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    Quote from 63854

    Try the old days mod.

    Cool. I'll try that. I recently downloaded the TerrrafirmaCraft mod. It's awesome!
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    Back in Alpha, i remember running through the night being chases by an entire mob of monsters and every corner i turned i almost came face-to-face with ANOTHER ONE! Survival felt like survival because you actually struggled to gain control of the world around you. I don't know if its just me but it seemed like it was much more difficult to handle the daily tasks because there was just more danger involve in exploring and building.

    - I had a reason to be scared of the dark. Surviving was much harder because if i wanted to go out at night at all, i would have to suit up with armor, weapons and food like i was preparing for a desperate mile long zombie run.

    - I had to be more careful when exploring caves because monsters spawned MOST frequently in the dark.

    - Building a large fortified complex was actually necessary to survive (With cobble walls, fences, towers, windows, steel doors, redstone contraptions, etc.)

    - More advanced transportation systems were needed to avoid getting caught on foot in the night (Elevated railroad bridges, running waterways for boats, upgraded railroad tracks such as booster and buttons)

    - Night time was darker and forced the player to actually use torches.

    - Building checkpoint outposts was necessary for both safety and navigation. (Small towers, rooms, bunkers, furnished tunnels, etc.)

    - And going into the nether was a goddamn nightmare. (Still is sometimes)

    - I dreaded rain storms because i knew that monsters would appear soon to get me.

    Now that Monsters can have armor and tools, higher spawn rates would add on to the tension a bit.
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    Quote from EstebanLB

    This IS a SMP mod

    Oh LOL I didn't catch that.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    This would be the definition of hardcore PVP if this was SMP. It would be fun to work with a few friends trying to build all these tools and carry out all these processes to survive. It would make it a more "involved" experience that forces cooperation.This mod would fulfill a BIG wish list for SMP. This is awesome!
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    The cave world looks so awesome! It looks like a purgatory realm for the above world where the player has to struggle to stay in the light while making his way back. EPIC!
    Would make for a much more scary game. LOL If Jeb added the cave realm with a few "ghost" mobs, terrain burrowers and more bizarre creatures, it would be event more awesome. . . A survival horror Minecraft like back in the old days when cave spelunking was scary.
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    posted a message on Hardcore should be more intense
    I just downloaded the "better Survival" mod and i loved it. The atmosphere was immersive. I actually felt slightly intimidated by the sound effects, background noises, harsh mechanics, larger and intimidating terrain.

    - Running through a roaring blizzard dodging large groups of zombies and creepers (Like 10 at a time)
    - The screen shaking with a pulsing red haze looking back at skeletons shooting arrows past me
    - A creeper explosion throwing me into a river and the sound muffles when underwater with drops on the screen.
    - Snow flakes splatting on the screen with the hunger/water meters slowly running out
    - Running through the forest to the sound of crickets and spiders
    - desperately digging a hole to buy time for making tools and weapons

    Stuff should be added such as:
    - OPTIONAL thirst meter
    - More monsters at night
    - Darker nights (Like in Alpha. Moody still seems pretty visible)
    - Torches burn out (Lamps would have a more important role)
    - Being hurt has monsters pick up speed and seek from a longer distance
    - Less resources (also more types of resources such as silver, copper, rubies, sapphires, etc. )
    - Raised mountain heights as a rough terrain for additional consumption of hunger/thirst
    - Animals slightly harder to find, forcing the player to scavenge or farm.
    - Monsters attracted to light attempting to destroy its source (putting out torches and destroying lamps)
    - Less oasis's in deserts
    - Trees should be bigger and cast darker shadows so mobs could spawn in certain areas
    - More monster should spawn underground

    More Biomes (With a raised height limit)
    - Alps (snow/stone mountains)
    - Rigid forests (More intense/higher hills)
    - Foot Hills (Rigid hills with small bushes)
    - Less Caves and trenches (The world looks like it was hit by a CATASTROPHIC earthquake just then)
    - Swamps should be more like checkered style water/grass tiles. (More of a mix rather than lakes with isthmuses)
    - Rocky Badlands with arches, formations, water holes, and a combination of dirt, sand, sandstone, and stone with a few wild grass tiles here and there.
    - Trench mountains (Really high, vertical, dense cliffs and mountains with caves/arches/ overhanging formations with low rivers and large basin caves.

    Monster Ideas: Not a lot of variation but would make for more challenging play styles
    - Skeletons with knives: Actually run at the player with a slightly faster walking speed than the player; Have longer sight distances; Let out a piercing scream. like a banshee.
    - Savage Zombies: When they hit the player, the player slows down as if a slowness potion was taken
    - Crawlers (Creeper): Creepers than can walk on walks and ceilings. (Slightly weaker than normal creepers)
    - Spitters (Spiders) - Larger spider that launches webs at the player's feet to slow them down; Walks at zombie speed; Inflict 3.5 hearts of damage. Nasty hiss (Lower pitched; louder than normal spiders)

    Playing the mod was a thrill and a refreshing change to the rather primitive nature of the game. It would be cool to see more challenging aspects to Hardcore mode that don't really change Minecraft, but add variety and force a more strategic style of gameplay. As well as making the player try harder to escape and avoid trouble. . .

    And fear the dark. . . >8 D
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    posted a message on What are the best audio brands for earphones?
    I got a list of these brands as the best on the market but in terms of both price AND value, which one is best?
    1. grado
    2. sennheiser (I've heard these are one of the cheapest of the top brands)
    3. ultimate ears
    4. shure
    5. akg
    6. beyerdynamic

    For example: How would you compare the Sennheiser MX365 earbuds with the AKG K318 earbuds?

    I am tired of getting cheap earphones that just blow out after like 2 weeks of having them. I'm on like my fourth pair now. I am trying to do my own research but i am having trouble with knowing where to start. LOL

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    posted a message on Savage Raid PvP - [1.7!] [CUSTOM PvP/Raid Server] [24/7 LagFree] [FULLPvP] [PvPStat Tracking/Leaderboard] [Base Raids] [Factions
    IGN: xIxNxSxAxNxEx
    Age: 16
    Voted: No
    Questions/Concerns: How big is the map? I am always worried that maps are too small because oceans are SO HUGE. And with a lot of players crammed into a small space, there is really no room for hiding, mining, or exploring.
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    Its a balance thing. if you could repair your tools and armor for nothing then you would never need to mine anything again after your first tools/armor.
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    posted a message on Minecraft short film
    Are you using Blender?
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    posted a message on Uh...What's going on here with Valve and Adult Swim?
    Quote from thenerdal

    It all makes sense now, Valve is a device to let out steam, steam comes from heated water, water comes from pools, people swim in pools, some of those people are adults, so that obviously means there's a map on the back of the declaration of independence!!!

    Was that supposed to be an insult? Because I did not get anything or even the reason why you posted that. LOL
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    posted a message on What games are you looking forward to?
    Farcry 3
    I am looking forward to this entirely open-world shooter
    Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
    Finally, a horror game that actually scared me. So i am super excited for the next installment
    Halo 4
    Looks like a loyal addition to the series that isn't as much of a drastic change as Halo:reach but still adds innovation by the looks of it.
    GTA V
    I have never been a GTA Fan but this looks like it will kick ass!
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    posted a message on Uh...What's going on here with Valve and Adult Swim?
    I found this next to a TeamFortress2 youtube video and was recommended by everyone watching!


    From the looks of it, to me, they are probably making a series on daily life in the fortress. LOL that would be AWESOME!!! Episodes on problems and crisis the team encounters in their daily lives along with a story that ties all of them together such as characters like the spy, pyro, and scout. :lol:

    I literally have no idea whats going on here but when Valve is teaming up with a cartoon channel, this idea just popped into my head!
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    posted a message on Funny Battlefield 3 video!
    ENJOY (Video by Th3L0p3z)

    I just found this funny so i thought it would be a good troll for people!

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    posted a message on Too many caves! Game is too easy
    I completely agree. I loved the feeling of accomplishment back in late Alpha for finding a huge cave because it felt real. It felt like it had a history to how it formed even though it didn't. I absolutely love Minecraft for the exploration aspect alone but when it is overdone, it gets old very quickly.
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