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    I'd like to share my experiences with SimpleNode.

    I initially found SimpleNode on LowEndTalk and for a month I used a 256MB KVM VPS from them as a VPN server. That VPS worked great and that's primarily why I went back to them for Minecraft hosting when I very recently needed it.

    In the past I have always been able to run Minecraft servers on smaller VPS's since I typically play with just a few friends. But I recently became the owner of a much larger server where I was paying $40/month for 3.5GB of RAM that always seemed to be full. The host was fine as far as performance and everything goes, but I wanted a change. The control panel wasn't the best, and it just wasn't what I wanted.

    I looked around at several different VPS providers and ended up running across SimpleNode because they offer a 4GB server for just $42/month which seemed like a good deal, and I jumped on board. With a coupon code I found I am getting it for around just $38/month which is cheaper than my previous host, so I can't really complain about pricing.

    The first thing I noticed about SimpleNode was how nice the SpaceBukkit control panel is, and also how it was fairly glitchy. I then noticed that I essentially was given a 4GB VPS that was optimized for Minecraft, and not just an instance of Java like most other hosts give. Knowing this I was able to get root access and very easily clone my old Minecraft server through FTP.

    The 10+GB server was able to be moved in under an hour. Most hosts would have required me to download all of the files to my own computer and then upload them again which would have taken forever with my 1Mbps upload speed. Once everything was downloaded I moved it all into an McMyAdmin installation I created, and started the server.

    So within 24 hours I was able to move over to SImpleNode. So far the server is running great. I haven't noticed any lag, or "Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded" warnings, and I also noticed that McMyAdmin seems to manage memory better than the panel my last host used.

    To add to that as a very tech savvy guy I love being able to simply go into the server's terminal as root and download new and updated plugins with wget, remove old ones with rm, edit config files with nano, and so on. This really saves a lot of time that is usually wasted with FTP.

    I'd definitely recommend SimpleNode as a MInecraft host. They are great for both the more advanced users who want root access, and the people who just want to use the FTP and SpaceBukkit login that they give you.
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    I think they should sell the PC version for maybe a little more at maybe $40-$60 and have it include the Xbox version as well as the version for mobile devices. That way you purchase it once and you get it on all the different devices that you own.
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    Your ISP could be blocking remote connections to that port. Many ISPs don't want their customers running servers on their network.
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    64GB is fine but I'd invest in a 128GB SSD, it's worth the extra money. The problem with a 64GB drive is that there is only room for the operating system and some applications. Once you get Microsoft Office and the Adobe suite of software on the system you're about out of space.

    The 128GB SSD has twice as much room for applications and files. I also think the Crucial m4 is a great drive. They plug in just like a hard drive. The data transfer kit allows you to copy your files and everything over from your old drive to your new drive, but you're better off just reinstalling Windows.
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    Make sure port 25565 is open in the Windows Firewall.
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    I prefer whitelisted servers since I've had some serious issues in the past with greifers on a non whitelisted server. A whitelisted server lets me take a look at my users before I whitelist them and allow them onto the server. Having a whitelist also allows you to have more of a community.
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    You could run some sort of website to the side and try to get a little money through advertising. That's what I do right now, I also accept donations which give users additional privileges.
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    I use MCBans on my servers and I just ask the admins to monitor those who have been banned on other servers once they join to make sure they aren't doing anything wrong. We don't automatically ban people.
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    I don't really like any of them all that much but out of them all I think Paul is the best.
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    Just create the mods folder in .minecraft. It'll work just like it would if it was already there.
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