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    ETA on the release date?, all I've been doing is refreshing this thread.
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    IGN: Pieman111

    Age: 16

    Timezone: Central Standard Time

    Anything about Yourself: I'm quiet, Also have Hemophilia. Canadian.

    Why do you want to join?: I haven't played on a server for about a month or so and you seem pretty well kept and official. I'd like to keep to myself and build quietly.

    Abilities: I'd say I'm good at building, mostly. I like symmetry and including red stone and pistons in my designs.
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    Community Question: I don't personally make maps, but..

    I feel like it'll make it Lapis deserve it's own area. We see ores like gold, iron, diamond all have either their own individual area or mini dungeon in the typical CTM map. I'd like to see emerald join those ranks, but now with Lapis having an actual use in the game we'll see it join the typical ores as an endgame reward. I like it also because it means a maker can give the table in one area, and the Lapis in another. Enchanting is such a large player power spike, and having Lapis being that enabler really makes it important. Nice to see reuse of old items and features rather then just more and more features heaped on.
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    Quote from TikaroHD

    Thank you for taking the time to write the feedback, it was a nice read that helped me resort my memories of Animosity. As I look at it now, it does have quite a lot of flaws that are there because I was lacking experience back then. Someday, I might totally remake Animosity, and then I believe it would get a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

    No Problem. What I said might of been a bit harsh at points, but I saw some true flashes of brilliance, and I'm very excited to see more maps from you.
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    Hi. I just finished your first map, so I'd like to write a short review of every area. Spoilers abound!

    Intersection One

    Red Rock Canyon

    It's well made as a spawn area. The jungle wood bridges look nice and play nice, and the caveish areas in the walls between the bridges are well balanced. It's a nice looking area. The wool dungeon is also well balanced for an opening area and the loot distribution is well. Thematically it really isn't tied together, but besides that it is a solid area.

    Sacred Fish Temple

    On first appearance it seems small, but looks are deceiving. The forest area before the actual temple is well guarded surprisingly. I feel like if anything the spawners in the forest around are too difficult seeing as they don't protect anything actually important. The temple itself is... Average. Design wise it isn't exceptional but it isn't poorly made. The final room of the temple itself is actually a joy, and I would of liked more open difficult rooms like that rather then a slog through individual smaller rooms. My biggest issue with this area is the theme. There isn't one? It''s called Scared Fish Temple but doesn't feel religious nor fish like.

    Volcanic Core

    Very enjoyable design. We see you visit this same style of area ( Multiple floors of environment ) later in areas such as humid forest and somber depths. This is the only area we experience pigmen and they feel appropriate. The ravines filled with lava look great, and the ruined towers set a nice mood. The towers are enjoyable as a way to break up the dungeon into smaller sections. This type of structure is something we see again in flaming necropolis, and they're both used to good effect. The mobs are balanced, and the loot is good. I like the use of coal blocks, it makes mining the ore much more rewarding, and less of a slog.

    Withered Aqueduct

    Probably the best area in the entire map. The Aqueduct is gorgeous. It truly feels abandoned, and as a player you feel like you've stumbled onto a forgotten civilization. The dungeon portion of the area while some what difficult to find, is enjoyable. Dueling mobs while glancing over the aqueduct below is a great experience. The forest below is a sharp contrast to the open feeling of the aqueduct above. It's close and dirty fighting below the treeline and it really is an area with a lot to offer. The loot is plentiful, but you need to fight for it. Truly an amazing area.

    Intersection Two

    Short Circuit

    Thematically the area is great. The lighting strikes with the creepers below is very good. The creepers strike fear into your heart and you used them sparingly, which is good. The power facility is a fun romp but I feel like you should of used some creepers inside the facility itself. Besides that it is a great area.

    Rushing Water

    This is the beginning of a format we see reused several times, and I am disappointed. The format is a ovalish cave that either winds down or upwards, with a stone structure every while that has a single spawner or multiple spawners in it. We see this in Arctic Overlap,Burn and Crawl and Monochrome Termination. In this case it works well but I would of liked to see water flows going through the cave pushing the player down. Honestly, not an entertaining area, and it feels sort of lazy.

    Hellfire Citadel

    Another standout area, along with Withered Aqueduct. Initially I was disappointed as I ran along the first two walls, destroying the few spawners. Once I reached the actual Citadel though, then things kicked up a notch. The fighting is great and difficult, and the loot is plentiful to balance it. The wool room is well made and the mob placement is intelligent. If I had one small change to make it would be to put coverings on the first two walls before the citadel, so mobs can spawn in the daytime.

    Intersection Three

    Burn and Crawl

    This feels like a lazy area. The cobblestone doesn't look good and while the silverfish are an interesting addition to the area, they aren't used often. The loot is waaaaay to nice, with several chests containing cooked food, iron swords and stacks of torches. The lava pit in the center looks nice but overall the area doesn't feel like it had a lot of effort put into it. Also, it has the same design of rushing water. Not good to repeat designs.

    Jellyfishes are Mad
    Keeping of the tradition of the brown wool. I was kind of disappointed that an area that was this unique was wasted on such a short area. It really got difficult once all the ghasts spawned in it became semi difficult. Good solid area.

    Flaming Necropolis

    This is arguably the worst area in the map, tied with Somber Depths. First off, it feels nothing like a necropolis. There aren't really any graves of any sorts, instead we get Quartz boxes dotting the netherrack landscape. While the Quartz boxes are good for separating the area into smaller sections ala the towers from Volcanic Core, the area is just too large. The spawners don't feel smartly placed, and just smattered everywhere. The loot is okay, but the mob balancing is god awful. The pumpkin head skeleton with flame swords are a pain in the ass. They are incredibly difficult for an intersection three area, but worst of all they didn't have spawners. Maybe this is just me, but I could not find a single spawner for one of them. I'm guessing that they were wide area spawners. In any case, just not well balanced. The dungeon of the area is entertaining and requires good combat skill. I would like to see more of that.

    Humid Forest

    I feel like this area would be passable in an average CTM map, but this area does not hold up to the caliber of map this is. The area uses the multi level design as its main gimmick and is very fun because of it. Thematically it is pretty bad though. It doesn't feel like a forest and the spawner placement feels less like the maker is following a grand design, and more like he just placed a bunch of creeper spawners near the wool. It's okay, but based on the other areas I expected better.

    Arctic Overlap

    It's time for rushing water, Winter Edition! It's an okay area, but really suffers from repetition. We've done the whole travel down the cave, mine out the stone structure song and dance two times now, and by now as a player we've grown tired. The only super positive thing I have to say about this area is how well it interconnects with Chilling Chasm. Good spawner placement and the loot is balanced.

    Intersection Four

    Chilling Chasm

    Amazing transition between Arctic Overlap and Chilling Chasm. Fun area and a good difficulty rise between Intersection Four and Intersection Three. Very interesting mechanics used, including the use of giant zombies and ghasts. Normally I hate void areas and find them unfair typically, but in this case it was smartly designed and polite to the player

    Somber Depths

    I'd expect this from an average CTM map maker, but this just isn't up to snuff. I kept waiting for the actual dungeon to begin, but it never did. The stone on dirt aesthetics doesn't work, and while the redstone torch path was nice, once I reached the top I was left disappointed. It felt slap dash and last minute. The dungeon that contained the diamond was pretty good, and it should of been longer and the entire area, instead of this large dirt lump.

    Fatal Graveyard

    Good ol Mob killing. Solid from front to back. The fight is good and the changing in elevation and the use of soul sand makes the fighting different. The torrent of mobs is enjoyable and the witch spawners are used sparingly, which is nice. Overall super solid and well put together. Good spawners and loot.

    Monochrome Termination

    The Finale. It feels a bit samey at the beginning but it's what CTM should be. Difficult. It's difficult in a way that's fair but tests your skills and requires you to use every resource at your disposal. It's incredibly good, and is deserving of the black wool. Very good area, and a good capstone.

    Overall thoughts:

    It's a good map. Above average. Every few areas the maker touches greatness, and then he also falls back on crutches, or makes an area that feels slap dash. It's a map of up and downs, but I'm going to keep watching what he puts out, and I'm looking forward to the second map.

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    State of the world?
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    Hey, I'm looking to run a server with about two or maybe three people on at a time, with a custom map and some barebone plugins like bukkit. What plan would you recommend?
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    Sorry for the slight offtopicness of this post, but I wanted to bring attention to something that's been suffering a lot of neglect. The thread here is a good place to discuss CTM, but there's also a chat channel!


    Located on Esper.net, we offer a variety of features, including interesting discussion, question asking, and general helping of CTM players, So come on down!

    Esper link: http://esper.net/publicirc.php

    To log on, all you need is a username, and off you gooo!

    Mods, pls don't delete me
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    Australia, Canberra

    "We've got a four oh five in progress down on mcdormont, repeat, four oh five down on mcdormont copy" the words drifted over my radio as I cruised down the road on patrol. I veered off my normal route and down a side street. Mcdormont was only a two minute drive away. I felt for the pistol at my waist, along with the badge. I turned on my siren and started to race down the street, again checking the radio. I whipped around the corner and turned the siren off, but kept the flashing light and got out. I was pulled up in front of a old apartment building, full of refugees from "Our better half", a collection of petty theives, drug dealers and drug takers. Four oh five, or a drug bust gone wrong was sadly getting more and more common.

    I walked up to who appeared to be in charge of the entire mess. Midway through my stride I tried to take in as much as possible. Five police cars including mine had pulled up in front of the red brick apartment block. I guessed it housed about 30 apartments, It was four stories tall but I couldn't see how far back. The road was roped off except for a small gap, which is where I got in. I reached the woman in charge, a small, short, European officer. She'd led the local police prescient for almost seven years now by his count, but he'd only been working here for five.

    "Alice, What's the issue?" I tried to lighten the mood a little bit. Alice had a bit of an issue whenever she got stressed her entire forehead got scrunched up with worry lines, she didn't do a great job at hiding her stress.

    "I'm not in the mood Alex, We've got three men inside, two woman. We don't know who's armed but we've got confirmed sighting of a gun, we've got a strike team going in, breach and clear. These guys are as high as all hell on all kinds of drugs. We can't seem to talk them down."

    I glanced sideways and saw six cops gearing up, carrying various weapons and one even holding a ballistic sheild from what I could tell.

    "Breaking out the heavy artilary for this one, huh?" I replied.

    "Alex, we can't have another incident like two months ago. Dead bodies hurt our record, and the perceived safety of the city."

    She had a point, and I nodded in agreement. "I'll breach with the strike team" I walked over to the front steps and tapped the leader on the back of the solider. After a wave and a thumbs up from Alice someone tossed me a vest. I slipped it on. It weighed a bit more then your average blazer sure, but it'll save your life. Grabbing a simple Remington from the back of a police car, I stacked up. I heard a shout of clear and moved forward into the first hall. I spotted a needle right away in the corner of the hall, and soon got to work clearing rooms. I worked with another guy, clearing room to room.

    As we met in the main hall we all decided that the first floor was clear. Obvious signs of drug usage and prostitution. But we didn't have a warrant for that. We stacked up again and moved up another floor. The creaking killed any element of surprise they had. As they split into teams of two to start clearing rooms we heard a voice and some muffled giggling.

    "This is the police!" yelled the point man, a officer named Jacklyn.

    "Aw, Go ­ yourself pigs" was the slurred response. Jack moved up three doors to the source of the sound and I stacked up on the other side.

    "You have five seconds to peacefully open the door, lay down any arms and leave the room into our custody." I started counting down and I heard a scrambling within the room and my chest tightened. I remembered Alice's words from before. "We had a confirmed sighting of a gun" He had a strong feeling those words were about to haunt him. He reached one, and suddenly three shots rang out and pierced the paper thin wall. Jack staggered back, two of the shots embedding in his jacket, the third slamming into his legs.

    "Son of a ­!" I yelled out, moving a bit down the hall. From the inside I heard giggling and the painful moans of Jack on the ground.

    "Did anyone bring the hammer?" I asked, and was greeted with blank looks. It looks like I'd need to do this the old fashioned way. I stacked up on the door again, and cocked my shotgun, making sure it was loaded.

    "Don't come in here!" a young voice slurred out, as another round was fired into the floor, causing another round of laughter. I felt for the trigger and felt my blood pressure rise. It was moments like these that made me worry for my safety. With a simple pull of a trigger a swarm of buckshot was ejected from the gun, obliterating any sort of hand that was on that door. I kicked it open with my left foot and shouted orders one last time.

    "Put the gun down, and walk out with your hands over your head!" I shouted, and was greeted with laughter. "Flash em" I spoke to the man on the other side of the door way, as he reached for a small metallic tube with a pin at his waist. With a small hiss sound the man across from him threw it into the room, and I closed my eyes. Even with my eyelids closed I still saw a flash of bright white, but I heard a string of swears come from the room.

    "Move, Move!" I shouted as I ran in, shotgun slung over my back. Inside the small apartment on the far wall was a couch, with various drugs over it. A coffee table was home to various amounts of drugs and drug related tools. On the left wall was a small stand with a tv, a CD rack and a pile of cloths. On the right wall was a hallway, with what I could tell was a bedroom and bathroom. I didn't get the chance to go down the hallway as I quickly tacked the first guy I saw, needle still in his arm.

    It was two hours later, and I stood in the hallway, trying to fiddle with my lighter to light up, when Alice aproached me. She looked less worried, but more tired. Me personally I was doing okay. Someone had the foresight to bring a post job coffee maker down, so I had had a coffee about an hour ago. I had calmed down from the whole shoot out thing. The medics told me Jack was gonna be okay. A broken rib and a bullet in the leg never killed anyone. I hoped.

    "You did good Alex. These guys are going to see some serious jail time"

    "I'd hope." I replied. "We got them on how many counts of drug possession?"

    "Over fifty" She laughed. "These guys were major drug dealers. Someone isn't going to be happy."

    I nodded, and she walked back down the hall for only a few steps before someone was beckoning her. Probably a reporter or something. This would make the evening news I bet. For the time being I just looked out the window, and saw officer's cars driving away. I realized my car was still parked outside and sighed. It'd been a busy past three hours.

    I went back to fiddling with the lighter.
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    I'll be taking east.

    So the democratic one.

    I'll leave it up to someone else to figure out how to shape and mold west Australia.

    On another related note, I'm most likely going to be stepping away from global affairs, and focus more on individual characters.
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    Do I still control east and west Australia, or while I was gone did someone take it?
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    Quote from inferachnid

    No offense to Vechs or his maps, but there are definitely better maps to play. My personal favorite is Vinyl Fantasy 2, but that whole series is great. From Flames, Uncharted Territory and Zero Mercy are also great places to start.

    From ashes and From flames are amazing. Seriously. You need to go play them. Now. I mean like now, Like go download it.

    That is all.
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    Yup, I was Aaron Syth, the leader of that faction. You were part of the techno freak church, right?
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    Hey Mallachie, you may or may not remember me, that's fine. It's Pieman111!

    Also, My I still haven't been whitelisted, sorry to bother you. My ign is pieman111
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