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Hello everyone! My name is wrightforce, but you can call me wright .

I'm an avid CTMer, and can be found frequently on Vechs' Super Hostile Thread found here:http://www.minecraft...hostile-series/

I've beaten Sea of Flames II, Infernal Sky II, Kaizo Caverns, Black Desert II, Canopy Carnage, Nightmare Realms, Sunburn Islands, Spellbound Caves, Lethamyr, Waking Up, and Inferno Mines out of the Super Hostile series. From other CTM series, I've conquered Uncharted Territory by AnotherMinecraftLP, Vinyl Fantasy II by three_two, Cutthroat Caverns by Amalon, Safe Haven by Domara, From Ashes by piecia997, Depthcharge Caverns and Lava Leaps II by kingkaider, Complete Training and Preparedness Test, and Fog of Demise by Xekaj, and am keeping up to date with Xekaj's Advent Calender.

I recently finished helping beta test Pantheon, the upcoming collaboration CTM. Y'all are in for some fun. And misery. And everything is horrible forever. Good luck .

Feel free to add me on Steam, name is wrightforce, but I don't check it that often. The best way to contact me would be either by PM on these forums, or on Skype. You can find me there under the name wrightboy98.
Interests Slaying mobs, Redstoning, Building, the works.

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