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    posted a message on Toucan's Chillpad SMP ✦ Authentic Experience ✦ Events ✦ KeepInventory ✦ Chill Playerbase & Relaxing Vibe ✦ BEDROCK USERS WELCOME
    IGN: boofins69[/b]
    Discord#: boofins69
    Which of our features interest you?: Almost all of them, they look like an awesome idea and I cant wait to figure out the economy. I hahve been waiting to find a server like this one, thank you![/b]
    Tell me about yourself: I am currently in college for Accounting and my biggest hobby outside of video games is genealogy. I have played minecraft for quite a long time on and off, but recently have been playing on an SMP. They recently disbanded. I would love to find another server to commit myself too[/b]
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    posted a message on ♛ Axiba SMP Season 4 ♛ - Semi-Vanilla 1.19 QOL Datapacks - Long Term World - 18+ ♦ Apply now!

    ♦ In-Game Name (IGN): boofins69

    ♦ Discord ID (Username and #): maax#5557

    ♦ Age (you need to be atleast 18): 20

    ♦ Timezone: EDT

    ♦ Country: United States

    ♦ On average, how often will you be able to play?: Probably 1-4 hours almost every day

    ♦ Why would you like to join Axiba?: My recent SMP disbanded and I would like to continue playing Minecraft.

    ♦ Tell us a little bit about yourself (personality, hobbies, etc): I currently go to College and my biggest hobby outside of games is genealogy.

    ♦ How can you impact the community? (building, redstone farms, etc): I would help gather resources and would love to learn under others about building and restore.

    ♦ Do you have any screenshots of your builds/creations?: I do, but they aren’t so good.

    ♦ Do you have any further questions in relation to the server? (optional): Any interest in adding voice chat mod?

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    posted a message on Season 4 🌎 Atlas SMP 🌎 1.19 Vanilla || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat

    In Game Name: boofins69[/i]
    Age: 20[/i]
    Country & Timezone: New York, EDT[/i]
    Discord ID: maax#5557[/i]
    What are your strengths/weaknesses in Minecraft?: I love exploring and gathering materials. But I also really enjoy learning new things, especially with all the new updates.[/i]

    What is your favourite building style?: I don’t believe I have found my niche, but I want to try new things,[/i]
    What aspects of multiplayer servers do you enjoy/think you'll enjoy most? Interacting with other players, I love the idea of a voice mod[/i]
    What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft?: I currently go to college for Accounting and my biggest hobby is Genealogy.[/i]

    How'd you hear about our server?: My other SMP disbanded and they recommended this server.

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    posted a message on ☁️ LumineSMP ☁️ | 🍏 Just started fresh! 🍏 | Vanilla survival | 18+ | Discord | Weekly Events | Voice chat

    We have started and still are accepting players! Come join! -boofins69

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    posted a message on 🌍 [1.20] Mine Legends 🏕️ 1.20 Map RESET! 🏘️ Towny Survival, Minigames 😄 NEEDS MODERATORS!

    Add me on discord maax#5557 , I am interested in being a staff member

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    posted a message on JayCraft SMP | New Season | 1.19.3 | +18 | Vanilla | Proximity Chat | Whitelist

    What is your main style of playing?

    I would say I like to set myself up first. I like to spend the first few times playing on a server getting resources and making sure I don't need to in the future. I also love making farms and would love to join in on bigger building projects. I love helping out as well.

    What is your building style?

    I wouldn't say I have a specific building style. If I get accepted to this SMP, I hope to find a building style I like.

    What are you looking for in an SMP?

    Just a server where everyone is chill and just there to have fun. I love servers where there is at-least 2-5 people on at a time, allows a lot of interaction between other players.

    Any other hobbies or interests outside of Minecraft?

    I currently go to college for accounting. I like basketball and I want to try to get into working out. I also have a fiancée who I spend a majority of time with. If accepted, I would persuade her to join the server to teach her more about Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Jaycraft is looking for players (20yr+)

    I am interested

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    posted a message on | Wano Craft | Vanilla | SMP | 1.16.4 | HermitCraft Like | Whitelisted | Season 01 |

    IGN: whiteymax

    Country: US

    Age: 18

    Discord: maax#5557

    What are you good at in Minecraft: I would say I am best at exploring caves and lighting up underground areas, which is good for mob grinders, increasing rates. I also enjoy making farms and large scale projects. I am trying to get better at building but it comes with time

    Why you would like to join: Server I was on got shut down

    How long have you been playing: Been playing since 1.4

    What Style you build in: I wouldn't know

    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities: Yes, I have been on many SMPs.

    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy: I am getting back into League of Legends, outside of computer games. I enjoy basketball but Covid kinda messed all that up.

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    posted a message on | Narnia Craft | SMP | Whitelisted | 1.16.4 | 18+ | Server Started 14 November 2020 |
    Q: IGN[/b]
    A: whiteymax
    Q: AGE[/b]
    A: 18
    Q: Nickname[/b]
    A: max
    Q: Discord ID[/b]
    A: maax#5557
    Q: You joined in our Discord Grup?[/b]
    A: yes
    Q: What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?[/b]
    A: i enjoy making huge projects. stuff that takes so much time but is satisfying to complete
    Q: Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?[/b]
    A: yes, plenty. i have been playing on multiple smp servers for at least 5 yearrs now.
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    posted a message on (18+) Looking for active, chill, mature players to join a 2 week old Vanilla survival SMP (1.16)

    looking for server to chill on and build stuff, meet new people


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    posted a message on Small Adult Server [MaliciaMC Reborn] [1.16 Snapshot]

    Name: Max (IGN: whiteymax, discord: whiteymax#5557)

    Location: United States

    Age: 18

    Type of player (adventuring, redstone, builder): Adventurer, Helper, Farm-maker, Miner

    A little about you: I have always played servers such as this. I am interested in joining a new one. I think I would be a good piece to this server. Thanks for your consideration.

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    posted a message on ⚠️ Quarantine SMP ⚠️ | Whitelisted 1.15.2 Vanilla Minecraft Server

    How old are you?: 18 years old

    What country do you live in?: United States

    What timezone are you in?: Eastern Time Zone (EST)

    What state/province are you located in? If not in the US or Canada, what subdivision of your country are you in?: Why is this important?

    What is your discord tag?: whiteymax#5557

    Have you been in any previous SMPs before? If so, what were the names of them?: I have been in many, but not for a while. Some of the more recent ones had names of WeSurvivin, Inferno SMP, and BerryCraft.

    Has any member vouched for your participation? If so, who?: Unless I am aware of it, I don't believe so.

    Why do you want to join this SMP?: Due to quarantine, I have tons of free time. Recently, Minecraft has regained my interest. I haven't played for a couple versions and there is so much I have yet to learn. I'm excited to get into it and play more Minecraft. I've always been apart of close-knit communities online. I enjoy video games with other people and Minecraft is no different.

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    posted a message on ....
    1. Minecraft Username: whiteymax
    2. About yourself and what you plan to bring to our community: I am 18 years old and going to college in the fall. Due to quarantine, I have a lot more time on my hands, and Minecraft has regained my interested. I have always been apart of close-knit communities such as Minecraft servers or CS:GO communities. I enjoy company, even through a computer screen. Minecraft has always been more enjoyable with other people and that is why I continue to desire communities such as this. I plan to bring a lot to the server. I would love to call myself a busy man. I find joy in tedious work, like a large project. I feed off supporting others and if anyone in the server would call for such help, I would be 100% there.
    3. How active do you plan to be?: Due to quarantine, as of now, I can be active for somewhat 3 to even 8 hours a day. This will differ once school starts back up, but as of now, that's not for a while.
    4. If selected, will you join our discord and read the rules/info?: Since I already read the rules/info (or the components included in this post), I would be excited to join the discord.
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    posted a message on 🏴 👻 👻 👻 🏴 – PURE VANILLA (hard) | Always latest version | Long term mature players | No resets | Youtube | Fresh MAP

    IGN: whiteymax

    looking for a chill server to play on my freetime, message me to chat

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    posted a message on Mostly Vanilla, New World, No Grief, Medieval Spawn, IGF, XP Farm

    can you whitelist me :)

    IGN - whiteymax

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