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    posted a message on Mobs seem to like using portals.
    Mobs could not go through the nether before one of the most recent snapshots, it was rather that ghasts had a very small chance of spawning near portals, or so Notch intended (although I've never seen this in action). Now, all mob entities can go through portals, even including minecarts I believe. Added in w38 or w39 I thought.

    It was added in 12w34a.
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    posted a message on Enough is Enough: Why Jeb's 1.4 is the new Notch's 1.8
    Quote from aminecraftguy00

    This is it. I'm tired of all this. The community has been split in half and it's waging war with itself. I'm so f*cking annoyed with finding these threads and all these idiots coming and abusing people with different opinions, eg disliking the hunger bar (Also vice versa). I say Mojang needs to directly address all of the community about this massive issue and just take care of it already. I'm on both sides of the argument. I don't mind having the new features, but I can't stand Mojang adding random crap. All this arguing and debating needs to stop.

    1. Someone from Mojang needs to post a thread addressing all this madness.

    2. Both sides of the community need to get to an agreement and help end all of this.

    3. Representatives from the community need to do their best to explain the problems and opinions that the community have surrounding the new features. And I mean good representatives, not some horrible misspeller who doesn't understand half of what's going on.

    Who else agrees with me?

    Developers do not readthe forums.
    They use other methods of suggestions, the forums are for fans and players to talk to eachother (this technically is not the official forum).
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    posted a message on Jeb or Notch, Who is the better developer?
    People who know a lot about design do not post on these forums because of threads like this and posters like (most of) you guys.

    The few of us who know anything about design balance, limitations of code, and aren't just knee-jerk reactionist complainers have better things to do than babysit a bunch of 12 year old rage machines about a video game.

    You can find these people on forums related to development, or in mod forums. That is all.
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    posted a message on "Not Enough Time" say Notch and Jens
    Quote from DaBiggman
    The game has done so well up to this point because it is an Alpha (Beta in title only) and is not feature complete. However, if it continues its current course into "Release" status as it is right now, this will NOT be a complete game.

    Since this seems to have gone way over your head, let me help a bit.
    That means that it will constantly be modified and updated, indefinitely, until Notch no longer likes it anymore. That may be 5 more years, or 1 more year, or 10 more years.
    That was on the purchase page.
    It is not a secret.
    This game is in Beta. It is not a standard release model, therefor standard ideas about Alpha and Beta are completely irrelevant. It is in its Beta stage. When "Finished" it will still continue to have massive feature modifications all the time. This is part of what minecraft is about. A game that never gets stale because it keeps evolving.

    Do you EVER think about both sides of the argument before you make statements?
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    posted a message on when will be the New height limit?
    Quote from Elondor
    This was being highly discussed a few months back.

    I've discussed this while high as well.
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    posted a message on Baby Animal Heads?
    Quote from crysis9999

    i dont really know.... I like the big heads but i also want small.... Maybe optional thing?

    And there is the requisite 'make it optional' for every thread.

    Lol, make it optional? Really? You want a button in game that says "Shrink baby heads"?
    I guess that button can go right under "Remove pig snouts", and right above "Make dragons headless".

    Some people are so derp.
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    posted a message on Infinite water source being replaced by Cauldron?
    Something alone the lines of water similar to in the finite liquids mod would be nice, if it was handled a little better. It would make cauldrons a lot more valuable as well, although then I would argue that cauldrons should hold more water, perhaps 6 bottles and 2 buckets.
    Also, I would appreciate systems in game that beg you to use aqueducts and make you seriously consider building near oceans and lakes and rivers. I would also like to have to drink water to survive, and for rain to put out torches. I know, lots of silly ideas.
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    posted a message on Enchantments have problems
    Personally I think nearly everything you do should give experience.
    For example (this is not balanced, just an example):
    breaking blocks, hitting an enemy, killing an enemy, getting hit by an enemy, using any consumable item (food, snowball, enderpearl, planting seeds, etc), crafting an item, catching a fish, gathering mushrooms/flowers, making a portal, trading, doing achievements, breeding, getting a wolf, blocking, smelting, shearing sheep, exploring, etc

    Now, as an example, experience should probably be split up this way:
    - blocks, plants, etc should only give you experience once each (breaking a player based block shouldn't give you experience).
    - experience should only occur when a player does an action (creeper explosions, suicides, and lava lakes should not generate experience for you).
    - each instance should have a carefully balanced experience amount.
    - examples of high experience actions: destroying spawners, killing monsters, making or finding books, making clocks, making or breaking bookshelves, making compasses, making or filling out maps, making signs, making paper, making a cake, brewing a potion, mining redstone, making redstone torches, making redstone repeaters, making dynamite, mining diamond, smelting gold, mining obsidian, mining glowstone, making diamond equipment, making golden equipment, and doing achievements.
    - I personally lean towards combat and achievements giving the most experience since they are the most dangerous and more difficult, respectively.
    - stuff like mining dirt should give the minimal possible amount of experience, with stone giving nearly as small of an amount. Mining gravel and sand could give the same as dirt, but finding flint could give as much as stone, and cobblestone could give as much as stone, and mossy cobblestone would give a tiny extra bonus to experience, etc etc

    You get the idea.
    Then, if experience level requirements were raised, or like a thousand skills were added to the game and enchantments cost many skill points, this could be an epic system. This would make it so any type of player could achieve levels, although those who worked hardest for rare materials or to do risky things would still get more.
    I also would favor that most things dont drop experience orbs, just monsters, other experience should just work without orbs.

    It could also work, as well, that experience acquisition happens on a curve based on the amount of each action done, for example, perhaps every 20 animals bred or 50 items repaired lowers the experience it offers you by 2% down to a minimum of 50%. This would urge each player to try more things in game, as the fastest experience gains would constantly rotate around the actions you have done the least, which makes sense since you should learn more from things that are new to you, and experience is literally means experiences gathered and learned from.

    This would make enchanting very exciting in the game, as it costs experience, but experience can be acquired through so many play styles and forms of upkeep, allowing farmers to focus on primarily farming to get the experience required to get magical farming tools, although clearly some adventuring would be required to get the gear to do it, and experience gains would start to slow down after a certain amount of time spent only farming, it would be essential to seek new horizons to get more experience at a fast rate again.
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    posted a message on breeding chicken
    Quote from Trenix

    Eggs should lay randomly, that's just dumb.

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    posted a message on Why do they have so many potions?!?
    Okay, let me explain this to you since it went way way over your slow little head.

    2000 possible combinations of effects that result in a potion.

    That's like how in borderlands there are 8 trillion guns or something.
    But in reality, borderlands actually only has about 20 types of guns with variations based on suffixes and prefixes, and firing type (like triple rocket launcher or normal rocket launcher).

    Same thing here, there are... umm... I forget... 16 effects? Those effects can be combined in such various ways that each permutation of, for example "Invisibility + other effect" is considered a different potion. What this really is, is a modular potion system so that every potion can be made in multiple ways, and any permutation of mixed effects can be achieved.

    What is the problem with this?

    Also your poll needs a new option for "2000+"
    I refuse to answer your poll til it gives me an option that accurately represents what I want.
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