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    posted a message on this is what i paid money for?

    the minecraft staff owes it to us to update the game so that it runs correctly on average computers.

    When you go take a class in programming, you will understand why this statement is making me facepalm.

    Also, if you literally think that you can just buy something expensive like a computer (or a car, or a boat, etc.) and not be willing to put time into figuring out how it works and how you can keep it working well for a long time, then you are going to have a BAD time in the future.
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    posted a message on Simple improvement to fall damage-based mob grinders.
    This is actually what was originally called a lava blade. It was used very early on to make very basic traps at mob spawners.

    I've been using Etho's spawning pad system as well for my world (although I have four towers of four layers instead of just one tower). Instead of using fall damage to kill the mobs, I have them go through this lava blade (I have a lava blade for each tower). It's faster than drowning them, and more convenient than fall damage. Very useful indeed.

    My mob grinder, if you want to see it.

    Quote from PirateParadox

    My current solution is to have pistons block and release water for collection.. but if anything mobs drop while the water is up.. Blah.

    Easily solved! Just have the default drop height be 2-3 blocks higher than normal. When you activate the water, you need a piston to activate above the water and push a block into the drop zone. The mobs will continue dying on the piston above your water current, and when you are done you can retract the block above the water.
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    posted a message on Too Tall a Mob Trap?
    Quote from gtaylor

    Dark room mob traps make really poor experience farms. The reason is that mobs are capped at 200. This means you must continually kill the mobs as they collect in your trap in order to allow new mobs to spawn. Experience farms that use mob spawners get around this as spawners will produce an infinite number of mobs as long as you are within 16 blocks.

    1. The hostile mob cap is 79.
    2. That's not the reason why they are bad. It's because it usually takes them so long to get down to where you can kill them that the experience rate is not optimal. Spawners that are quick (such as ones that spawn mobs on a pressure plate and get pushed off to you immediately) work just fine for experience farms because (even though you can't AFK for long) you can get level 50 in like 10 minutes.
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    posted a message on A whole new world
    Quote from AntonioTheMiner

    Don't mind him, hes the local troll...

    Except what he says is usually more logical than most of the posts I see on this forum.
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    posted a message on What to do with my Silk Touch pickaxe?
    I branch mine with two pickaxes. The first is a high efficiency and unbreaking pickaxe, used to dig out the tunnel. The second is always a silk touch pickaxe, for picking up any ore that I find. When I'm done mining, I go back to base and use my fortune pickaxes to break all of the ore blocks that I picked up with my silk touch pickaxe. That way, I can get the full benefits of fortune III while saving space during the actual mining.
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    posted a message on Mob Spawner Question
    That spawner no longer works.

    Mobs don't recognize signs as blocks any more, so with the drop height being 4 (they take fall damage at 3 and a half blocks, btw), the mobs won't jump (as they would take damage).

    Secondly, even if the spawner worked, by the time the mobs got down to the bottom, they would have an inconsistent amount of fall damage based on where they spawned inside of the spawner. You can't make an experience farm if the mobs are randomly taking damage that you can't control.
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    posted a message on Do you guys like the new creeper?
    They need to do more damage. This game has no progression in terms of difficulty. Once you have iron armor, you can take direct blasts from creepers with no problems at all.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Starcraft 2 base construction ideas
    You should build the fusion core, and use pistons to make the actual cores raise and lower like it does in-game when you research something.
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    posted a message on Better to use glass panes or blocks for windows of a house?
    I mix and match both. I don't really build "houses" in the sense of the word, so I don't really need windows, but, for example, my base has a giant glass dome over it. Being circular, I can't really use glass panes effectively. Also, if I want to make a mob system, I often use glass to look at certain parts of the system. Glass panes don't work very well for that either most of the time.

    On the other hand, glass panes feel more aesthetically pleasing to me. Adding depth to your builds is important, and I hate making things look blocky or solid. Glass panes can help break that up if you find a use for them.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Fan Server (Dedicated Hosting)
    Whitelist Application:

    IGN: iMaelstrom

    Why you want to join: I've only ever actively been a part of one server, which was very tight-knit and fun. The Mindcrack concept appeals to me a lot because of it. On top of that, I really only enjoy playing pure vanilla Minecraft, and I want servers to reflect that (within reason, I understand that sometimes anti-grief plugins are needed, or more admin command for flexibility).

    What you plan on doing on this server: Hopefully making friends more than you can on most servers, enjoying the game with others, helping others with projects (I like helping others, check my post count for an example).

    What you are good at in minecraft: Mob behavior (spawners), redstone wiring, and I'd say I'm okay at building (I'll probably do an underground home for once, since my SSP world has an above ground base, so the building isn't too critical).

    How long you have been playing minecraft: Since beta 1.2.

    Do you watch anyone play the mindcrack server and know all the rules and how it works: Yes, and I know the rules.

    Who do you watch play mindcrack: I'm subbed to Etho, Docm77, PauseUnpause. I will also occasionally check out videos from Guude, VintageBeef, BdoubleO, and Nebris though (if I want to watch something on Youtube and no one posts anything).

    How old are you: 19

    What is your skype: If you want it, I'll PM you. I'm not the type who will post that in a public forum with the Skype IP hack existing.

    Will you record: I have the capabilities to, but chances are no. I'm in college, and the background noise from dorm rooms is probably not ideal for videos. I can blog events going on in the server though (my blog link is in the signature for reference).

    Do you have a good pc: Built it 2 years ago for about $1000. Obviously it's getting outdated now, but I can record at 50 fps without lag spikes (I record at 30 anyways, but that's the benchmark for you).

    Do you promise to follow the rules: Of course.

    How much time will you dedicate to the server: It varies greatly. College is hectic sometimes. I might not appear for a week at times, and others I will be putting 3+ hours a day on the server.

    Will you be able to donate to keep the server running: I can, but only if I actually enjoy playing on the server (mature community).

    Have you ever been banned: I've only ever played on one server, so no.

    Will you grief: No. Destroying other people's work is for immature people. I prefer to build, thank you very much.

    If you need me to give you my Skype, then just say so if I get accepted and I'll PM it to you or to anyone else who wants it, but I'm not posting it in public.

    If you want to see examples of my work, then check out my blog link in the signature for pictures.
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    posted a message on is there anyone who still plays minecraft for what it is?
    A large part of what defines Minecraft is it's modding community. It wouldn't be nearly as popular without it.

    That said, I still play vanilla Minecraft. I don't really even play servers anymore. I hate how you can't save your work.
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    posted a message on Good use for bones?
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    posted a message on slime spawning problem
    Slimes can't spawn on glass.
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    posted a message on Help Me With Redstone

    I would just read this. Learning the limitations of redstone and how to create certain scenarios is FAR more valuable than trying to copy someone else's work. By having a broad knowledge of how redstone works, you can create anything you want by just stepping through the circuit one block at a time.

    For example, I was reading through that guide today and I sort of re-learned that a torch placed directly above redstone wire will power the wire. I just used that in a scenario another forum poster had.
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    posted a message on Can anyone help with this redstone?
    You are going to run into a lot of problems if you keep trying to diagonally power pistons. I tried my hand at this (though I had to assume a few things because you didn't show all 5 pistons, like the spacing between the other two pistons for instance).

    The middle piston appears twice. Sorry if that looks a little confusing because of it.
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