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    Horses are something we take for granted in minecraft, I think. After playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 it's become obvious to me how simple horses in MC are. I think we can do better than that, and I think I have some ideas that a modder might take some interest in. And so I present to you my ideas to reshoe these horses, saddle em up and ride out like never before!

    New Horse Controls!

    Before horses were officially in minecraft we had several mods that added them. There was Mo Creatures, of course, but I always thought a little mod called Simply Horses did it best. The idea is that a horse will accelerate in the direction you face while you hold down the forward key and will keep that speed and automatic movement until you hold your backwards key to slow them down to neutral. I think this makes a horse riding a lot more fun and makes them a more appealing option for transportation. Additionally I think it'd be a good idea if you could spur your horse by double tapping forward, though you could only do this every so often.

    Break Em In!

    I think horse taming in vanilla MC is boring. Simply Horses again did this better, where you had to wrangle a horse and tie it up for a period of time before it was actually broken. We have leads in vanilla now so this seems like it'd be relatively simple to do, too. Maybe certain horses are more aggressive than others and harder to break in, but have better stats to compensate.

    Those are what I have so far. I'm not a modder so I'm not sure how hard it'd be to add this to the game, but I know for sure I'd love seeing

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    Hello monjang I am i self taught and shy beginner game coder working by my self to try and make a game..... i Shall keep the details short but it would involve using the minecart system to create a whole new game from i won't get to to much detail , dont want this idea stolen from me and may be if i could use steve or not as A main character, prehaps as an Easter egg and A nod to minecraft for more details please email me @ [email protected] thanks you for you time and I hope we can work something out because with out the minecart apect my first game I would like to develop ain't going anyway thank you for reading this and hope to here from you soon

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