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    posted a message on Are Fan-Boys Taking Over Minecraft?
    Quote from Kekilrocks123

    annoying children who think herobrine is real, shout about "budder" (which is actually an illegal drug, so I wish people would stop calling gold that), and only own the pocket edition? At school, people wearing obnoxious family guy and minecraft crossover tee-shirts? Normally I hate when people say this, but minecraft is too popular. It was a nice little game with blocks and stuff that people ridiculed, but we didn't care because it was fun. Now, its full of 5 year olds and douchebags. Yeah, I'd say its been taken over by youtube fanboys. Back when I started playing multiplayer, the most annoying fanboys were just a handful of people in yogscast skins. today, the number of people with youtuber skins outnumbers people with their own skins on some servers.

    I remember the yogscast skins haha! i have to fully agree with you! i was very lucky to go to minecon 2013 and was annoyed of all the children with dumb questions at the panels...most of the questions didn't have anything to do with the panel and it was very frustrating to see parents trying to control their kids who were running around like maniacs. in another way i can understand them. when i was younger i use to be obsessed with a game called runescape. it was so simple but very addicting! i would fanboy when kids at school would say "runescape sucks" nowadays when some one says minecraft sucks i usually reply with" thats your own opinion and i respect it". All anyone can hope is that as time goes on the community matures a little(i highly doubt this will happen).

    (sorry about punctuation and spelling...its not something im good at!)
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    posted a message on *CONFIRMED* Capes given out AT Minecon, not via email.
    serves them right. for every ticket purchased just for a cape that's one ticket that some one could have used to go to minecon.
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    posted a message on Is Sky Does Minecraft going downhill?
    I've watched only a handful of his videos and find them most of them kind of irritating..... his vids consist of him screaming calling gold butter and failing at minecraft. While i won't say his vids are terrible as i did enjoy some of the more informational videos like the mod showcases but other then that i couldn't go through the whole video without lowering my volume all that way. Im not trying to be a hater lol this is just my opinion based on watching about 5-6 videos :P
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    posted a message on 1.6 is laggy! computer? or launcher?
    I was having this issue to until i deleted my .minecraft!

    go to your .minecraft by typing %appdata% in your start menu
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    Minecraft classic servers are kinda irrelevant now... since creative was added to regular minecraft classic should gradually be removed for variouse reasons...im not positive but doesn't classic cost money to host? if so they dont make anything of classic if im correct
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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    Any chance you can make it also for modloader? i don't like forge....i always crash when i use it
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    posted a message on Dragon Ball Z Mod - Dragon Block C [WIP]
    iv looked and looked but cant seem to find a server for this amazing mod....if anyone knows of a Dragon Block C 0.99b dedicated server i would very much like the ip
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    wish i had the attention span to do this....
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    for this i need to tell a story ^.^: once upon a time i joined a server....i read the rules and walked around looked at all the player's houses and i thought this is pretty cool! so i logged off and saved it in the server list...Later on i saw 6 or so people on and when i got on they all said "Welcome! please read the rules thne tell us when your done...I said i was on erlier when no one was on and iv already read them....

    5 seconds later

    Who885 was jailed

    me:What the? Abuse? i havent done anything

    admin: how did you get here

    me:there was a whitelist so i think i got accepted

    Sidenote: It was not a whitelist it was jst some question to see if you wanted a normal rank to go into the real world

    Admin: there is no whitelist? and you still haven' told me how you got here....

    me:I spawned and read the rules when no one was online....then i wanted to walk around to see everyone's cool house

    who885 was released!


    the ban-hammer has spoken reason:Banned by a admin!

    Then i asked why i was banned and he said you where in the wrong area and your a ****
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Discontinued] FriendsOverlay 4.0 Alpha
    Quote from dhopper598

    Can someone help me? Mine when I have it installed every option on F4 or F6 says overlay.gui.what ever the option is like cancel or Friends or something like that. How do I fix this? Please help! D:

    Read page 1!

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