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    posted a message on [1.7.9][Collection]Treacherous Travels and other CTMs by com572 - Shattered Kingdom in progress!
    So apparently, I'm playing the new version. I really enjoyed the map throughout; provided for great gameplay, good placement of resources and loot, etc.
    First intersection was as should be in most maps; food, coal, wood, stone. Second intersection was maybe a bit challenging, but not a lot to say with only two new areas, but good use of new mechanics for the wide area ghast spawner. I really think it's better than having ghast spawners all over the place. Third intersection upped the difficulty a bit, but then again, the player has iron now so they can be a lot more riskier. The bedrock could have been hidden a bit better, in my opinion... I mean, everyone looks up every waterfall these days to be honest, but it's okay. Abyssal Lake... really reminiscent of "Peaceful Lake" in "Legendary", with the maze and all that, except the lake wasn't that peaceful. Intersection 4 was where things got real. Charred Halls was easy, the creepers blew up the spawners for me xD... but then, that Bonus area was a tough one. I only got to completing the first challenge (with 41 deaths, making up 100% of my death counter), and then just got the arrow and got out of there. I'm sure what was at the end was worth it, but I was too lazy to do two more of those challenges that could be possibly harder and more rage inducing. I suppose I got lucky with the enchants, but I was able to get a fortune 3 iron pick to mine all the diamonds out of the green wool area, giving me 61 plus the 8 I got from retrieving the two Bonus Monument items. I like that you give limited amount of diamonds compared to what you did with the iron and coal.

    But then, you did hand out a whole lot of OP stuff in the red wool castle, but by then it wouldn't really matter, would it? :P Red wool and black wool weren't that extensive compared to what I've seen before, but was still great. The silverfish were just annoying, maybe would have been better of a mob to use when the player is not in full diamond, but whatever. The red wool castle, presenting a mix of all the other mobs seen in the map, was good in both design in gameplay. I really like the endgame parts of a CTM map where you're given the diamonds and the mapmaker throws everything he can at you like arcade style. Black wool was also good except that the blazes updated the lava... But it could have been worse. Overall, It was a great experience and I'm excited for your next map! :)

    Only got the Bedrock and Arrow for the Bonus Monument, but I'm not about to go throughout the whole map to fish for the other two, so... that's that. :P
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] [WIP|Adv|Parkour|Puz] Escape The Madman V1.5.4! 60,000+ Downloads!
    Wow! Awesome map! I got 112 Diamonds.

    I would like it if you had left like an indication that the map ended there after the six realms were done, instead of just depositing you into the :Lava: below.... :Zombie:
    like for example, you could have "barred" the map right there and say that an update was coming soon! :Notch:

    You did an excellent job on the puzzles and parkour, the ideas were unique (i never did a "button hunt" before, for example), and the branching idea made the map much easier to navigate than linear maps in my opinion :D

    I give you :DSWORD: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: !!!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] RingMod (now with ModLoader version)
    Really nice mod! I think it's a very kinda unique thing to give the player a sense of control thingy thing.

    I rate this a 9.78/10! :D

    I wish you could wear the rings though :P
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