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    Hey everyone, I am making a new group on prisontech and I thought some people might be interested, its called the diamond committee, we do diamond drops all the time. The diamond committee needs a lot of generous people so we need YOU to help build the committee, we collect diamonds then we do diamond drops as a group, if you have any questions or you want to enter, message my skype at will1238378_

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    Hi, I'm will and today I will be exploring reasons why I would be a good guard on the server.

    My IGN is Xv_ShadowLord_vX I chose this name because I thought it would be a cool look above my head. I also chose it because I love shadows :)

    I am quite young, but I think this is my strong point, the reason why is quite simple actually, I can take my weaknesses and use them to my advantage at such a young age. I know your thinking "Well thats dumb, How does that affect this app?". It helps people understand who I am, and what I do. (I am 11 turning 12 this year).

    I have been active in the community for quite a while. I don't usually count and I am really bad at guessing or predicting, if I guess or predict, I will probably guess before even the server was made :lol: but I will do it anyway, I guess around 7 or 8 months.

    I have been playing on the server for about the same time I have been active on the community. I found the server out by actually looking up "Good Prison Servers". I Chose this server because it simply had everything I wanted it to have such as the perfect number of ranks, a nice black market and stuff like that. A recommendation to the server is spend a little more time on the black market, I don't like a really bad black market and a awesome main server, put in a equal amount of work into both.

    How often do I play, hmm thats a hard one but I be as honest as possible. I play on the server 2 days a week you could say, but sometimes their are things stopping me, like basketball training, soccer training, school and much much more. I can't give that much more info on this topic sorry :(

    Why you should pick me? thats simple. I am dedicated to what I do and do it when I can. I WILL and I won't stop until I'm told to by a person smarter or better than me. I go for the nice and friendly way and if they don't listen I go to aggressive.

    I am Australian and thats hard for me because Australia has little to no gamers, if I could move anywhere I would move to the US where there are a lot of gamers, Prisontech lets me enjoy myself with fellow online friends.

    I am rank J/VIP hoping to rank up to free soon. I try to not focus on ranking up, I am a community friendly guy. I do diamond drops all the time, sometimes diamond block drops. I focus on giving the new people most of the diamonds in my diamond drops because I feel like the pros get everything and I love the community.
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    My Server is new and no one plays on it. It has no spawn! I'm looking for builders.

    If you want to become a Builder that would be great just message me at [email protected]

    Server Ip:


    This may not be up 24/7 but it is up alot of the time!

    #awesomeserverBe awesome!
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