. Im a leader, you could say, i like to lead/direct people. And also to make cool nicknames, and do fun commands :)
    How many Warriors books have you read: im currently on the 12th book, the last book of the 2d series (The New Prophecy: Sunset)
    Other: I really want you to choose me, it would mean alot to me, and give me motavation to keep coming on the server. It would even be greatly appreciated if you'd even consider me as an Admin. :)
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