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A great mod that allows the player to create his own custom NPCs (not vanilla ones)! Though they may not build, they give the player a huge variety of options to make his/her city come alive. also great for adventure map makers.

Millenaire is also a NPC mod, however it is extremely different. The villagers are set and not custom for example. This mod causes villages to randomly spawn across the Minecraft world. These villages can be one of four 11th century cultures (or more if you get player made ones). These villagers will build, gather resources, trade with you, have children, and give you quests. You can help these small outposts grow into great cities and become famed among the people, or pillage them.

A Tech mod, this mod allows the player to make incredible devices that no minecrafter would have dreamed of, like solar panels and trampolines! This mod adds modern devices to the game, as well as some futuristic ones, like mining lasers. It also adds a realistic electricity system, along with rubber and three new ores. This mod will make you minecraft live easier, or make you a slave to yours machines.

The machine that is glowing made a scary noise!

Texture Packs I Support

A very smooth fairy tale feel. It might take getting use to, but it makes every thing look softer, happier, smoother, and of course, better! Doesn't require optifine or MCpatcher but is recommended.

A extremely detailed and ornate texture pack great for fancy buildings. The improvement from default texture happens the moment you see it. This is a 64x64 pack so you need Optifine or MCpatcher.

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