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    posted a message on Get a dedicated server or continue to use VPSs?
    I'm pretty sure this would be the right place to post this sort of question. I'm wanting to talk more about the hardware, and less about the providers.

    So right now I have one Minecraft server which runs on a VPS with 4GB of memory. The VPS is on a really powerful node with dual E5-2620 processors, 64GB of memory, and hard drives in RAID10. The Minecraft server runs incredibly well on this VPS.

    The thing is that I want to create a Feed the Beast server for the same people who play on that other server, and I also have a friend who wants me to set up a Minecraft server for him.

    Currently I have quite a few VPS's for hosting various different websites, as well as that one for the Minecraft server. If I was to get two more for the two new Minecraft servers I'd be looking at a monthly cost similar to that of a lower end dedicated server.

    Today a company called Quick Packet posted an offer on another forum where they are offering Dell PowerEdge CS24-SC systems with dual Intel Xeon L5420 processors, 16GB of DDR2 memory, a 1TB hard drive, and 5 IP addresses. That dedicated server would cost me $50/month.

    My question is how well would my Minecraft servers, and the web server run on the dual L5420's. Keep in mind that these are smaller servers that have quite a few different plugins. So I'd only expect around 30 people in total on all of the servers during peak hours. The websites don't get a ton of traffic, but I do like them to be responsive and if a game server is hogging up all of the resources it might not be very responsive.

    I understand that Minecraft is single threaded so each Minecraft server could have its own thread with threads spare for the operating system and the web server. In the real world how does that work exactly? Is there any way to restrict each game server to a specific core? How much disk I/O does a Minecraft server usually consume on average per player?

    Any information, or help would be appreciated. Right now I am not sure if I should order a couple new VPSs for the two new game servers knowing that they'll run well, or get something a little more scalable that may or may not perform any better.

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    posted a message on Simpleno.de | SpaceBukkit | Tekkit | SSH + FTP | Free Dedicated IP | Dallas & Phoenix | PayPal & BitCoin
    I'd like to share my experiences with SimpleNode.

    I initially found SimpleNode on LowEndTalk and for a month I used a 256MB KVM VPS from them as a VPN server. That VPS worked great and that's primarily why I went back to them for Minecraft hosting when I very recently needed it.

    In the past I have always been able to run Minecraft servers on smaller VPS's since I typically play with just a few friends. But I recently became the owner of a much larger server where I was paying $40/month for 3.5GB of RAM that always seemed to be full. The host was fine as far as performance and everything goes, but I wanted a change. The control panel wasn't the best, and it just wasn't what I wanted.

    I looked around at several different VPS providers and ended up running across SimpleNode because they offer a 4GB server for just $42/month which seemed like a good deal, and I jumped on board. With a coupon code I found I am getting it for around just $38/month which is cheaper than my previous host, so I can't really complain about pricing.

    The first thing I noticed about SimpleNode was how nice the SpaceBukkit control panel is, and also how it was fairly glitchy. I then noticed that I essentially was given a 4GB VPS that was optimized for Minecraft, and not just an instance of Java like most other hosts give. Knowing this I was able to get root access and very easily clone my old Minecraft server through FTP.

    The 10+GB server was able to be moved in under an hour. Most hosts would have required me to download all of the files to my own computer and then upload them again which would have taken forever with my 1Mbps upload speed. Once everything was downloaded I moved it all into an McMyAdmin installation I created, and started the server.

    So within 24 hours I was able to move over to SImpleNode. So far the server is running great. I haven't noticed any lag, or "Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded" warnings, and I also noticed that McMyAdmin seems to manage memory better than the panel my last host used.

    To add to that as a very tech savvy guy I love being able to simply go into the server's terminal as root and download new and updated plugins with wget, remove old ones with rm, edit config files with nano, and so on. This really saves a lot of time that is usually wasted with FTP.

    I'd definitely recommend SimpleNode as a MInecraft host. They are great for both the more advanced users who want root access, and the people who just want to use the FTP and SpaceBukkit login that they give you.
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    posted a message on The Game Sewer Guide To Tekkit 1: Introduction + House Tour
    I have been playing Minecraft for years, and I have made many Minecraft videos in the past, but recently I decided to start a Tekkit series and this is my first episode.

    This week we kicked off our series where we help you get to know Tekkit. We started our guide to Tekkit in our house that we just recently built. After giving a tour of the mine, storage room, animal farm, crafting room, enchanting room, crop farm, and tree farm, we go ahead and begin work on a quarry. We'll officially start the quarry next week, but we did do a little bit of exploring and decided that putting a quarry right on top of a volcano we found would be a good way to get a lot of basalt from the volcano.

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    posted a message on Looking For a Good Server!
    You might be interested in the Red Hallow server which I'm a moderator on. It's a smaller survival server with a great community of active players.

    For more information you can check out the banner in my signature.
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    posted a message on Looking for a white listed server to play on
    You might be interested in a server called Red Hallow. It's a smaller server that still has a good community behind it. Once you are whitelisted you can use both our survival world and our normal world which allows donators to use creative mode.

    For more information you can check out the banner in my signature.
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    posted a message on Looking for a decent server
    You might be interested in our server called Red Hallow. It has been running for over a year now with a good smaller community of players. We have both a survival world and a default world which is creative for donators.

    For more information you can click the banner in my signature.
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    posted a message on Looking for a server to be a builder on
    Our server doesn't allow users to use WorldEdit but our default world allows donators to spawn in items and even use creative mode to express their creativity.

    If you don't mind looking around for items we have a brand new survival world at Red Hallow. We'll whitelist you as soon as you apply. For more information click on the banner in my signature.
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    posted a message on Looking for a fairly small survival server
    You'd love the Red Hallow server. Our server is smaller with only about 50 slots which means that there are plenty of players to get to know, but not an overwhelming amount of players on at any given time.

    Check out our server by clicking on the banner in my signature. We'll whitelist you as soon as you submit an application.
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    posted a message on Dynmap help
    When you're on the server type /dynmap fullrender. It'll render the entire generated map.
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    posted a message on Red Hallow | Minecraft SMP 24/7 1.4.6 Bukkit | Survival | Bukkit | MultiWorld | Spleef | Lockette | Shops | LogBlock | WorldGuar
    Quote from LeviCampbell

    Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry we didn't whitelist you sooner! Come join the fun!

    Suggestion: Grey list where players can join but can't build until a staff member gives them permission.

    Anyways I'd like to be whitelisted. I sent an email to you guys.
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    posted a message on Nebraska Minecraft Server
    I'm in Lincoln and I'd like to join. I sent an email to become whitelisted.
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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    I'd like to be whitelisted. My username is WilliamQuade.
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    posted a message on Getting bored of minecraft, what should I do?
    Quote from nivram

    Take a couple of months break and then come back.


    I agree. I took a break last year since I was bored of Minecraft, a few months later the game felt new with all of the new features.
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    posted a message on Any updates left?
    Minecraft will continue to get updated until a time when Minecraft isn't so popular. Then the development of Minecraft might be given to the community.
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    posted a message on Worst Grammar You've Ever Heard?
    Quote from Taupo

    People who say "I have perfect grammer" always make me laugh.

    I try to avoid being a grammar Nazi even though deep inside I really am. However something like that is something that I can't help but fix.
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