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    Updated the post, added some lore, and a list of all of the nations/city states.
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    so im gonna ask again, how do i get this running on 1.7.2 with liteloader? I tried using the pipeline option but it didn't incorporate forge.
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    The pictures look great. :)

    And the story/lore is very interesting. I'm looking forward to the release. :)

    Thanks man, I am running a forum RP of the current setting so if you want to get the inside-info head over there and check it out.
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    Gods are not to be respected, Gods are not to be loved, Gods are to be feared, they are to be feared because they are not mortal. Gods know no love, no feeling of belonging, they have no humanity. Gods are completely alien to all things human, the best way to describe it is Sociopath. Gods are Sociopaths with all the power you can imagine, so yes they are to be feared. -X3fusion (AKA) Xefilis Welcome
    It is the summer which means I actually have time to do this. I want to run a risus game as it is a simple to get system and I know it fairly well. I am a experienced RP and I don't like judging my own talent so I just gonna say I like writing and creating vast complex stories.
    What I'm doing now
    So I am developing an RPG in minecraft, I want to play it here as a forum RP to "test run" the world and setting. I am going to link different resources I got most of the names from as it has great character creation skills, as well as the risus website and the map post so you can get the map of the world.
    Example Character Sheet I have added a few things, the following is my own flavor. Wealth option and extras as it makes it easier to purchase "gear" which is more dice to a skill, to do it you must make a wealth roll which is incredibly difficult. Your wealth slowly increases as you progress in your adventure. The extras is for anything you have to throw in.
    Character Name : Lord Examplington Description: Lord Examplington is the ruler of a small village called Exampleton in the Example High Lands, He is tall and slender with very fare skin, beach blonde hair, and green eyes. He is fond of art shows and hopes to one day make small samples of great works in a similiar style as the originals. Cliches: Painting { 1 } Tax Collecting { 4 } Wine Sampling { 2 } Victorian Fashion Sense { 3 } Wealth: { 3 } Extras: Lord Examplington has a sword in his oak wood cane, it is made of orphan's shoe buckles.
    The threshold on skills is as follows. 1-12 1 being your first time trying it. 12 being you make the skill. You are the only one in the world at this point. Resources a character description generator for those of you who have a hard time making characters http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=generalperson Name generator to make your name fit the NPC names ( not required ) http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=vampnamer The WIP Map post with the map and current lore http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/wip-maps/2133088-the-vast-blue-rpg-w-quest-ssp-smp-adventure The Risus website if you want to look over the system http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/risus.htm
    moved too http://www.roleplayerguild.com/topics/45655/posts/ooc

    could someone please delete this post.
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    Quote from fabios_hair
    I think this is a pretty cool idea, i would play it but i think pics of some of the area's would be in order first.

    cool, nice username btw xD. umm, I'm gonna put some pics of Esamir in the post.
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    the first city to be made will be the only city and capital of esamir
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    So i had an idea awhile back about creating a massive RPG using minecraft as the platform. So i set to work!
    The first thing I did was find a seed using amidst (not going to release my awesome seed).
    Then I went to doing writing of lore and such.
    After that I grabbed some programs and set to work.
    You live in The Vast Blue, a land locked sea that is filled with mystery and adventure. It is The Time of the Mechanism. In the past 50 years there has been a huge boom in technological advancements with the appearance of Lord Lazarus's flying city Nod. Will you go to explore all of the lands? Will you settle your own kingdom? Will you become a Senseless and collect the secrets of the worlds? It is your story, Make it right.
    The Time of The Mechanism
    It is The Time of The Mechanism. Machines are the dominant way of doing things. Magic is just rumors told to little ones. The Steam Engine has caused exploration to rise to a peak, Settlements are going up what seems like daily, and people are always traveling to far away lands in search of a better life. The Khans are starting to settle down and make towns and cities and the reminiscent of the Yankovic Empire are starting to rebuild there great land. It is a good time to be alive.
    Story of Mai'rus and The Iron Republic
    The technological advancements of Mai'rus, one of the larger nations, Lead to a large amounts of cultural and political changes. These changes split the people of Mai'rus into two people, The separatist, who wanted to split away and develop these new ideas, and the traditionalist, who thought that the old way's best and that the current system of government was as good as it is gonna get. The separatist superseded Mai'rusian land to create The Iron Republic. The Mai'rusians took action by declaring war on The Iron Republic. After 6 years of stalemate they declared peace and now live in harmony and citizens can pass through both without worry of attack, but the minority of both still treat each other as rebels.
    Yankovic, Esamir, and The Broken Lands of Khan
    Long before The Time of The Mechanism Esamir didn't exist. The entire peninsula Esamir is built on was once all Khan land. The Khans are a nomadic people so they had many villages through out the land that they moved too and from. They are also known as the horse lords due to the large amount of open space in the Khan Empire.
    Several hundred years before The Time of The Mechanism there was a great war between the Khans and The Yankovs. The Yankovs wanted Khan land because the mesas are high in iron content. They attempted to build a town thinking the savage Khans couldn't do anything against there Yankovic Steel swords and armor. They were very wrong. Hundreds of Khans showed up to repeal the invades riding horses equip with slings, spears, and bows. They Yankovs were defeated and that is when they decided that the only way to take the Khan Empire was by a massive land invasion. They sent hundreds of thousands of troops into the Khan Empire to take the land for Yankovic. The Khan Warlords found out about it and replied by uniting under a single banner. As the Khan Empire was much bigger then Yankovic they had many more troops, all equip with whatever they could get. The Yankovics were slaughtered but such a large amount of bloodshed on a single battlefield caught the attention of one of the gods. Drela and Bapha saw this and decided to curse both nations for destroying so much life. The Khans were cursed to never be united, no matter what they did it could never happen for if it did, Drela would destroy all of them. Bapha cursed Yankovic with a plague, killing off most of there empire before it stopped.
    Esamir was created by the only warlord who did not join in on this war. His name was Saurlo Rlab. He thought that so much bloodshed was pointless for his people, after all he was the farthest away from the Yankovics. When the other came back from the battle after finding out about the curse. They told Saurlo about the curse, He refused them refuge in his land as he wanted nothing to do with these cursed Khans. They marked him and his people as traitors and stopped calling him brethren. Saurlo then made Esamir as a refuge for all of those that are unwanted by the world.
    More coming soon....
    Magic System ( Lore )
    So you can't just do magic in this setting. All magic has a basis in making a pact with a supernatural being, albeit evil or good, you have to make some sort of deal. If you want to throw fire balls then you have to go to a fire spirit and trade something that would be of value to a spirit for his magics. Nothing is truly free....
    There is a simple bit of lore for the magic system. There are 21 Elder Gods each with their own plane of existence and each with their own type of magic, here is a list showing what each god does.
    later i will make a huge list of the planes and gods descriptions in detail but I don't have time atm.
    God Name :Magic type: Plane Name

    • Bala: Flesh magic:Gonde

    • Azus: Mind-control: Ichar

    • Mele: Summoning: Mariene

    • Mala: Air: Mola

    • Ritha: Shapeshifting: Formene

    • Mery: Darkness: Formene

    • Maraie: Plant Life: Kasdail

    • Ligo: Force: Apun

    • Beli: Soul: Hargonde

    • Bapha: healing: Sakku

    • Aros: Cold: Ithlul

    • Hela: Fire: Hombelond

    • Gaku: Metal: Leriande

    • Avan: Earth: Leriande

    • Ammoth: Water: Orlothlon

    • Drela: Holy: Ridusa

    • Agal: Infernal Power: Sirestir

    • Hethani: Death: Ellond

    • Rama: Demonology: Dorwine

    • Alel: Bone: Dorthimlien

    • Gurth: Animal Life: Yurnith
    So basicly you have a choice between impoverished noble, wild-man, and a person from a traveling caravan. This atm only affects where you start, but in the future it may end up effecting how NPCs talk to you and background specific quest. This will also effect your starting gear. E.X. A impoverished noble will still have more money then a wild-man, where as a traveling caravan will have better exploration gear then a noble.
    so I created a map, mainly so I can effectively create and write lore in a way that won't create hundreds of errors, but I see no harm in uploading it here.
    List of nations
    The Iron Republic
    The Broken Lands of Khan
    The Under
    The Fly City, Nod
    Yombashi Island Chain
    Each nation on this map is very unique and each has it's own backstory, when I am finished with these stories I will start to upload them to this thread.
    I plan to have quest, shops, world changing events, and loads of other cool stuff.
    one of which is called Settlement, It is basicly, if you build a town with certain requirements, write a backstory, and I like it. I will add it to the official map and world to be released in the next version.
    So I got to thinking and realized that alot of quest and other features would have to be different for SMP. So I decided I'm going to need a SSP/adventure version and a SMP version. The main difference is there will be harder quest that requires team work and not so 1 time quest in SMP as all players, new and old, should get a chance at raiding a dungeon.
    Due to having a life and not being solely devoted to minecraft the release date might not be until late summer/early fall, But I will work my hardest to atleast get the finish map of the first version out by the end of summer. The main thing that will consume time is going to be creating shops, quest, and NPCs.
    This isn't all of the lore! I have alot of unrefined lore written so I'm gonna see how other like it with an RP on the forums! here is a link
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    btw if you want me to make you a map like mine, it is no trouble, takes like 30 minutes and i don't really mind.
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    Age: 16
    Name: xefilis
    Ever been banned?: yes
    Ever roleplayed before? i have, minecraft and not minecraft
    Are you a builder?: I am, here is a link to a map and part of a city. It's all part of a grand project im working on in my spare time. http://imgur.com/a/ROG1w

    Name: Numb Greatcleaver

    Race: Goblin

    Quirks: He tends to be friendly but will is determined to do what he sets his mind too, will stop at nothing until it is achieved.

    Age: 38 (not sure the normal age span, if this is really young/old i'm trying to go for slightly over middle aged.)

    Backstory:Numb grew up in a small village in the marshes. He always wanted to see great mountains and vast plains but his family was very poor and couldn't afford to have a member gone exploring when they could be working to scrap by. He would always listen to his grandfather tell stories of the war, and how the goblins and orcs would one day rise to become there own, separate, but great empire. He was fasenated by these stories,but one day his grandfather was out on a stroll and was murdered by a group of bigots just for being a goblin, so Numb vowed on his grandfather's death that he would build a safe haven for orcs and goblins to live in refuge from the hate of the bigots of the other races. So when his parents died from age he decided there was nothing left in his village to hold him down, so he set out on his dream of seeing all this land has to offer then settling down and making a haven for the hated of the world.

    Photo(If you have one of your character): umm, i don't have a personalized character but i have a pic of the general idea http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/227/a/a/goblin_character_explorer_by_josheiten-d5b67bh.png
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    umm, this is the wrong section, this would be better fit in looking for, just saying.
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    So, i'm working on a project using liteloader and some mods that go with it. I tried searching for a tutorial but can't seem to get it to work, i did the chaining but it doesn't work. anyone know how to make it work?
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    im so confused, which 1.7.5 is this?
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    i do, i like to build in many different enviroments so i will apply for multiple servers, the other thing is not all of those are accepted so it is good to have multiple applications.
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    i filled out an app, i'm not on skype a whole lot so it would be easier to get my attention through email or the forums then skype.
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