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    Quote from Dan10105

    I would just double the size and put down half slabs, although I had no idea that it killed the spawning rates by that much. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't your pads go from 9 blocks to 8 blocks, thus reducing spawning spaces by 11% and not 50%?

    Not everyone uses 3x3 spawning pads (though they are the best or close to it if you are just relying on the mob walking off the ledge).

    OP: You don't have enough spawning space as is. I would add a layer above that one and then add the half slabs (though why you think it will cut your spawning rate in half is beyond me).
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    Well I can't get the 2x2 tube to work for zombies. It seems that they can only really be used for endermen.

    To have a 2 block deep water brake, you need to make the zombies fall at least 4 blocks. If they fall less, there is a chance they get stuck and swim up.

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    I don't know why mobs get stuck in 1x1 tubes, but try and widen it so it's 2x2. I've never been able to get the 1x1 tubes to work either (of course, if you want to stop their fall, you can always use a water brake as well, instead of using vines. The vines were specifically for dealing with endermen, but you probably don't have them spawning in there).
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    posted a message on What is the bestest mine craft mob trap currently out there?
    The best mob grinders aren't feasible to build in survival. The question is, what are you willing to spend on a mob grinder?
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    Quote from Kenny4594

    If i kill them all, can i still get a couple of them back? Like i plan on building a chicken coop to farm the eggs and the same with sheep.

    Single player commands' kill all command only deletes entities in loaded chunks. Anything that spawns further away from your position when you use the command is safe.
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    posted a message on Mob Spawner/Death Trap
    He made a spawner that was specifically for skyblock survival. It could get away with having only ~100 spawning spaces. For a real world, the game has to check much more area to spawn mobs, and the more area that you provide in your spawner, the better.

    Add more layers onto your spawner until you have around 1,000 blocks of spawning space.

    Also worth noting: that spawner is really old now, and doesn't take advantage of the new mob AI in any way. It's going to be less efficient than what you see in his videos, or what you could expect out of a more recent spawner design.
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    posted a message on Simultaneous Worlds on one server?
    You can create an infinite number of worlds to play on in single player. Currently, when you play single player, you aren't playing on a server so to speak. Your world save data is saved locally on that computer, and can be accessed by any account that logs onto Minecraft from that computer (though you only need one account for what you are planning).

    You wouldn't run a server for just one person, that's rather pointless. What you should do is create new single player worlds for each of your boys.

    If you actually do run a multiplayer server in future (where more than one person can play at once), you can only run one map per server. If you wanted to run more maps for multiplayer, you would need more servers (most common internet connections cannot handle this, however). You can change the map you are running on a server, but you can never run more than one map at once on a single server.
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    Animal spawning

    Approximately one in ten newly generated chunks will contain mobs, usually in packs of up to four of the same species. They will always spawn on the highest available block in a column i.e. the one that can see the sky. For an animal to spawn on it, this block must be opaque and the two blocks above it must be non-opaque. The block does not need to be grass nor does it need to be illuminated (as it does with Mob Spawning).
    Animals do not spawn in desert or ocean biomes, with the exception of squid.

    A cow that generated with the map inside a tree's leaves and could not escape, a common sight in forested hill areas.

    Randomness for animal spawning is derived from the world seed, which means that worlds with the same seed will generate chunks with the same animals in the same places.
    Very rarely, new animals can spawn in already generated chunks, just like monsters do. When animals spawn in this way, they do so only on grass blocks with light level 9 or greater above them. This is also a requirement for animals spawning from monster spawners. Unlike monsters, animals do not spontaneously despawn, except for wolves which can despawn only when they are hostile.


    I pulled that right from the Minecraft Wiki: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Spawn#Animal_spawning

    A couple of things:
    - Animals do respawn if you kill them, just 400x more rarely than hostile monsters do (unlike what oCrapaCreeper said)
    - Animals can initially spawn in complete darkness or almost any block in the game (stone, grass, tree logs, gravel, etc.). They can only respawn in daylight and on grass (clarifying what Ssoulle said).

    If you want to find sheep specifically, I would explore around your world until you find an extreme hills biome (bluish green grass with few trees and tall hills, looks like this: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/images/9/96/1.8_Biomes_Mountain.png). I always seem to initially find sheep in these biomes.
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    posted a message on Corrupted World, help!
    Did it actually work for you?

    I did this for my sister's world a week ago. She had a chunk error right where her house used to be (what are the chances of that, seriously?).
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    posted a message on Corrupted World, help!
    Create a new world and go through the loading screen.
    Exit Minecraft.
    Go to your saves folder, and drag the Regions folder from your corrupted save to that new world.
    Try and run the new world again.

    This will give you the terrain (including any changes you made, with chests) in your new world. You will only lose your inventory if it works.
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    Quote from getZublade

    Yeah sometimes I wait for days and days before deciding where to build because location is very important. But if I spawn in the perfect location, then yeah I'll build a house there. I even go as far as to clear hundreds of dirt blocks and trees just to get a good place to build the house, farm, nether portal, etc.

    With my base currently, I went so far as to clear thousands of blocks before moving in and not having to worry about night.
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    posted a message on A tool to help me find land!
    External tools rely on either the level.dat file for your world save, or you are required to plug in the world seed. Neither of these are available to you if you are playing on a server. You could possibly get the seed from the server owner, but if you can't, you are SOL.
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    posted a message on I do not like MOJANG... at least the now days MOJANG
    You have to realize that the development team for this game consists of less than 10 people. That is NOT enough people to fully define every feature in this game. With only 3-4 people working on developing features for the game (if that), you cannot expect a game that is the scale of Skyrim.

    Initially, Notch was concerned about what the community says, in a very visible way. But as time goes on and the game's scale becomes more massive, he doesn't have time to answer every single question this community comes up with (the same is true of Jeb). Mojang has not hired a community manager, nor would it make sense to do so, given the companies size (and don't just say "expand the company" as that is usually a bad idea to expand too quickly). The most we have is Jeb's Twitter, go look at how often he is able to post on it.

    You said that the community is what makes this game, and you are correct. The number of modders we have outscales Mojang a thousand times to one. Mojang doesn't even like taking ideas that have already been implemented. When they added pistons to the game, they changed fundamental behaviors, and even added more to it (making it even more useful, it went from a toy to an actual redstone contraption).

    I'm not going to count your grass color example. That was the ALPHA and BETA versions of the game. Nothing was final, and it did not matter how long it took to fix certain things. There were higher priorities.

    I've answered the question about different wooden stairs and slabs before. It's coding related and I doubt you would understand it if you know nothing about object-oriented coding languages.

    The mushroom biome is as close as this game has gotten to Terraria. Nothing else is even remotely similar.

    Cocoa plants don't grow in deserts. Just an FYI, they needed to add jungles first. Just because it was asked for doesn't mean it was necessary (and cookies still suck).

    Enchanting was made to be random and not overpowered. Randomization is a 50/50 with regards to likes and dislikes, you evidently don't like it. I'll leave it there.

    I miss the terrain in beta to this day, but there are plenty of pluses to the terrain that exists now (my favorite is having that light green grass color in jungles, just like alpha). Simplifying the terrain and biomes is good because it makes it easier to add things to the game. Which you seem to have a complaint about as well, if I recall.

    I don't know why I wasted my time writing this. You have no grasp of software development or game design, and all you did was rant but provide no solutions. In older times (like 10 years ago, god the internet ages fast) this was considered trolling. Arguing with logical fallacies to provoke responses.
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    posted a message on Cannot Dispense Water
    For the purpose you want to do, I would recommend waiting. Snapshots are very volatile, and can very easily wreck your save. If you use a snapshot, it is probably because you are experimenting, bug testing, making a features video, or so on. You shouldn't really play on snapshots, and you most certainly should not use your main world to do so.

    Minecraft 1.3 will likely come out at the beginning of August. You could wait until then or you could make a floodgate by using a piston to release the water instead. Come 1.3, the dispenser will be easier than the piston floodgate, but for now it's the way to go.
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    posted a message on Quest for HARDCORE Survival XP Farm
    Few things wrong with each of these spawners:

    1. Good design, but there are too few spawning spaces. 3x3 pads work excellently, as the mobs will walk off the edge almost immediately, but with only 16 spawning pads of 8 blocks each (half slab blocks one), you are looking at 128 spawning spaces total. This is no where near enough spawning space. 128 spawning spaces are okay in creative mode, because those are the ONLY spawning spaces it checks. This isn't practical for real survival worlds. You want at least 1,000 spawning spaces to be efficient (I have 1,300 on mine).

    2. Not enough spawning space again, and also the spawning pads are larger. There is even less of a chance of success here because the mobs will likely stop moving before they even get close to the edge of the pad.

    3. Same as number 2, though the pads are even bigger than before, and his killing mechanism will not be able to kill all of the mobs (I don't need to explain why, it doesn't matter).

    In order to fix this quickly, I would use the design from the first video, though I would stack layers on top of each other. I recommend stacking 10 layers to have an efficient exp. grinder.

    If you wanted to do a more long term fix, I would recommend looking into Endermen farms. The End is the perfect area to make an experience farm, as you are only working with one type of mob, and most of the End is empty space, meaning you create every single spawning space. Look up Docm77's Endermen farm if you would like to make one. You can get level 50 in about 10 minutes (tested and confirmed). The only downside is that it costs you close to 2,500 redstone and 700 iron for the repeaters and pistons you use. So like I said, long term.
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