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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server with no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.
    1) How old are you?: 18
    2) What is your in-game name?: whiteoak123
    3) How did you find out about Jackal's Den?: Minecraft Forums
    4) What tool do you use to claim land here? Wooden Shovel
    5) Our members read these applications, so simply tell us a little about yourself: I'm an 18 year old ocean lifeguard, who spends his free time playing video games, playing sports and hanging out with friends.
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    posted a message on You're at home alone, suddenly you see the avatar above....
    Go get a new pair of underwear, and try not to die.
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    posted a message on Would you ever kiss the avatar above you?
    Not even if I got paid to
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    posted a message on Officer, I Can Explain!
    I'm on my way to a hell of a party, everyone wants to party with

    1.The Pope
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
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    posted a message on Is the above avatar Good Or Evil?
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    posted a message on ✯☢✯ The FallCraft Network! ✯☢✯ 100 SLOTS ✯☢✯ ROLEPLAY ✯☢✯ A PLACE FOR ALL! ✯☢✯ JOIN NOW, NO WHITELIST! ✯☢✯
    Quote from Matysm1

    Fallcraft is being rebooted. This time around we are being hosted by a network called Aeris Gaming. I have already begun sorting everything out. Same map. The main server concept will be slightly different. We definitely want there to be more of a survival feeling (Guns and other mechanics are spot on this time around), but are in hot debate about how much of a role rp will play on the new server. I'd highly suggest that all old members come helps us out. The earlier you join us the more you can benefit from the true extent of the reboot project.

    If you need help with config files, I can help
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hotel-Help!
    1. Wrong Section
    2. You need to make them each a region, as far as I know
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    posted a message on Check Out Our Prison Server
    Whats the IP?
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    posted a message on [Unique]Escape-mc & Factions-mc [OP-Prison Server][Factions Server][1.6.4][One of a kind]
    Having a lot of fun on the server!
    Tips for New players:
    /kit Starter
    /warp [blockname] to get to the prison block
    /warp furnace to smelt
    /warp plots to the plots
    /plotme auto to get a FREE plot to build on
    /ranks to see the list of ranks
    /buyrank [rank] to buy the rank
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    I'm having a blast on the server so far, I Recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun server to play on
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: whiteoak123

    Where did you hear about the server: Here

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging: Don't Rage
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    posted a message on CLOSED)☢ FALLOUT: Ashes of Our Fathers ☢ [24/7][Serious RolePlay][Real-life Locations][Factions]
    Quote from whiteoak123

    **Out of Character**

    IGN: whiteoak123

    Age: 16

    How did you find us? MC forums

    What Roleplay experience do you have? I've played on fall-craft and a bit on wild wastelands, along with Lord Of The Craft.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using information you get OOC that your character your RPing as would not know about in character. EX: Player A says in chat "Im in The Factory" Player B, who hates player A, goes to The Factory looking for player A too kill him

    Define Power-gaming in your words: Doing something in character without giving the other person a chance to react to it EX: Player A stabs player B, (Should be: PLayer A attempts to stab player B)

    Define God-Modding in your words: Making your character OP/Perfect, making your character a "God"

    Did you join our website? Yes

    **In Character**

    Name: Acastus Adad

    Nickname: (Optional) Acastus

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A 6'4 220 Greek male. He has a black beard, black mustache and Black Eyes. He is Mostly muscle and has an intimidating look to his face, but because of this, he cannot run very fast, or climb anything, as he is much to big. He has his hair in a brown cap along with grey cotton clothes. His left arm has a scar down it, using it as a constant reminder never to let his guard down.

    Personality: Nutral, a semi-trained killer. He has average intelligence, but is not smart enough for anything science related. He uses his brain in combat, some times, and will either set an ambush, or rush in head on. He is a lone wolf, prefering to be alone or in smaller groups if he must. He is almost to brave, and will do nearly anything, and sometimes forgets to use his best judgement, endangering himself. He also doesn't "Sugar Coat" things, and will be blunt in telling things which causes some people to not like his personality.

    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)
    * Acastus has just arrived in Salt Lake City, with nothing but his gun, some food, and the clothes on his back and is approached by a group of 3 muggers
    Mugger 1- "Hey you! Give me your caps, or I'll shoot"
    Mugger 2 and 3- "Ya! What he said!"
    *Acastus turns his head
    Acastus- "What'd you say to me punk?"
    Mugger 1-"Last warning, give your stuff, or you die"
    *Acastus laughs
    *Mugger 1 attemps to hit Acastus with the butt of his rifle
    *Acastus ducks the slow moving rifle butt, and attempts to kick Mugger 1
    *The kick hits the man in the side
    Mugger 1- "Son of a *****! Get em boys"
    Acastus- "Bring it"
    *Acastus draws his rifle
    Acastus- "Sure that's wise?"
    *Mugger 2 and 3 draw knives
    *Mugger 1 Stands up

    Mugger 1- "Kill him!"
    *Acastus attempts to shoot mugger 1
    *Mugger 1 dives toward the floor, but the bullet still hits his torso on the way down
    *Mugger 2 takes a swing at Acastus with his knife
    *Acastus attempts to jump back, but the knife still connects on his left arm
    Acastus- "**** it!"
    *Acastus attempts to smack Mugger 2 with the butt of his gun
    *The Butt of the gun connects
    *Mugger 2 falls to the ground
    *Acastus, in clear pain turns to flee and gets distance between him and the 2 remaining muggers
    *Acastus turns briefly to see if he is being chased, and to his relief, he wasn't, as mugger 3 is seeing if Mugger 1, the clear leader, is still alive
    *Acastus continues to run, and find someone to treat his knife wound

    Background: (Be detailed and in-depth. Also explain how you came to be in Utah.) Acastus Adad was born in a small town in Canada, about 20 miles from what was the Canada-United States Border. As a young child, he had 1 brother, and a father. His mother was killed by raiders when he was 3 years old, but his father and brother managed to escape. That town was one of the few safe havens, with walls created from salvaged concrete. The town of 26 was not self sufficient though, and there were teams of Hunters and Gatherers to find food to survive the harsh winters. Time spent sitting around, was time being wasted. His father was the captain of the guard in the small town, even if the "Guard" Only consisted of 10 people. Acastus's Father taught him to shoot and hunt at a young age, secretly hoping Acastus would one day replace him as captain of the guard.
    By the time Acastus was 15, he was in peak physical condition, and convinced his father to allow him to join the guard. He spent that winter training with the guard, learning to fight, to shoot, and to kill. The training was rough though, while training with knives, there was an accident, and it resulted in a permanent scar going down his Bicep. After spending 3 weeks recovering, he resumed his training, and that spring, he officially joined the guard. His father was hard on everyone, with 11 people, he could watch almost everyone during the training sessions, and he demanded that they were perfect.
    Over the years, he became more and more deadly, often escorting the hunter/gatherer groups by himself. One day the guard was actually needed. It was late in the afternoon, and the hunting team had not returned. Acastus heard a shout, followed by some gunfire. He turned his head to see one of the hunters being shot. The 9 guards that were still in town were called upon to defend the small town from a large group of raiders. Dynamite shook the walls, guns were blazing, there was screaming, yet Acastus was calm, standing on a roof, with his rifle shooting at the bandits. He realized that he needed to attack head on, as his rifle wasn't meant for this range, and the wall was starting to break. He shouted and rallied the 6 guards that were still alive, set an ambush. Seconds after it was set, the main entrance to the wall finally collapsed, and the bandits were in. When the group was walking in, he casually poked his gun out the window, and gave the order to fire. It was a storm of bullets, and before the bandits realized what happened, they were almost all dead. The bandit problem was over, but that doesn't mean that there was no damage. The walls destroyed, along with most the buildings, and 1/4 of the population was dead, among them, his father and brother, the only reason he was still living in the town. That night, he left, toward the US border, where he had heard that there was civilization.
    A 20 mile journey on foot is no easy task, especially alone. 4 days after leaving, he found a traveling merchant on the road, and asked where the merchant was going. The merchant told him of the riches of Salt Lake City, only a weeks journey from here, and the merchant, hoping to gain another customer, told Acastus that he could tag along, as the journey is much safer in a group than alone. Acastus agreed, and in a weeks time, they reached Salt Lake City.

    Powers up vault boy 3000

    I believe my application was missed
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