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    posted a message on Reworked parrying: Actually useful now
    Parrying isn't very useful in general combat. The reason why is because even though it blocks 50% of damage, it slows you down and knocks you back. You only lose half health, but you lose ground, and that's not worth it.

    So my suggestion is that when anyone attacks you in melee, be it a mob or player, and you're parrying, they get knocked back as if hit by knockback I. This would make parrying useful because then they're the ones losing ground if they attack while you're defending, and would bring a new element to sword combat.

    Also, if a person with an axe hits someone who's parrying, the axe wielder won't be knocked back. This happens because axes are heavier and will "break" the person's parry. Doing this will make axes be strategic for combat.
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    posted a message on 1.6 NPC update?
    I would enjoy villagers being better too. I want them to say things in chat, give simple quests like kill 10 zombies or something (the quests should give emeralds or random items) and overall be better. Iron golems need improvement, they're too slow and don't actually actively follow and protect villagers in danger. And I've always wanted villager wizards who attack MOBs with a weaker form of lightning :)
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    posted a message on When are villagers and witches getting sounds?
    Why haven't they gotten sounds yet? :( They should be easy for the devs to make! Hell, I made my own: http://www.mediafire.com/?6oi1fw34t32p45r but I don't know how to put them into the game D: It's been so long since villagers were added, yet they don't even at least give them player hurt noises...
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    posted a message on The Gun: Simple, balanced, enchantable and a gateway to creativity
    I've thought ever since 1.7.3 that there should be a gun in minecraft. Just one, made from iron and wood, one that looks like one of those old rifles. It felt like something that should be in the game.

    I know everyone will attack me for this, but I honestly think it would suit minecraft. We can create complicated redstone computers, modern/futuristic cities and other things. But there's something missing. Why would you live anywhere past medieval without going crazy if your most advanced weapons were bows and swords?

    Anyway, this is my idea of the gun.

    The gun is a projectile weapon that fires twice as straight as the bow. Its bullets fly as fast as arrows do, but they do half damage (2 and a half hearts) and fire at half the speed that a bow will. It is slightly inaccurate and will not hit its target after its range goes past 10 to 20 blocks. It can be enchanted to have certain effects such as shotgun-like burst fire, quicker shooting, and incendiary rounds. However though, bullets do little knockback, and will only do knockback to any MOB or player that is not wearing armour.

    Of course, in order to fire, it requires bullets -- a costly item to craft. However though, guns are useful for their sheer stopping power, despite their costs, and are a weapon that is unique to the players of Minecraft.


    - Set it into fire mode. (Right click) This makes you move as slow as you would while charging a bow. Once you hear a button clicking noise, the gun is ready to use, or change back to normal mode. This process takes less than a second.

    - Shoot the gun by left clicking. (Can only be done while in fire mode)

    Including this feature, Fire Mode, makes guns less overpowered and puts them more on equal footing with a bow. The gun is, however, still generally a superior weapon.


    - 3 iron blocks on top

    - 1 wooden plank, 1 flint and steel and 1 plank in the middle

    - 1 iron block and 1 lever on the bottom

    Using iron blocks instead of iron ingots makes the gun more expensive and less easy to attain. It still breaks, but its durability is practically the same as a bow's. One problem as well is that your inventory won't fill up with guns after killing many MOBs at night, so it will be harder to keep/get a gun.


    - 1 gold ingot on the top besides iron ingot

    - 1 gold ingot in the middle besides 1 paper

    - 1 gold ingot on the bottom besides 1 gunpowder

    This recipe will make 6 bullets. The two items paired with eachother symbolize what is on the outside (gold) and the inside (iron). The reason I chose gold is because it visually resembles the yellow coloured metal used for bullets, and because gold is underused.


    Because magical guns are awesome. :)

    This is how the gun can be similar to a shotgun, a machinegun, a flamethrower, or even a missile launcher. Before you think this sounds OP, keep reading.

    Another thing to note: Gun enchantments do not stack with eachother -- they can only be upgraded. You can't have an auto burst fire gun or something like that, because that would be very overpowered. So you can only have one out of all of these enchantments on your gun at once.

    (Of course though, with an external program or a plugin, a gun could have multiple enchantments...)

    Burst fire: An enchantment that makes you fire a burst of multiple bullets instead of one. This multi bullet burst becomes more inaccurate with each extra bullet, forcing you to fire at closer range. Burst fire I makes you fire two shots, burst fire II makes you fire three shots, and burst fire III makes you fire four shots. It does not go higher than that, and firing multiple shots makes you lose multiple bullets from your inventory.

    Auto fire: An enchantment that makes your gun fire twice as fast. This also lets you fire your gun by holding down your mouse button rather than clicking over and over. Of course though, this makes you run out of ammunition more quickly. Before you think this is overpowered, keep in mind the fact that bows have enchantments such as power V, etc. It does kill enemies more quickly though. There is only Auto Fire I for this enchantment.

    Incendiary rounds: Flame, but for guns instead of bows. Each round sets the enemy on fire for a short time (3 seconds or so.) Because of how fast guns fire, anything that lasts longer may be imbalanced. There is only Incendiary rounds I.

    Grenades: This idea has probably got you almost yelling in anger. Projectiles? That explode? But bear with me on this. Yes, they explode, but they do NOT damage blocks. They only make a small, weak explosion that mainly just exists for splash damage purposes (a radius of 4 blocks and a pressure level that only does 2 or so hearts of damage). The little explosions that bullets would make will make quiet short explosion sounds, or no sound at all, but will definitely create the explosive effect. You would be able to defeat a crowd of zombies in seconds with a grenade gun. There is only Grenades I, and this is the rarest enchantment.

    Stockpile: This makes a gun have infinite ammo and makes it last until it breaks. It's the Infinite enchantment, but for guns. Of course, only Stockpile I is needed.


    1. This may sound ridiculous, but if a gun was added to Minecraft, it would open up lots of creativity. People would make wild west maps and servers because they'd be able to actually use guns. World war 1/2 maps with trenches could be created. A map on a space ship or on the moon would feel more playable if people were at least using guns rather than bows. Zombie city servers and maps would be much nicer if you were able to use a weapon more suiting with the time period. Having guns would open up many creative doors in the minds of players and encourage them to build things both minecraftish, medieval, modern and anything in between.

    Also, the gun can be changed to be anything in texture packs -- and no matter what, you can make it fit. In a caveman texture pack, it could be a piece of bamboo with gunpowder and fire. In a medieval texture pack, it could be a handheld cannon. In a futuristic texture pack, it could be an energy weapon. In a wild west pack, it can be a revolver. But if you tried to make a bow look like a gun or a laser, it would still have that noise that's inflexible and completely unique to bows.

    Try to keep in mind that Minecraft is not medieval, modern, futuristic or any time period: It's Minecraft. So a gun wouldn't ruin any middle aged balance or something that was in the game -- if you really believed this, you would be complaining about redstone. I think that because Minecraft is a game of everything, they should have the Gun because it can be many things and open up creative possibilities.

    2. It would add an extra element to PVP and allow people with less skill to fight. The gun would be easier to use than a bow, opening the world of projectile combat to players who are terrible shots or have too much lag in their minecraft. Personaly, I can't hit any target that's moving unless it's either going slow enough or walking towards or away from me in a straight line. But noobs using guns would make learning to use a bow more rewarding because then you'd be able to defeat gun users and gain their weapons.

    3. Besides opening possibilities in imagination and gameplay, it would help out server makers alot. I've seen servers where they have plugins that make things like sticks shoot snowballs -- plugins that claim to add guns, and there's also attempts at Team Fortress 2. They're okay/mediocre, but if actual guns could be used in these areas, it wouldn't just be okay. It would be awesome. :)
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    posted a message on MOBs for plugins and adventure maps: Enemies that would normally break the game if they spawned on their own
    These MOBs are ones that would likely break the game/make it too difficult if they spawned naturally, but could be in the coding and be spawnable with MOB eggs/dungeon spawners/plugins for adventure maps and servers and such.

    Having a small selection at least of things like these that only appeared when players spawn them would inspire people to create more dungeon-like maps that involve combat and adventure more than just parkour, exploration or puzzles.

    Here are my ideas for these creatures.


    - Skeleton with sword: They always have an iron sword, but can be customized to be better equipped or wearing armour. When hit, there's a 1/2 chance that they will block attacks to take half the normal damage. Would be a nice addition for dungeon maps.

    - Sharks: They should be small so that they're easy to spawn, just 2 blocks long and 1 block tall. They would be effective for maps where you want players to die when they enter water. They'll behave like zombies, except faster and more powerful, and they will constantly be swimming at a low speed through water without stopping. If squid are nearby, they will kill them. They should only drop XP, but maybe they should be unkillable, to accentuate the fact that they only exist to make water become dangerous.

    - Raptors: Like zombies, but twice as fast. They would be nice for temple maps, or servers where they'd want more dangerous creatures to appear in the wilderness. They'll just drop XP.

    - Wizards: Powerful enemies, not because of health or speed, but because they would attack you by summoning lightning on where you stand. They would hold sticks, but only drop XP when they die. When you damage them, they'll teleport away and back behind you like endermen. Something like this should be their skin: http://i.imgur.com/7bGT6uv.png

    - Iron golems as enemies: MOB eggs for iron golems that would attack players rather than enemies should be added. These hostile golems could also be used for adventure maps. To me, the AI of the iron golem would make it a formidable and interesting foe that I would love to fight. The hostile iron golems would also drop XP.


    - Red dragons: Normally they would ruin the game if they spawned in the overworld because they would destroy everything, but on adventure maps, servers where you'd want everyone to fend off dragon attacks or as a boss fight or just for fun, the red dragon could be there. It behaves like the ender dragon, but it spits a burst of blaze fireballs that start burning whatever they hit, similar to a burst of napalm. They should only drop lots of XP.

    - Giants: A massive enemy that would do crazy damage against you and drop nothing, but be nice for adventure maps and flat maps. They should be able to climb over 5 block spaces, but they'd likely have difficulty navigating any area that isn't very flat. They'll have the same health as they do now, but do more damage to players and have more attack range. Their hit boxes should also be fixed, and their skin should be more akin to a cyclops. A pale blue colour to it would be nice as well. To make them more difficult and not just a massive zombie with lots of health, they should throw large boulders at players that explode, but don't break any blocks. They should only drop XP.

    - Beholders: Large greenish brown ball-like enemies with many eyes on stalks. They would spit fireballs at you, hit you with lightning, and spawn groups of zombies. They won't drop anything but XP and would float around, similarly to ghasts, but be much closer to players. They look like this: http://1.bp.blogspot...older_70185.jpg
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    posted a message on Pigmen: Why haven't we added them yet? (Not a replacement for villagers!)


    The minecraft devs should add pigmen to the overworld. Tribes of pigmen, just like zombie pigmen, that would wander around everywhere on the surface. They would only drop gold nuggets, rarely drop gold, and sometimes drop red shrooms and/or brown shrooms. They'll always be holding golden swords.


    Pigmen will only spawn on grass, and only in the day time. However though, you'll likely see many pigmen at night who haven't despawned yet. They do, however, despawn eventually, just like how zombies and other monsters will.


    Pigmen will behave like zombie pigmen, but they'll wander around more, stay close together if there's more than one, and they will attack night time MOBs such as zombies and spiders. However though, they'll leave creepers alone. The only resemblance between them and zombie pigs in AI is if you hurt one, they'll all come after you. Until you hurt them though, they'll leave you alone.

    One thing that you may have the chance of seeing is pigmen joining together: if pigmen who have not seen eachother before meet, they will stay together in a group. If you spawn many pigmen, you may see them slowly start following eachother and forming an army.


    Pigmen would sometimes appear in villages with 6 to 12 little huts and 12 to 24 pigmen inside. In their villages, there will almost always be an open pit quarry mine, and it will always be going straight down to bedrock.

    The pigman hut is shown here in full detail, (they aren't great builders) and a pigman quarry is sort of shown here -- in a normal map, it would be going much farther down due to the normal world height. Also, pigman quarries would be twice as wide. http://i.imgur.com/udhSqVI.png Each hut would be at least 6 or so spaces apart.

    Another thing that would be in their buildings is one or two giant mushrooms, red or brown, sticking out on the surface as little "trees" by their homes.

    Their villages will be surrounded by a wall of planks. Their entrance, (each village only has one entrance) will have this: http://i.imgur.com/fAnwKxG.png The heads on sticks indicate their barbarism. :P

    Their chests will have poor items, such as cobble and sticks, but there is a chance that they will have gold, rarer than that iron, and even rarer, perhaps diamonds. Pigman villages would mainly exist as something to attempt to attack when you're powerful and/or playing with friends.


    1) Another MOB to fight and kill if you want a challenge/want to use your enchanted gear or potions.

    2) More gold. Gold is a poor item, so getting it more frequently wouldn't be that bad.

    3) They can be used as guards on servers, or you could create dungeon spawners that make pigmen to guard your castle in a build server. The only problem is they despawn, so they wouldn't really become a replacement for iron golems unless you were in creative.

    4) Their skin has been in the game for ages, it's time they finally did something with it.


    When a pigman kills a hostile MOB or is killed by one, neither the hostile nor the pigman should drop any items or XP. This way, you won't find rotten flesh and arrows and bones and gold nuggets just sitting around everywhere when you go exploring.

    Thank you for reading this, if you really did take the time to read this whole thing. Most people would probably dismiss it as "TL;DR" with "theres alredy pigmen in the nether" or "this has been suggested b4". :)
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    posted a message on Actual Sprint Button and more weapons
    I know this sounds like a "I HATE IDEAS" post, but to me, adding any new melee weapons or anymore medieval-esque weaponry would be redundant. If they were going to add anymore weapons, the only five I would want would be a gun (like a semi automatic old-ish rifle) a magical staff, a rocketlauncher that shoots slow moving missiles, a mining/digging/MOB killing laser, and a zelda-esque bomb. I think, though, that since a battleaxe would be just like an axe but stronger and a spear would be just like a sword or an axe, they shouldn't be added. I like having just swords in the game. :(
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    posted a message on MOBs for plugins and adventure maps: Enemies that would normally break the game if they spawned on their own
    Quote from SoulReturns

    If you throw a sword at a skeleton it has a chance to pick it up, fyi. Same applies for armor.

    Skeletons don't pick up and use swords, do they? And why would they pick up blocks? I thought only zombies did...

    Also, skeleton swordsmen would just make it much easier to create skeletons who are wielding swords. Instead of making a bunch of normal skeletons and editing their NBT tags or throwing many swords at them, you could just spawn sword skeletons, or make a dungeon spawner that only makes sword wielding skeletons.

    All of these are redundant, and Wither Skeletons spawn with a sword. Also, I believe you can edit NBT tags to make a normal skeleton hold a sword. Let me try it, I'm making an adventure map spawner right now.

    They may seem a little redundant, them bearing some similarity to other MOBs, but they would add to creativity. Why spawn just zombies, spiders, skeleton bowmen, slimes, blazes and witches? If we had more options as to what would spawn, people would feel more encouraged to create adventure maps.
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    posted a message on [16x] Corocraft [V2.3](1.0.0)
    Someone please continue this texture pack :(
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    posted a message on Suggestion for the Scary Update: FULL MOONS
    On full moons, the following should happen:

    - A scary deep laugh sound will play and there will be a message displayed in the chat saying FULL MOON

    - MOB spawn rates will be multiplied by 1.5

    - The chance of MOBs being armoured and of zombies wielding weaponry is boosted to 5% instead of 0.5%

    - Creepers will have a 5% chance of spawning with a super charge

    - Endermen will attack on sight if you come close to them (within 10 blocks) [Note that you can simply run into water if you accidentally come near an enderman]

    - Wild wolves will become angry, but not tamed wolves

    - Cave spiders will have a small chance of spawning along with the regular spiders

    - Bats will attack you on sight

    - If witches are only going to spawn in huts, then witches will spawn all over the place on full moons, but only on grass and with a bit less than the rarity of endermen


    And this new MOB is: The werewolf!

    Werewolves are zombies, but with twice the amount of health, twice the damage, and when they are close to death, they will go berserk. Their eyes will become red instead of yellow, they will howl, and they will move twice as fast. Upon death, they drop leather and bones.

    Berserked or not, they break down doors 4 times as fast.

    At day time, they will turn into villagers with scraggly looking robes who will run away if you come near him. He drops nothing and will despawn after 60 seconds.
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