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    1) first make or download an empty world, if youre to lazy (like me) to open minecraft and make one, just download this and put it in your saves folder: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/blank-world-template/

    2) download MCC TOOL CHEST PE, from this link: http://mcctoolchest.com/Download (remember to download the one with "PE" in it)

    3) once you open mcctcpe click on "file" on the top right corner, then clock open,

    it will then show a list of all your minecraft windows 10 worlds (since windows 10 is basically pe)

    if you dont have windows 10, then simply just click "select folder" at the bottom, and select the .zip file of the world you want to convert

    4) then click Tools>Convert>To PC

    5) then it will show up an option menu, i suggest not to change anything except for make the process "safe" and not "fast"

    6) before you click convert, change the directory, this is where the blank world comes in, change the directory into the file path of the world you just downloaded, so "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Template\"

    7) then click convert, wait for it to convert, and youre done!

    If you go on the world and its empty, type "/tp 0 100 0" and hopefully that'll work

    subscribe to me on youtube: -',k goose',-

    bye <3

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    hey, ik this is rlly old, but in the 'db' folder, what exact file do i click in mcedit? @12gViolet

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