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    Name: Will

    Gamertag: Will de Lad

    Discord ID:

    Age: 17 years

    Location: England

    Minecraft experience: Since 2013/2014

    Why I want to Join: because I want to have a multiplayer realm where I can play with and meet new people.

    How you'd contribute: I would collect resources and build lots of stuff to help the server like farms. I will also be happy to help others out and teach others as well as learn from others

    What your goals are: to help build up a good survival mode world and to help others, as well as to have fun

    I agree and adhere to these rules

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    Hey I'm interested in joining your realm. My gamertag is Will de Lad

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    Hey, my GT is Will de Lad. I am 17 (18 in September). My skills set in Minecraft is a bit of everything (dont really have a speciality). My average playtime is 3-5 hours a day however there may be the very occasional say where I cant play. My goal is to play with other people in a world and learn stuff from others and possibly help others learn from me.

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