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    FashionCraft is a mod that adds variants of the vanilla armors.

    I often play Minecraft with a bunch of mods installed that add really cool-looking gear, and I found myself avoiding vanilla armor just because it didn't look as good. I wear armor for the fashion, but I still want decent protection--I didn't want to be stuck with plain-looking armor in the early and mid game just because I couldn't afford the cool stuff yet.

    I also dislike playing with too many new ores and materials installed. I feel like it makes the game cluttered, and it is harder to find what you are looking for. I didn't want to add any new ores, or worldgen, or mobs, or crafting systems, or special blocks, or tools.

    My solution was to add a few fancy-looking variants to the vanilla armors. There are five variants of iron armor, three for gold, and three for diamond. They each offer the same protective attributes (though some values are tweaked a bit based on the components of the armor--enchantability, durability, etc.) as the base variant. Each variant is crafted by one piece of the vanilla armor and one (sometimes two) other ingredient in a shapeless recipe that is irreversible.

    It also adds a set of weak but highly enchantable bone armor, because I wanted to make a helmet that was a skull.

    The armor textures are original and fit many different color palettes, so you can find one that is appropriate for your base/surroundings.



    The recipes are as follows:

    Iron Variants:

    Flint --> Carved Iron

    Lapis Lazuli --> Polished Iron

    Diamond --> Starlite

    Bone --> Ancient Steel

    Gold --> Gilded Iron

    Gold Variants:

    Redstone --> Burnished Gold

    Iron --> Damascus

    Leather Armor Set --> Gold Plate

    Diamond Variants:

    Nether Wart + Nether Quartz --> Abyssal

    Emerald + Gold --> Stronghold

    Ender Pearl + End Stone --> Voidstone

    The bone armor is created just like vanilla armor sets, only you use bone instead of ingots/diamonds.

    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/AhcH0

    Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback, comments, and bug reports below and I will try to get to them.

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