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    posted a message on Converting to Mojang account ruined my multiplayer
    Or at least this is what I think I've tracked the problem down to, and I have yet to find a way to fix it. Me and my roommate play the game via LAN, and I recently upgraded my account to a Mojang account because Jeb seemed very insistent that this is what people are supposed to do now. I figured why not. So I logged in with my email (I have to to play the game now) and an odd problem cropped up. My email is 18 characters long. The limit is 16 characters. Now attempting to connect to the LAN game via multiplayer tells me the character limit is too high and I can't join the game! Am I confused here, or is this a strange bug?

    In any case, if I am correct, I am hoping someone here knows a quick fix, because my Googling has failed me.
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    posted a message on Mobs seem to like using portals.
    I have yet to attempt to build a track through a portal, I'm playing on hardcore so I've got an uphill battle to get near anything done, and colonizing and protecting 4 towns at once right now is taking forever.
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    posted a message on Mobs seem to like using portals.
    My iron golem that I just built now keeps ditching my town and going into the portal. What a slacker.

    The mob portal AI needs some serious work (or rather, it needs to exist), because it has plenty of potential to be useful ("Zombie siege, everyone into the portal!").
    But, I would consider that fairly low on the list of minor tweaks and balances I want for the game, somewhere behind reducing squid spawning only to the ocean biome, reducing slime spawn rate in swamps, making witches not despawn, giving villagers and golems slow natural life regen (2 damage per day?), and making it so that pressure plates don't make noise when put on wood and stone fences.
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    posted a message on Mobs seem to like using portals.
    Mobs could not go through the nether before one of the most recent snapshots, it was rather that ghasts had a very small chance of spawning near portals, or so Notch intended (although I've never seen this in action). Now, all mob entities can go through portals, even including minecarts I believe. Added in w38 or w39 I thought.

    It was added in 12w34a.
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    posted a message on Mobs seem to like using portals.
    I had thought all of my villagers died yesterday when I was down mining because somehow a fluke zombie made it in and I had yet to get a golem, and when I got back to town, all of my villagers were missing. I was pretty disappointed, because I had been working hard to protect them on hardcore (And I refuse to lock them in their houses, ruins the entire aspect of 'save the villagers' that really feels like part of the game).
    Today I went into the nether.
    There were ALL of my villagers except a couple.
    What is going on here. I got a couple of them to go back to the village, but then they ran back into the nether shortly after. I'm going to need to put a wall around my portal, clearly, but this still begs some interesting questions about what sort of disposition they have towards portal usage. They all seem to go in the portal, then when I go back in the portal, they go in it again. I hope I don't smell bad or something.

    In any case, now there are tons of zombie pigmen wandering around my village.
    Is it possible to register houses in the nether, or does the lack of sky mean that it won't work?
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    posted a message on The diversity of biomes
    My ideas.
    Squids should only spawn in oceans.
    Cows should only spawn in grassland, mountains, ice plains.
    Pigs should only spawn in grassland, forest, swamp, and jungle.
    Sheep should only spawn in grassland, forest, mountains, ice plains, and taiga.
    Chickens should only spawn in grassland, forest, swamp, jungle, mountains, and desert.
    Carrots should appear in jungle, forest, and plains.
    Potatoes should appear in jungle, forest, plains, and ocean (island).
    Melons should appear in jungle and plains.
    Nether wart should be more plentiful in the nether.
    Dead shrubs should occasionally drop a stick for desert biome survival.
    Sandstone should be able to be used for tools (power of wood and durability of stone).
    The new additions to caves (bats) and swamps (witches and slimes) are good.
    Mushrooms, tree types, villages, plants, wolves/cats, pumpkins, emeralds, etc... many things are already well distributed among biomes.

    Another way to add biome-need diversity would be to reappropriate the values of some items. Other suggestions would be to allow:
    Flint tools (power of stone and durability of wood).
    Obsidian tools (power of stone and infinite durability).
    Sticks from leaves as an uncommon drop.
    Bats should drop 0-1 leather.
    Ink sacs should have more use (alchemy?).
    Wool into string.
    Make furnaces require to be lit, with either a torch or flint and steel.
    Make it so that pickaxes and axes can't be made out of wood.
    Add more value to gold equipment and/or golden golems.
    Make creepers be the grass-color of the biome they spawn in.

    All of this would add a lot of balance and diversity to the biomes, and make adventuring a lot more exciting, and on large biomes would make the game really diverse, making each biome play like it's own unique game that is interspesed with the others.
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    posted a message on There is no use arguing about what should and should not be implemented into the game...
    I've been playing since early alpha.
    There is a bit of a theme, but most of the complaints about the theme are completely unfounded and erroneous.
    Refer to my signature.
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    posted a message on Fix the dam squid already
    Quote from X_Paragon_X

    They're so annoying, my least liked mob.

    A good thing would be to have them spawn in ocean biomes only (never heard of squids living naturally in lakes or rivers), and as previously suggested, only in regions of water at least 3x3x3 or larger. And decrease the spawn rate for them. For me that would be a BASIC fix. If someone really wanted to make them interesting, they should be able to either shoot ink (again, as mentioned prior) and/or be able to drown the player by dragging them down further underwater. Thus making them a (semi?) hostile mob. But of course the basic stuff would come first.

    Squids are ocean creatures, and should only spawn in oceans.
    That would fix the most annoying issues with the squid in one fell swoop, which would be nice since they are the most useless and kind of annoying mob in the game.
    Next, their drop should have more use, and the blind effect for potions sounds perfect.
    After these two features, the AI needs to be fixed, with the idea of inking/escaping and tentacle-grabbing being cool options, but not really crucial for fixing the mob.
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    posted a message on Can Minecraft really stop being called an Indie game?
    Quote from kabuumu
    EDIT: And when does an "indie" developer become a development company with in house publishing a la Blizzard, Bethesda, Lucasarts, EA, Valve.

    Let me reveal some history for you :3

    Indie is short for independent.
    As such, the nature of an independent developer varies by some interpretations, as the word is not immediately transparent in its implication and can be understood in several different contexts, but the general implications and accepted meanings (the basis of language) are:

    1. A company or individual that challenges commonly accepted economic models of game creation with their development of a product
    2. A company without external monetary pressure (investors, publishers, distributors, quotas, shareholders, licensees)
    3. A small company that is independent of common gaming tropes (and in many peoples opinions, the similar liability associated with it)
    4. A game that does not consider commercialization as a primary incentive for development
    5. ??????????
    6. Profit

    But generally speaking, Minecraft fits most definitions of an indie game, as the amount of money he made is still considered very minor income for a commercial game developer after funding rounds.
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    posted a message on Jeb or Notch, Who is the better developer?
    Quote from LordSharpe

    I'm sure jeb is a fine developer, but we have seen much more of notch's stuff (the entire game essentially), so you can't really judge fairly right now.

    And saying "jeb did <feature I like> so he is the better developer" is stupid. Don't do that.

    This is the only appropriate answer.
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    posted a message on Jeb or Notch, Who is the better developer?
    People who know a lot about design do not post on these forums because of threads like this and posters like (most of) you guys.

    The few of us who know anything about design balance, limitations of code, and aren't just knee-jerk reactionist complainers have better things to do than babysit a bunch of 12 year old rage machines about a video game.

    You can find these people on forums related to development, or in mod forums. That is all.
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    posted a message on Finding diamond at my corpse after i died
    Wow, has no one reported this thread?
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    posted a message on "Not Enough Time" say Notch and Jens
    Quote from DaBiggman
    The game has done so well up to this point because it is an Alpha (Beta in title only) and is not feature complete. However, if it continues its current course into "Release" status as it is right now, this will NOT be a complete game.

    Since this seems to have gone way over your head, let me help a bit.
    That means that it will constantly be modified and updated, indefinitely, until Notch no longer likes it anymore. That may be 5 more years, or 1 more year, or 10 more years.
    That was on the purchase page.
    It is not a secret.
    This game is in Beta. It is not a standard release model, therefor standard ideas about Alpha and Beta are completely irrelevant. It is in its Beta stage. When "Finished" it will still continue to have massive feature modifications all the time. This is part of what minecraft is about. A game that never gets stale because it keeps evolving.

    Do you EVER think about both sides of the argument before you make statements?
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    posted a message on im the only one who thinks this dragon is a bit weird
    Grayscale dragon, does that mean we are going to see dragon color overlay, like how the grass and leaf blocks are grayscale? It would be pretty cool if there were lots of kinds of dragons.
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    posted a message on when will be the New height limit?
    Quote from Elondor
    This was being highly discussed a few months back.

    I've discussed this while high as well.
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