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    posted a message on 100%Vanilla Server, Looking few new members, HardMode,UHC
    1. In game Name: wingman2point0
    2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): My skype is joewinginit and I'm not sure if you meant one or the other because I don't know what a RazorComms is but if it is required message me and I will make one!
    3. Age: 17
    4. How often do you play minecraft? 2-3 hours a day, but when school starts up (in like 3 weeks) I will probably play less during the school week.
    5. Why would you like to join? I have been searching for a mindcrack like server for ages, always running into servers with a zillion plugins, and I really want to play on a server that is just vanilla. I like the occasional prank without the destruction of hard work. I also watch some of the mindcrackers (Etho, Bdoubleo, Generikb, etc) and would love to be in a community where all the players are skilled and great friends.
    6. Can you Respect Other people's things? are you trustworthy ? Nope..... jkjk yes I'm very respectful and trustworthy, I hate when you work real hard on a project only to find it destroyed because someone thought it was funny.
    7. Do you understand that if you are caught cheating/Stealing/or griefing other people's stuff you will be removed from the server? Yep, loud and clear.
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    posted a message on Hosting 1.6.2 100% Vanilla Server 10 Slots Whitelist
    Age: 17

    How active do you plan being on the server: pretty active, maybe an hour or two a day until school starts. When school starts I'll play for about 2 hours total during the school week and for maybe 5 hours total over the weekend.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Using redstone to make contraptions and creating builds I haven't seen before

    What can you do best in Minecraft: Incorporating redstone to make things automated, like player trading, storing items, etc

    Skype: joewinginit

    IGN: wingman2point0
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    Quote from Bataaf

    Hi Wingman2point0 and jackharry9,

    I think that we have exactly what you are looking for: A whitelisted, no mods vanilla server (there is a few mods for backup and one for securely storing items, but not a single one influencing the vanilla feel). The map is not completely fresh, but I think we are running about 3 to 4 weeks now, so lots of opportunity to help build the community, spawn area, or just go out on your own.

    We have an application page here where you find all the rules (only a few) and we would need a bit of information as you might expect. The community is relatively small (about 20 people, of which 10-14 are really active), but a honestly nice bunch of people, take a look around on the site if you want!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Kind regards,

    Cool man, I checked the site out and it seems like you guys have a great community. I don't like to be nit picky or anything but the thing is (unless I misinterpreted something on the site) you can buy in game items with real life money and I want to avoid that type of ordeal. I don't mean to overlook your server just because of that, because it looks awesome, but I am looking for a server without any real external factors besides backups.

    It seems as though u have worked hard developing your server and I totally respect that! Good luck in the future!

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    Quote from jackharry9

    +1 I would love to know a server like that, although I would prefer it if it had only just started :P
    yea same, I dont feel like traveling for ages to get newly generated stuff
    Quote from mattpreat

    For most servers they add plugins just for the sake of a backup in case somebody was to come on hacking or was a griefing. I'm sure there are many whitelisted server you can join that will be close to what your after. You can look here to find a server that suits you best. I personally try and make my server as you are describing (With plugins though) but it is extremely hard when your server is fully open to the public. All I can recommend is going to a whitelisted server, personally I think they have a much better chance at getting a good community.
    Yea, I understand why there are plugins, I just like the game without them. Thanks for the link too!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Like Server Looking For Applications
    1. USA
    2. 17
    3. Building, Redtone
    4. I want to play with friendly people who don't intentionally ruin others work, but like to play around with the occasional prank. Also, I like playing the game without a zillion plugins
    5. I have toyed around with recording/ started a channel and have debated getting fraps, but as of yet I haven't uploaded videos to youtube
    6. wingman2point0
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    So I have been playing minecraft singleplayer for a while now and have recently been looking for a server to play on. Every one I look into, even join and checkout always has plugins in place for chest shops or anti grief and although I think plugins are helpful sometimes I think it takes away from the game. I would like to play on a server where someone has to come up with their own chest shop design or where their are rules not to grief otherwise you will be kicked off. If you are familiar with the Mindcrackers, then that type of server is what I'm looking for. Those guys are skilled players with lots of experience whom don't blow up each others builds and a server like that would be hard to replicate, but just playing the game how its supposed to be played seems like a good idea to me. If anyone knows of a server like this or wants to start up a new server like this then drop a comment!!
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    add me GT: wingman2point0
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    I created a minecraft xbox 360 hunger games map. the only restrictions are that u can't return to the spawning platform in the air and cant go past the surrounding glass wall. Add me on xbox, my GT is wingman2point0 or leave a comment down below
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    posted a message on Xbox 360 Minecraft Hunger Games 24/7
    yo i'll play, my gt is wingman2point0. anyone else feel free to add me
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