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I really have nothing to put here, so I'll go ahead and peruse WikiQuote, ctrl+c/ctrl+v'ing everything I find amusing.

"[After being stuck with a plasma grenade]

Grunt: Can't! Run! With! Thing! On! Back!"


"Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man."

-Klingon Proverb

"A fool and his head are soon parted."

-Klingon Proverb

"You cannot loosen a man's tongue with root beer."


"Act, and you may eat dinner. Think, and you may be dinner."

-Klingon Proverb

"If winning is not important, why keep score?"


"If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are."

-Gene Roddenberry

"Data: "There was a young lady from Venus, whose body was shaped like a..."

Jean-Luc Picard: [frantically cutting off Data] Captain to Security, come in!

Data: Did I say something wrong?

Worf: I don't understand their humor, either."

-Star Trek, TNG

"That is from an obscure language known as French."


"Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."


"In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that he did not also limit his stupidity."

-Konrad Adenauer

"Knowledge of human nature is the beginning and end of political education."

-Henry Adams

"I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day."

-Douglas Adams
Interests The development of ideas.

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