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    Hi. I have read up on most posts that have this error, and the problem suggested is that the server IP is typed wrong. Now, here's what's happening: I log in happily at home. Uh oh, can't connect to Minecraft.net. Can't see the latest updates. Whatever. I launch the game.After loading, I click Multiplayer. Every server then says, "Can't resolve Hostname". Except for two, which when I try to log in, it says, "The Authentication Servers are down for maintenance". When I click on the servers that can't resolve the Hostname, it says, 'Unknown Host'. But here's the thing. Whenever I connect to minecraft outside of my home network, it works fine without me having to do any troubleshooting. Rebooting the router and resetting the DNS does not help. Does anyone have a solution?

    P.S: Same with YouTube. My network does not recognize YouTube as a website, while other networks do.

    P.P.S: i have tried on multiple devices, so it is not a problem with my computer.



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