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    Quote from Keyk123»


    Apart from...
    A.) The first is a video, second is a picture, hard to compare the two.
    B.) The sky looks like an actual "real" sky rather than a MC sky.
    C.) Your guy looks like he's lowering himself into lava rather than sitting. (If that's what you're going for, then great!)

    It looks improved. :) Especially the sand background at least looks a lot more realistic than the stone you were using. (IMO) Edges look smoother and the lighting looks really nice. Good stuff.

    As for what I said earlier, especially with regards to the moving leaves. Using a shader(s) might be a good idea for the MC game itself, to get a feel for the look of some stuff. If I remember right, I think they have moving leaves. (But it is only recommended for beast-like PC's.) Only a suggestion.
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    Well, let me start off by saying that I'm not expert in animation, and would probably trip over myself just trying to animate. So, mad props to doing this.

    But here's my humble opinion on scenery changes.

    1.) Your grass moves in the wind slightly, but your tree leaves don't.

    2.) Sun looks massive.

    3.) right side background there's blue like it's apart of the sky, assuming its just not rendered or whatever.

    Because it's only a landscape I can't say much, but it looks believable and I could totally see a Minecraft character running through it for sure.

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    posted a message on NEW* Whitelisted Minecraft SMP Server! Dedicated Server! No lag, MindCrack/HermitCraft Alike! 18+ APPLY NOW!

    No idea if this is even being replied by OP anymore but, in case it is.

    IGN (In Game Name) REQUIRED:


    Age REQUIRED (Don't lie):


    Country, for time zones, languages etc REQUIRED:

    I live in Costa Rica. Its like EST. I speak fluent English, and can have conversations in Spanish (but not fluent)

    Skype, if only applicable. You SHOULD get this:

    I have skype, but I don't use it when I play minecraft.

    Reason For Joining:

    Need a new SMP. My last one we found end/nether and everyone only built. There wasn't too much to do.

    Is there anyone you can bring to the server?:


    Strongest Aspect?:

    I really like to go mining. But other than that I'm fairly friendly in sharing my supplies.

    Good builder?:

    Meh? Not great. But I make it work.

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    posted a message on Looking for people to play survival with! (I host the server)!
    Skill at building (1-10): 6[/b]
    Skill at just surviving (1-10): 9[/b]
    Mic: Yes.[/b]
    Age: 18[/b]
    Maturity: Not sure what you want here. But. Adult-like maturity?[/b]
    Skill at fighting mobs (1-10): 7[/b]
    Patience (Y/N): Yes. I don't know why I'd need it.[/b]


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    posted a message on 1

    Your website link doesn't work. And you might wanna provide more info on this page instead.

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    posted a message on MuleTown | Whitelisted | Vanilla | Survival | Hard | Fresh World

    Looks like you've accepted quite a few, maybe more than 20. But I figure I'll play less often so Might as well apply.

    IGN: CaptainJax
    Country: U.S
    Age: 19
    Name: Jax
    How much do you intend to play: Depends. If I'm on a mining streak. 3+ hrs. If I die. #RageQuit
    Reason for applying: I want a vanilla (relatively) survival experience with other folk that doesn't involve PvP.

    Skills -
    ... I like Mining?

    Do you accept the Rules: I guess :P
    What does the 6th Rule say: Do not cheat
    What is the most Awesome Achievement: Diamonds for You
    Additional things you find important to mention: Nope

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    posted a message on --❖❖[Saica]❖❖-- >>New Fantasy RPG is looking for Builders, Writers, Coders and more!<< --STILL ACCEPTING--

    Position applying for: Writer / Server Moderator
    (Other Help You Might Need) : Global Forum Moderator
    IGN : CaptainJax
    Age: 19
    Skype (can be pm'ed): xCaptainJax, Please message me your skype or quote this application and put yours so I know who to look for when accepting it. I'd rather not end up accepting some random person.
    Examples: Writing over skype.
    Experience: I've been an avid roleplayer on Writing Roleplay Guilds. Moderated on several unknown small severals. Co-Owned a small casual roleplay server with my friend (didn't end up so well w/ coding problems.) I was a global forum moderator for Keicraft until I left due to issues with the administrators. If you'd like more details on my experience just message me on skype or you could call.
    Bio: Names Jax. I'm blunt. Professional. Anything else you need from me, just message me.

    P.S - Some of these peoples applications seem REALLY sketchy. Be careful for those that are accepting applications.
    P.S.S - OP, (Original Poster) needs to clean this thread up. Looks quite unprofessional when you have conversations not pertaining to applications within an application thread.

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    Quote from Xephanol»

    The website is currently being worked on as of now. You do not require a format from us. You will have to create your own format that will impress us.

    Alrighty. Thanks.
    I'll follow this post for now, check-back in and probably apply when there's a website and more concrete information.
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    posted a message on The Nopical Network - Revolutionary. Original. Recruiting.

    Is there a website...?

    Is there any sort of application format, or do you just want a resume sent?

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    posted a message on ~FedoraCraft~ Staff Applications

    Is there any way I could get on the server first to experience it first prior to me applying?

    I'd rather not apply to a server I know very little about..

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    posted a message on Join AlphaCraft - Brand New 100% Vanilla White-Listed Server (Mature Players Only, Please!)

    Hello. Hopefully this is fun.

    First real name: Jax
    Minecraft Username: CaptainJax
    How long have you been playing Minecraft for: Since Alpha. Shortly after the "Friday Night Updates" stopped.
    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Dig... Yeah...
    How old are you: However old you want me to be... -wink- (Jk I'm 18.)
    Do you have a Teamspeak account: I might, I believe so. Haven't used it in awhile...
    Why do you want to join AlphaCraft: Looking for a Vanilla server to spend some of my down-time when I'm not playing Hypixel minigames and I wanna lay back with a community, build stuff, kill things, and just play survival the way it was meant to be played
    Please attach photos of builds you've made on Minecraft: I have below, The shader one I made in the last 30 mintues to an hour. The notshadered I don't remember when I made that..
    Do you agree to follow the rules above: I guess... Yes I agree.

    Well. Yay!
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    Quote from nnytak»

    I don't like jumping into these things without knowing age/seeing your channel beforehand, if you showed me this I'd be more comfortable contacting

    This. As well as some more information about yourself...

    And maybe some outline... of something.. rather than "We play together and do stuff"

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    posted a message on Looking to Create a Minecraft Group.
    Ah, well. I guess it couldn't hurt applying... Although I don't know how busy I'll become...

    Name (Preferred): Jax
    Position: [Main/BTS/Art/Other] Preferably a BTS; but if you "need" a main, I wouldn't be against that either.
    Do you have a YouTube account: [Yes/No] Yes. Clicking my Signature banner (clickable) should link you to it, otherwise lmk and I'll get you a link
    Do you have Skype/TS/RaidCall/RazerComms: [Yes/No]: I have both Skype and TS.
    Comments/Suggestions: Nothing really, just interested to see in what direction you want to take this - specifically the SMP <3. Near and dear to me. Anyways, best of luck to you, and any/all that join.
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    posted a message on Wirecraft | Mature Community | Vanilla | Hermitcraft-like | Website | Amplified |
    Quote from SoaR_WN»

    Why do you frown upon a Iron farm?
    The forums are dead because I don't force players to post on them. I also don't have issues on my server so players have no need to post on the forums.

    For me personally, I feel as though Iron farm defeats the whole purpose of the grind. To go into caves looking for just diamonds, but also iron, coal, etc. With an iron farm, as far as I understand - (I haven't seen it yet.) I can just walk on over, casually mine some iron, and walk away. No danger, no fear of lava/mobs, etc.

    Yes, but I figured with 2 years behind you, your forums would be, more alive. That's not a negative, in fact - me being a forum junkie, that's kind of a good thing. I was just merely stating.

    I have now registered on the website.
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    posted a message on Wirecraft | Mature Community | Vanilla | Hermitcraft-like | Website | Amplified |
    Although your forums are basically dead, I have little idea on how many people you have, it seems you've double-posted this thread because your website information portal links to a different thread, and you have an iron farm - which from the sound of it I frown upon... Alas.. I apply.

    In-game Name: CaptainJax
    Where are you from?: United States of America (USA)
    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: Smaller Community = More fun. (Usually).
    What is your favorite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla-like gameplay?: I enjoy Vanilla. I don't ever get to complete a full game of vanilla because I get so attached to the cows that I've got to breed everyday & get lost in the cave that takes several hours to explore and yields barely anything.
    Tell us something about yourself: I'm pretty chill. (Not sure what you want here.. elaborate on something?)
    Why should we accept you?: I'd be a solid member of the community that you're trying to build. I say solid, as in sturdy, not great. I don't create fantastic structures, I don't use redstone, I (usually) don't participate in chat. But I do obey rules, am generally friendly to all, and I do have a sense of humor.
    Did you read the rules?: I have. I don't think "disallowed" should of been used. Awkward to say. & You didn't put a like "secret password" in the rules, honors system eh?
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