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    Hey there, my name is wookie.

    Just started up a 20 slot server.

    Few basic things about my server is that we play through legitimate means only! By legitimate, we mine every block unless I or other ops are feeling generous.

    We are a mature server and allow racism and other things such as "nude" skins and joking around.

    Occasionally, we (me and other ops) will give blocks etc.
    There is no no tolerance for griefing on the server.
    We must whitelist players in order for them to play on the server
    We run the server via our gaming box because we are also a CSS clan
    We do have a ventrilo
    There are saves every 30 minutes, so even if you do grief, you will be awarded a ban, and it will be all for not
    We have a couple of items blacklisted (buckets, lava, water, tnt, lighters etc.) and only ops can give players these items
    We run a couple of mods such as stargates that only the op can create (but the players may use)
    Do not steal from other people
    We have public mines where anyone is welcome to use them, but you may also make your own mine and it is encouraged to prevent asshattery and general conflicts
    We are working on a minecart system to coincide with our warpgates
    We do have kits such as a starter kit, which gives you a diamond sword, axe, pickaxe, and shovel to get you on your feet and moving. Also, we have a torch kit which is self explanatory.

    As of now, we have 3 ops who are generally on all the time, and about 10-15 regulars who come on. We have no restrictions on where you build, or how big you choose to make your buildings. The server is generally very stable and we have day extended, but allow nightfall to occur occasionally. We have 2-3 spleef arenas and we will eventually make a pvp arena once the mod comes out. Once said pvp mod does indeed come out, we will only allow pvp in the arena, and nowhere else.

    Here are just a few screenshots of the server (has been up for about 60 hours)


    Send me a PM and I will get back to you!

    I would like to "screen" you first and make sure you will not be a hassle to our server and intend to play and not grief.
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