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    posted a message on Mideval Building. Inspired by fyreuk and madnes64. Please help!
    Hi, I am going to start a world where you can build anything or anywhere you want. I will only accept the first 15 players. Here are some rules.
    1. Only mideval building
    2. Only build by the designs of fyreuk or madnes64 from youtube.
    3. No greifing
    4. Cant be 12 or younger (im 14)
    5. Dont build stupid crap that doesnt make any sense.
    6. Be cool.
    7. Ask before using tnt.
    Now if you dont like mideval or dont know what it is, then dont join.
    My name is xBlazersUprise. Im only on during the day and at nights. But when school starts only on the weekands.
    Im am starting the world right now, the first 7 can play with me. I need help duping and getting supplies when i start it. Then we can get stared on building. Thanks for reading.
    Posted in: MCX360: Quick Sessions / Minigames
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