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    IG or nickname: TTV wylo99
    Age: 19

    What Are your Interests Video games wise, Do you play other games? Minecraft Fortnite GTA fallout and Apex

    What is your weekly schedule like, will you be on part time/ full time / hour here or there ? Most of the time at night but would be part time

    Are you skilled in anything in particular in game ? ie, redstone, building, dungeon crawling, resource hunting, farmer

    Building and resource hunting

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    Have you ever wanted to play HermitCraft or just play with a group of amazing people, well PillarCraft is for you.

    This is a realm based on the HermitCraft server. If you would like to stream or just make Youtube videos you are welcome to.

    This is a community realm. We expect everyone to be active, not only on the server but in chat too. The realm has never been on creative and was just made.

    Requirements and Rules
    No griefing stealing or hacking (such as duplication) No eyesores No Links in chat No spamming No racism NO all caps
    No cursing (this is a family friendly server)
    There if no age requirements all we ask is that you be mature
    There is no mic requirement as well
    You must be able to follow the rules.

    If you feel like you would like to join. Please leave your gamertag, age, and what your good at like building, redstone, Ect. please also let us know what you can bring to the realm.

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    posted a message on Looking for a HermitCraft style Survival Server

    Is you realm still open and is for bedrock?

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