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    Hello there minecraft forumians!

    Are you like me; Search the forums almost hourly for new and interesting content for your almost perpetually boring Minecraft experience?

    Are you to bad at using computers to code your own mod? Or if you do, is it a pitiful finger painting of a "New Ore" or new feature like "Better Fart Noises V.No-one-cares?

    Well, I come to you impatient Minecrafters with a proposal; Lets stop with the terrible 10-second mods (those belong on Planet Minecraft) and put some effort into more of these.

    I intend to semi-regularly post new mod request, and hear feedback from you as to what you think of it, as well as some of you more proactive individuals who will be able to undertake such a task.

    For my first post, I am requesting a Medical Mod

    I don't want just some retextured pork and steak, but features like

    -Medications that directly heal
    -Limb Conditions (Crippled, Healthy, Think Fallout 3)
    -Medical tools (Syringe, Crutch, Bandages, Etc.)
    -Surgery Table (Similar to Crafting Table and Bed; Injured player lays down on bed, Surgeon then right-clicks to bring up some sort of GUI of the model of the player to perform certain procedures)
    -Bandages and Crutches should occupy clothing slot and appear on character(If an arm is in a sling, then the arm will appear bent inwards towards chest within sling)
    -Status Clipboards (Overall Status of player instantly recorded on Clipboard to view, similar to map)
    -Injuryings should hinder movement(Broken Leg will result in slowed movement and limping that can be turned off via. the "View Bobbing" button)

    Any other suggestions from the community? I am interested to hear what you think.

    Also, any dedicated Moder who would like to work on this, post your undertaking in the responses as well



    Update: This mod is now in early developement; new post is in WIP section!
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