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    On behalf of PixelBlock Network i am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team,
    We are a growing Minecraft community with a high quality server that includes multiple strategic and enjoyable multiplayer game modes for you to play such as Factions,Skyblock and Survival.
    With our server currently almost done for beta testing we need to prepare for the opening day, so i ask you, do you have what it takes to join us on our journey?
    If Your answer is yes then simply apply on Discord (Link Below)

    Main requirements are as followed:

    -Applicants MUST be above the age of 15
    -Applicants should have past experiences (not required but will highly increase your chance of being appointed)
    -Applicants MUST be active players

    In depth requirements are provided when applying.

    Thanks for reading,

    Provided Links:

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    posted a message on Carnage-Mc [1.16.5] [16+] [Smp] [Whitelist] [Discord] [Custom Biomes] [900+Quests]


    Carnage Mc is a new and unique survival multiplayers server with loads of features for you to discover and enjoy! We will be releasing updates frequently based on our community suggestion! We have a custom terraformed survival map for you to explore and also 300+cosmetics and 900+ quests for you to complete! We also have a custom pvp arena with pvp leader boards and stats!Java and bedrock compatibility!


    Keep Inventory (Except end)
    Chest Shops
    Over 900+ Quests
    Jobs System
    Player Warps
    Rank System
    Auction House
    Grief Prevention - Land Claiming



    Use commonsense

    Be respectful

    Don't advertise

    Don't spam

    Don't use ALL CAPS

    Server Version:

    Server Trailer:
    website: https://carnage-mc.net/

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    posted a message on Seeking Beta Testers and Volunteer Developers

    Hello guys. So Cosmic-Mc is looking for people to test and fix bugs. If this is something you would be interested in, please join our discord and apply in staff-applications!

    Testing will include

    1. Functionality and Game Performance
    2. Extensive Bug/Exploit Testing
    3. Testing and Rating of Features/Ideas (mainly)
    4. Stress Testing

    The server will be up 24/7 for testing bugs and finding exploits

    server ip: will be given when joined


    If you are a Developer please understand THIS POSITION IS VOLUNTARY AND UNPAID and is not a permanent position, meaning you may leave at any time. Should you choose to stay is completely up to you!

    Our requirements for Devs isn't too picky since the position is currently Unpaid. but we DO require:

    1. Basic knowledge of Java/ Plugin Configuration
    2. Has a good portfolio to provide.

    Please Contact me: Open a ticket on the server discord.

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