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    Sure, I'll try doing nether tools. What tool material do you suggest, netherrack, glowstone, or even a completely new ore, etc? Also, I've already finished the brick tools mod, just I'm not releasing it because I cant decide how good/bad it should be, whats your opinion on it?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Also, should I make bow and arrows for it? Making it so that when you shoot a block water appears?

    I think that there should be an EXTREMLY rare ore in the nether called hellish comet ore you need a diamond or higher pick to mine and it is 175% more effective than diamond
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    Quote from voordal

    Does anyone NOT notice this thread is from OVER A YEAR AGO?


    Yes i mean really map corruption was common in alpha and now we have FULL release!
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    Quote from themodmaster

    does it need to be survival island

    probrably not THE survival island but 1 tree and limited land
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    ign: wilsonschool1
    have u ever been banned(behonest i can check and will): no
    if so y(i can check this also):
    why do you want to join my server over any other server: all the other 1.0 servers stink
    will you be active(i don't want prople that come in and just build a random thing and leave): I will come at least twice a week for 1 hour each
    do you consider yourself a worthy player: yes
    in two sentences or more tell me about your self: I like to build cities with other players and I love war themed servers
    secret password:890yut
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