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    Well welcome to my suggestion, this is a combat sistem suggestion, and I will divide this in parts, for and easier understan of the sistem. Also, in the parts i will refer to some mods wich will server as an example.

    1- New combat sistem mechanics

    Well lets get started, shall we?

    The first thing is a diference between the current combat and the new combat.

    CURRENT: Spam clicking, 3 block reach, equipment and material is better than skill. -> Spam clicking best equimpent.

    NEW SISTEM: Reach of the weapons defined by a weapon hitbox, instead of a fixed reach (this only aplies for the combat, not for minning), the equipment will be important (this is minecraft) but with skill you will defeat a no so good player, only with cheap weapons (like life it self). -> Hit box based.

    New sistem explained: In this sistem, there will be some changes first of all each weapon will have its own hitbox, wich will be the impact area of it, ofcouse with this the new combat mechanic will improve, now you can BLOCK/PARRY with your weapons if the hitboxes of two weapons (while one of them, or the two in attack motion) the damange will be reducec directly from the weapons durability, and the current (1.8) blocking animation will be usefull, because it covers a wide part of the player.

    Also the weapon hitbox will depend of the "size" of the weapon, and the hitting point of it. Example: The spear will have 2 hitbox, head hitbox more damange, and the pole hitbox, nearly no damange.

    You can attack while blocking, but when you do this you will stop you blocking animation and start the attack animation, leaving an open spot for the other player/mob.

    Now (based on battlegears mod) you have a combat stance, in which you will change to a special inventoria with 3 weapon sets, and you will get a 15% extra speed, in all your movements, but you wont be able to sprint. Entering this mode takes 0 sec, but leaving it takes 5 secs.

    The benefits of this mode are: More atack, and block/parry variations, based on the mouse movement (mount and blade combat stile), and a speed buff, and also in this move you will get the smart moving mod feature of double pressing s,d and a, for a fast jump. But well in this stance you will spend more food per movement.

    Also some armors will give you a speed loss, but that is going to be explained now.

    2- New materials and armor mechanics

    Well now i will speak (write :P) about a little more options and changes about materials and armor.

    New materials:

    Copper, and tin. Like stone... less dura...

    Bronze: Better than stone but worse than iron

    Pig iron: Like iron, just a bit more dura.

    Steel: Not durable like diamonds, but more prot, and less dura (Half the dura).

    3 Coper + 1 tin= 4 bronze

    1 iron smelted= 1 Pig iron

    3 Pig iron + 1 CHARCOAL= 2 Steel

    Now the armors.

    Starting with current armors

    Leather: Well just no speed loss

    Gold: Pants 16% speed loss boots 10% speed loss (gold weights a lot indeed :P) TOTAL 26%

    Chainmail: Pants 12% speed loss boots 6% speed loss TOTAL 18%

    Iron: Pants 8% speed loss boots 5% speed loss TOTAL 13%

    Diamond: Pants 6% speed loss boots 2% speed loss (its lighter than anything ._.) TOTAL 8%

    The new armors:

    Wooden armor, Paper armor: Half the dura of the leather and 1/4 of the leatehr dura, they can be died, wooden armor its like the samurai/kobbun armor, and the paper armor its like the chinesse armor. If you get fire with these you will never get the fire out! (unless the armor bokes, you jump in water or you unequip it). The wood armor has a very low protection (half the leatehr maybe?) and its maked with wood planks.

    Paper armor will give like and iron armor (the chinesse maked paper armors, nearly inmune to slasing and piercing, not blunt :P if not try to cut a 100 or 200 pages book with a sword, really you can't ._.). They give a speed loss of: Pants 8% speed loss boots 6% speed loss TOTAL 14%


    Based (not really :P) in the havel set of Dark Souls 1 (Dark souls 2 havel its steel :/). You need stone, not cobble, stone. It has the defense of 16% less than diamond, a dura of gold or chainmail armor, and the bad thing... you are a snail turtle with no legs... SPEED LOSS: Helmet 5%, Chestplater 15%, Pants 26%, Boots 14% A total of 60% speed loss

    Copper armor: Like chainmail or gold, Pants 10% speed loss boots 6% speed loss TOTAL 16%

    Bronze: A bit less than iron, less dura, Pants 8% speed loss boots 6% speed loss TOTAL 14%

    Pig iron: Like iron, a bit more dura.

    Steel: Less Dura than diamond, but more protection, Pants 8% speed loss boots 4% speed loss TOTAL 12%

    3- New weapons and a new mechanic

    Well just add the balkons weapons mod weapons (you can add the fire guns too, adn the cannon...). A two handed blade, and some shields of various sizes, and maybe the tinkers construc options for making parts of the weapons (not the entire mod).


    Well Fast explain: Not combat mode: Just over head attack or the piercing attack (weapon based) and not dual weilding. Combat dual weilding (with shield or two weapons) two handed weapons can't be dualweild, and all the combat animations avaible for that weapon.

    Axes over head and lateral, spear piercing attack and lateral. Swords all, sabers and katana just lateral and over head, and etc. Its easy to understand right? And if you block you get the damange on the weapon dura. (unless you block with you hands, that means direct damange... or not? :P)

    Well ne the mechanic: Free item throwing, this means you can thrown any item (not the stack, just one) in a try of damanging ranged fast attack, lest say... the f or g keys.

    Well this will work in this way: If the item will do a damange based on the tipe of item and its base damange. Example: I throw one arrow as a dart (no so good idea but) it can do 1 Heart (bad idea better with a bow) ok, i will throw a stone dagger (2 hearts melee) it does 3 hearts (you see better idea, and over all cheaper) if the throwed item has dura it will losse 1 of dure, if not i will be lost, or jsut dropped in the ground if it hits nothing. Yes... Noob throwing dirt, and cobble... Good thing? Dirt does nothing and cobble maeby half a heart. But throwing sticks may be a good idea half a heart fur easy wood. But remember the throwing feature its just an option, not a way of combat by itself (or can it be? just test it :P) but if you have one axe or dagger or spear, or just a few nearly broken and stolen weapons it can be usefull.

    --> Extra UNARMED TWEAK!

    This is just and extra, a new armor option, gauntlet, gloves, or whatever you want to say. You need one silk, two leather and one material (leather, wood, cobblestone, copper, bronze, iron, pig iron, steel, diamond) Just a bit on damange extra while hitting unarmed (like 1 to 5 points only, and may be enchanted ¬¬ like all) Low reach, but unarmed, and daggers will have the fastest attack rate. And well unarmed has no reach and...

    wel wait... that can be good, you will recieve handle/fist impacts from your enemy, that means less damange, unless he wears gloves/gauntlets.

    Well the thing I was explaining was you only have one animation, the piercing animation, just a fast punch, you dont need more, and with the gloves the damange recieved on your hands got in the durabilty of you gloves.

    PROTIP: Wear gauntlets/gloves, even if they are only leather. You may recieve one or two hand impacts, and you can try to stop arrows in the air.



    Well thank's for reading, i won't open a poll until this get popular and this is just an idea for helping, I'm pretty tired (like other players) of the current combat sistem, in wich pve and pvp are difernt worlds. And well with this sistem shovel armed zombie could be a problem.


    Sorry for my grammar mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.
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    Really i like this mod, it reminds me the first dungeon crawlers (And dwarf fortress XD)

    But i need to ask you something... Can you make the "Fist user knowledge" more usefull, i mean.. 534 mob killed for just a 7,5%? Please make it a bit more usefull like 1/2 a heart or 1 heart per level on that skill only. I want to try a monk mode gameplay :D
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    posted a message on Balkon's WeaponMod v1.14
    Please balkon increase the katana damange 1 or 2 points, its kind useless now. Nearly to 6 hit hits per zombie with diamond!!! And with wood 11 XD please -.-
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    Hello again ^^
    Do you remerber this?

    Hey noppes i'm a great fan of your mod ^^

    But i wanna ask you about making claws, like the alien vs predator claw (i mean the predator claw XD), or ninja claws, o that tipe of claws.
    Also i thing that could be intresting if you make the claws by using the shield model because it get on the arm, and not in the hand!

    Realy noppes thanks for reading it ^^

    Well i have done 3 textures using the 16x16 pixel standart for minecraft ^^

    1 steel claw, 1 bear claw, and 1 Katar ^^

    Also i will send you the predator claw texture when i done it ok? ^^

    Here they are ^^
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    Cordialy werff, to all of that ****** *******, and normal people, who has no pacience.
    Also you need to read Castrian's las mesage in that post, and all of the cyberdark10 replys.
    Thx to balko, castrian, and cyberdark10 for be inteligent, and the first for make the mod, i send to you me best wishes for you class and exams good luck balko, and castriand, adn cyberdark10 for be inteligent, and try to stop the stupid bothering mesages.

    Cordialy werff
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