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    At this point I think Azanor could poop in a bag and I'd probably still download it and install it.

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    Hey, wow, I didn't realize this was here but I endorse it fully. Nice job! I see you got pedestals in.. I had been meaning to do that for quite some time. I'm actually sincerely interested in getting back some traction on some of the mods I've contributed to, and this one isn't forgotten.

    I have to apologize for not being prompt and responsive for so long, but I wanted you to know I appreciate you carrying the torch and keeping this mod alive. It means a lot to me that people enjoy my work enough to continue porting my creations to newer versions of Minecraft, even when I'm too lazy, tired, overwhelmed or just plain "beaten" to do it.

    Thanks for taking the time, and I look forward to seeing [and hopefully contributing] more in the project.

    Edit: PS, nice name "P3pp3rF1y" ;D

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    I've got a bug to report or what I think is a bug/glitch/whatever you want to call it (something happening when it shouldn't). In a survival game, if I switch to creative mode while a Sojourner's Staff is in my inventory, it get's filled to the max with torches even when none are present in my inventory. No crashes or bad things happening but it is slightly annoying for my sake.

    Not a glitch. The items with a charge fill themselves in creative. Very very intended. Happening when it should. Sorry it's annoying, why are you switching from normal to creative?
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    Quote from the_next_techy»

    crash when using with a inventory expansion of some kind.

    I have a tinkers knapsack and a thermal expansion satchel.

    I also am wearing a tinkers belt.

    I opened a partly charged tome wearing these and received a crash.

    In other news................................

    Does anyone know where i can get documentation on this mod for the tome? I can't find any use in NEI for it!!! and i know nei used to show the tomes uses.

    From the error I can't tell if that's Reliquary. It looks like it isn't.

    The tome recipes are pretty much trial and error right now. We want an NEI plugin, now that it's all custom recipes. Basically, fill your tome with Redstone and put it in the grid with something. If it has an output, it's an option. Only common vanilla fare is included in its output list.

    Here's a list for reference:

    The constants at the top show you how much redstone it costs to get X of something, where X is the number between the item name and cost.
    For example, Cobblestone is LOW_TIER (4), so you get 32 of them for 4 redstone.

    If you're still having trouble reading the list, I'll try to translate it later into something that makes more sense. I'm at work at the moment.
    Quote from BioMasterZap»
    So I just switched from the recommended to the latest and it seems there has been a lot of changes. The only change I am having issues with though is the new potions. Can anyone explain how that system works for me?

    Aside from that I think I can figure the rest out on my own, hopefully. The new recipes seem simple enough but I'll probably need to check the drops to make sure nothing is thrown off balance with the rest of the pack. It also seems the items lack descriptive tooltips, which makes it a bit harder to remember what is what. Anyway, the update look great; I just need to take some time to check it all out.

    Edit: Also, anyone know how the mob drop probably works? I assumed it was 1 in X (e.g. base 1 in 10, looting 1 in 5). But when I tried to make it rarer based on that (e.g. 1 in 100 base) it made them drop every kill. So is it a percent (e.g. 0.10 base, 0.05 looting) instead? Perhaps with looting adding onto base then? I plan to try more with it when I have time, but if anyone know how it works that would help save me some time.

    The potion system is difficult because there's no NEI plugin for it and no explanation of what the ingredients do.
    If you look in your Reliquary config file, somewhere towards the bottom will be a list of items and their effects. Some of them are cryptic because they're using the Minecraft name, rather than the one you might be familiar to seeing in-game.

    You make a mortar and pestle and put ingredients into it (only one ingredient of a kind can be placed at once, two of the same can't be mixed) by holding the item and right clicking the mortar.

    Right clicking it will "mix" the ingredients, I think you click it five times (arbitrary mixing counter) when it is full (3 items), or with an empty hand or non-ingredient, to grind the items. If the items would not produce a potion, they are instead returned to you.

    Once you have your "dust", you put water into an apothecary cauldron (not a vanilla cauldron) with a heat source (lava, fire block) below it. Then you add your dust. The water will change color and begin to bubble.

    At any time time once the water has changed color, you may also add:
    Redstone (increases the duration by a %)
    Glowstone (amps the potency of all effects)
    Gunpowder (changes the resultant potions into splash vials)
    Similar to vanilla, really.

    Finally, once the potion is "done" brewing (particles indicate this happens, it only takes 8 seconds or so), it will allow you to bottle your potion liquid into empty vials by right clicking the cauldron or liquid with the vials in-hand. You get 3 from each potion essence.

    For your second question, mob drops are % based. The "base" number is the base % that a mob will drop an item. The looting number is the % added for each level of looting. SO if your base is 10 and your looting is 5, you have a 1 in 10 (10%) chance of getting the item without looting, and a looting 2 sword would increase that to a 1 in 5 (20%).
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    Quote from MokahTGS»
    Is this the Thaumcraft version or is that another older version?

    That's actually an addon called Thaumic Reliquary. It integrates Thaumcraft and this mod. I don't know if it's still being actively supported, it was created by a generous third party.
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    Quote from YamiFowl»
    Hey there!

    I am having a strange problem with my minecraft, in which the bullets on the Hunter's Handgun are now shown. The gun is always asking for a magazine (on the UI in the corner). It registers the magazines, it fires, it works fine (it is just a graphical issue). My friend with an exact copy of my minecraft mod and config folders and in his, the bullets are shown once the magazine is inserted.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks as well, this has been reported, I haven't had a chance to investigate it further, but it is a known bug. I appreciate the reports guys. Sorry for lack of feedback. Life is pretty insane for the moment. I haven't forgotten about you, I'm just having some ridiculous priority management issues lately. I will have to revisit a lot of this stuff when the holidays are over. I apologize for the lack of hotfixes/updates.
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    (This is not a double post. This is an intentional second post due to MCF really being trash. It is quite bad and frequently eats multiquotes. I am very tired of how bad MCF is. Curse good. MCF bad.)

    Quote from SynergiAios»
    I just wanted to ask if x3n0ph0b3 can may give an exact explaination of how the Lilypad's of Fertility work in the current implementation. I have recognized there is a config file and now there is a potency in the closer they are the better they work. To do a bit science i really need to know how exactly they work and what the 4 values in the config file do. Pls tell me thx dude x) would be awesome

    If you have four values in your config, you're not using the dev build. The formulas in the configs were REALLY hard to understand, which is why they were changed. Also in the process of creating a post to explain both, I noticed the new formula was wrong. I stuck it on the issue tracker, but I don't think it's prudent to explain the formula when it's currently wrong.

    I don't want to get into explaining the current stable build formula, it's stupid and will never be used again.
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    Quote from NaleshSA»
    Tried with 1.2 and it didn't seem to work, guess there hasn't been a stable build that has it?

    http://paste.ee/p/HXLCF Getting this with the newest version.
    line 1995 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate id: distributor
    disregard that I'm retarded.

    Uh.. I think you're correct. The official build doesn't have the recipe, I don't think. Sorry. :(
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    According to my latest (and the last 20 or so, I think) updates, yes. It was brought back somewhat recently.

    It takes 128 [UberTier * 2] redstone dust [in the tome] and a Nether Star. I never tested it.. but it should work the same as the rest of the recipes.

    addKey(new AlkahestRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.nether_star), 1, UBER_TIER * 2));
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    Forge version 1230, I believe. for sure. Edit: If you find out from HQM or someone that there's something I'm doing wrong in Reliquary, just let me know, but I'm not doing anything unorthodox that I'm aware of. All my stuff's in pre-init where it belongs. I'll help if I can.
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    That doesn't look like an error with Reliquary, but I can't say for sure. Have you experimented with removing the "prize" items?

    It looks like a network/packet error (NPE is in FMLProxyPacket). Reliquary doesn't have any packets being used, currently, which leads me to believe it's a different mod. If you figure out anything else or manage to isolate the problem, please let me know. I'll do what I can.

    Edit: Sorry for lack of updates; work and the holidays have kept me somewhat busy and I have had my share of distractions on top of all that. I haven't gotten a shred of work done since the last mapping update, and I still haven't cracked open the NEI plugin stuff. I'm still planning on coming back to it, but this time of year gets hectic around the office and the result is me being more burned-out than usual. I will let you guys know as soon as I resume my usual tinkering.
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    To the above post concerning the Lantern of Paranoia not placing torches, it works fine in the newer dev builds so you must be using an old version.

    I've made a bunch of adjustments to the potion system, the more important of which are:

    • completely overhauled/rebalanced mappings (OP potions are a little harder to do)
    • you no longer waste ingredients creating a potion essence that does nothing
    • you can only get essence when an items effects coalesce (two or more ingredients share an effect)
    • the duration merge is more generous (combine both durations, divide by 1.2)
    • the amplitude of most mappings is now 0, max is actually 1. This is to prevent ridiculous stacking without using high-tier ingredients.
    • Lots of bugs fixed. Standing in the cauldron no longer crashes. The particles are fixed.
    • Saturation is now treated as an instant effect, like it's supposed to be.
    • You can no longer use the same item twice in the mortar.
    • This includes potion essences. You can combine an essence with a familiar ingredient to increase its duration or amplitude, but you can't combine two essences. Thus potions aren't infinitely expandable (to a degree)
    You can still make crazy potions, but they're less crazy, and are a slightly better reflection of what I think the vanilla mechanics would look like wrapped around a more entertaining system. All that said, they're still stronger and faster scaling than vanillas, in general.

    That's it mostly. Feel free to play around, the new system is more forgiving. If you try to create an essence that would have had zero effects in the mortar, it simply gives you the items back. Experimentation (or peeking at configs) until I can get an NEI plugin assembled is the way to go. Feel free to post your favorites/findings here.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, in order to see/use the newer mappings, you will have to purge your old ones. Find the potion ingredients section of your config and completely delete it, it will regenerate the new ones from scratch.
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    Quote from asdfowkw»
    I really can't get the lantern of paranoia to work.

    I have the lantern turned on in my actionbar.

    I have torches in inventory.

    I go somewhere dark.

    It does not place torch.

    I will have to take a look at this; I had worked on it recently, to not place torches in locations you can't see. It was working, last I checked. Which dev build are you using, and have you modified your configs at all?
    Quote from Nnystyxx»
    After a test whirl of the cauldron system and writing plenty of effect values down (though my base reagent was a Slime Pearl, which could've thrown my documentation off), I -love- the fact it turns brewing into something physical in the world, and one where the ingredients are somewhat fungible. Health-boosting food potions? Neat! Custom mixes of every debuff to chuck at your friends? Also neat! I wish you the best of speed and luck on the potion mappings-- I see the Caster right around the horizon, and from the design documents, I eagerly await it. Do you think you could show us its model in Techne or other programs? I lack the resources to wrap a texture into its model.

    Thanks for the feedback. I actually finished writing down the beginning of some intended mappings but they go hand in hand with some mechanical changes that will probably be viewed as a nerf. I'm apologizing in advance to anyone that spends time learning the mappings, they are very far from finalized. Hopefully they will still prove easy to learn and remain useful.

    The caster is either the first or thirdish item on the list, depending on whether I get distracted by some ideas I've had. I've got the model for it, been meaning to take some screenshots. I'll put something up in a day or two.

    Stupid MCF jacked up the quote for the bug with the cauldron, so
    Responding without the quote: Potions like that will still be possible in the new mappings, but wither becomes a bit harder to come by. I will have a look at that crash, it looks like an easy fix.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I will be getting back into it this week. I've pushed myself a bit too hard, coding free-time away, so I spent some days giving my head a break. I will start tinkering more into this coming week. I'll keep you posted.
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    That's supposed to be a cauldron block lol.

    Edit: I used Blocks.cauldron [apparently makes it buggy] instead of Items.cauldron. Newest build should fix it, assuming maven doesn't screw up. Driving to work now! [at the time of writing, I was at my desk, so no, not literally]

    Edit 2: Great care is currently being taken meticulously planning the revised potion ingredient mappings. Hopefully when I'm finished, these will be worthy of the mod's users as a replacement to vanilla's potion mechanics, or a supplement to existing mechanics from other mods. I'm less than a third of the way finished with the planned mappings, and there are still mechanics that need to be changed/fixed to finalize the system I had in mind. I will let you guys know some time tomorrow or Saturday about what changes have gone in.

    It's my hope I can figure out a plugin for NEI sooner than later. I will probably speak with Boni about it, Ticon's guys have some experience doing what I'm trying to accomplish.
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    The build is now stable, but I'm still heavily tinkering with balance and mechanics. Since you can try out the dev build, I'm posting a little quickstart guide here for people who want to futz around with it.

    Making potions:
    Make an apothecary mortar/cauldron [not a normal cauldron]. You need both.

    Take two items you think will match up (or cheat and look at your configs, you're looking for two items that share a common effect) and mix them together. You want their second number (potency) to be greater than zero.

    If the combined result is 0, you will not make that potion effect, you need the combination of the second numbers to be at least 1.

    The first number is a duration multiplier (15 seconds per mult). When you combine two effects, the numbers are added together and divided by 1.5 (so better than the average of the two).

    Once you have a potion essence, fill the cauldron with water and toss the essence in. You need a heat source underneath the cauldron. Fire and lava work. There is also a config option to add other heat sources.

    The water will start to boil. You can add gunpowder (makes potions splash potions), redstone (up to 5 [configurable], each increases duration by 20%) or glowstone (increase the level of all effects in the essence by 1[!]). Finally, add netherwart and it will start to spew purple particles. That means it's done.

    Use empty vials (glass panes [not blocks] in this configuration makes 5):

    Bottle up all three of the result potions and the cauldron will be empty.

    Pretty simple stuff. The hard part is knowing what makes potions. There will be a cheat sheet or something eventually, but an NEI plugin is planned. You can always figure out potion results by experimenting, or as stated above, just peek at your configs. The values listed there are NOT final. I just needed something to experiment with.
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