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    posted a message on Should Minecraft make strong holds easier to find?
    They are already easy to find. I think it would be a terrible idea to make it easier to find...
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    posted a message on Suggestion for Multiplayer.
    This came to the top of my mind and has been bugging me all day. Who thinks we should be able to receive plugins like WorldEdit and WorldGuard for Multiplayer? You could type in commands through a USB Keyboard or a Messenger Pad. I feel this could be a great addition to multiplayer.
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    posted a message on People judge minecraft before they try it.
    I personally enjoy the graphics of Minecraft. It is like going back to a simpler time. Most people don't get that effect the first time :/
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    posted a message on First thing you said when you saw minecraft
    "How do I break this tree?" considering I kept clicking instead of holding the mouse button... It was a complete fail.
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    posted a message on My hot bar changed, looks different
    I don't see anything wrong with this hotbar? Perhaps you had it smaller or larger than usual before?
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    posted a message on [32x] [1.6.4] Derivation RPG
    Great Pack OP. This looks wonderful. +1
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    posted a message on The community needs to decide.
    Quote from Twosday

    Seth as a character model on Minecraft? I couldn't see that working for some reason.

    I bet with a little time and effort it could be done. Most likely a lot of time and effort...
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    posted a message on Cant decide..
    In my opinion, I would keep the mods until 1.3 is released. If you keep them, you can still have all the fun until its fully released, while if you delete it, you might be waiting and get bored.
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    posted a message on my minecraft isn't working
    Quote from lordpure2face

    :Notch: plz help i love minecraft so much and i need to play it its not working it all started when i look up how to install a mod and it said to delete my meta-inf folder so i did so when i loged
    bak in and god to the minecraft screen it was all pitch black and one gotta solution for this :DORE:
    Wrong Section, OP, but when deleting the META-INF, make sure to install the mod at the same time. Sometimes extracting the mod files helps to fix it. To re-install, just delete the .minecraft folder and run the game once. Next time backup your file.
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    posted a message on Epic mansions are overrated.
    I like to build small structures. They seem to be cozy :) . On the other hand, I like huge structures if they were made completely legit.
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    posted a message on The community needs to decide.
    I would love to have saints row skins or red dead redemption. I think it would be funny to see someone like professor genki (Like your name) or seth from red dead.
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    posted a message on Newish to minecraft xbox
    1. The blocks will never respawn, but you can find many more if you search around the mine some more.

    2. Minecraft grinders are things built to slay monsters and other mobs to receive their loot when they die, without using effort.

    3. The only mode is survival. The next update will bring in Creative mode.

    4. Some blocks are dirt, grass, stone, cobblestone, coal, iron, gold, diamond, netherrack, obsidian, glowstone, and lapiz lazuli. I am sure there are more that i can not think of off the top of my head.

    5. The only portal possible to be crafted is the nether portal :/
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    posted a message on Will stone bricks be in the next update?
    Stonebricks will be a great addition. I love their design :D
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    posted a message on [REOPENING] ablownmind designs
    Avatar Request:

    Specific text: xGunning
    Text effects: Regular in the Shiny Section.
    Specific image: (My Skin)
    Color scheme: A Background with Dark Red in it. Other colors are fine.
    Shiny or matte: Shiny
    Specific shape: Rounded
    Anything else: That is it. Thank you for reading this.
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    posted a message on Trapped Prison | PVP | First 1.3.1 Prison | Transfers Open |
    Quote from MeowMeowCat

    IGN: MewMewKitten
    Rank: B Block.
    Age: 16.
    Timezone: EST.
    How long have you been playing on Trapped Prison? I have been playing on Trapped Prison for two weeks.
    Have you ever been muted, banned, kicked, etc? If you have why, and for how long? I have never been muted, banned, kicked or anything of the likes.
    Why should we pick you to be our next Moderator? I believe that you should pick me over all of the other appliers because I have been watching and taking note of the wardens, chat mods and the likes doing their jobs. Most, if not all, of the prison, whether they are C Block prisoners, or Free, know who I am. Another reason is I have been guard on this server, and my fellow mates while guarding were sad to see me leave the force of the guards. I have then had my life settled down quite a bit and believe I can fulfill the role of a Trapped Prison Chat Mod. I have confidence in my skills as the role of Chat mod. I have 6 recommendations for me to be hired for this job, which is quite significant compared to other applications, (no offense). Please consider my app and to hire me for this position.
    Additional Information: Recommendations include:

    Pikawars, HeadGuard of Trapped,

    Hakunbmw, Free rank on Trapped,

    StolenSinnerXLT, Chat Mod of Trapped,

    Insanity06, Elite rank on Trapped,

    Awsome_Goalie, Chat Mod of Trapped,


    XCross7 (sorry, don't know your rank).

    Picture proof :D !

    Yet again, please consider hiring me for Chat Mod of Trapped.
    Sincerely, MewMewKitten.

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